Field Name Field Description Field Type Field Default Value
id The spawn2 ID of this entry. int(11) Auto Increment
spawngroupID The spawngroup ID associated with this entry. int(11) 0
zone The zone ID that this spawn is in. Zones varchar(32) NULL
version The version of the zone this spawn is in. smallint(5) 0
x The 'X' co-ordinate of the spawn. float 0.0
y The 'Y' co-ordinate of the spawn. float 0.0
z The 'Z' co-ordinate of the spawn. float 0.0
heading The Heading of the spawn. float 0.0
respawntime The respawn time of this spawn in seconds. int(11) 0
variance Gives variety in the time the mob takes to spawn 1 variance is ~1 second to respawntime. int(11) 0
pathgrid The path grid used by this spawn. int(10) 0
_condition The condition necessary for this spawn. mediumint(8) 0
cond_value The condition value necessary for this spawn. mediumint(9) 1
enabled Determines whether or not this spawn is enabled. 0 - Disabled, 1 - Enabled tinyint(3) 1
animation The animation used by the spawn.  Limited to

Standing(0), Sitting(1), Crouching(2),  Dead(3) and  Looting(4)

tinyint(3) 0