TEST 12/30/14

Combat Melee Mitigation Calculator

  • Formula calculated using UseIntervalAC rule and current AC soft cap values.
  • This calculator assumes both target and defender have max skills for their level.
  • Negative damage values are returned as 0 in the server code. (This calculator will return the actual value)
  • Calculator uses server code as of 7/25/14 ~ Kayen

Combat Conditions:










Defender Class

Incomming DAMAGE to be mitigated

  Damage Amount

  Min Damage Amount

Combat Mitigation Server Rules:

  RuleR(Combat, MonkACBonusWeight

  RuleR(Combat, NPCACFactor

  RuleR(Combat, SoftcapFactor

  RuleR(Combat, WarACSoftcapReturn)

  RuleR(Combat, PalShdACSoftcapReturn

  RuleR(Combat, ClrRngMnkBrdACSoftcapReturn

  RuleR(Combat, DruNecWizEncMagACSoftcapReturn

  RuleR(Combat, RogShmBstBerACSoftcapReturn)

  RuleR(Combat, MiscACSoftcapReturn

  RuleR(Combat, ACthac0Factor)

  RuleR(Combat, ACthac20Factor)

ATTACKER: Offensive Variables




  STR Stat

  ITEM - SE_ATK (2)

  SPELL - SE_ATK (2)

  AA - SE_ATK (2)


DEFENDER: Mitigation Variables



  Heroic AGILITY


  ITEM - SE_CombatStability (259)   -Increases AC soft cap

  SPELL - SE_CombatStability (259) -Increases AC soft cap

  AA - SE_CombatStability (259) -Increases AC soft cap

  ITEM - SE_AC (1)  -Includes equiped item armor

  SPELL - SE_AC (1)

  AA - SE_AC (1)

  Shield AC - Equiped item shield armor

  ITEM - SE_MeleeMitigationEffect (168)   

  SPELL - SE_MeleeMitigationEffect (168)

  AA - SE_MeleeMitigationEffect (168)


  ITEM - SE_PetMeleeMitigation (397)  - AC bonus to owner's pet

  SPELL - SE_PetMeleeMitigation (397)

  AA - SE_PetMeleeMitigation (397)


  Base Damage (Bonus + Interval)

  Damage Modifier (1 - 20)

  Damage from Melee Hit (For this ROLL only)


Calculations Raw Data

  Soft Cap

  Combat Stability Modifier

  Client Base Armor value

  NPC Base Armor value

  Soft Cap with Shield AC

  Armor value with Shield AC

  Has Armor Softcap been exceeded?

  Softcap Armor value (Armor - Softcap)

  Softcap Armor Final value (After modification by soft cap rules for each class type)

  Final Armor value (Softcap + Softcap Armor Final)

   DEFENDER: Mitigation Rating (Armor + HeriocAgi Mod + SkillDefensive Mod)

   ATTACKER: Attack Rating (ATK bonus + STR Mod + SkillOffensive Mod)

  DEFENDER Type Formula


 *Base Damage Interval (damage - minhit) / 19

  *Base Damage Bonus minhit - dmg_interval

  *Spell Effect - Mitigation Bonus (Defensive Disc) [Warrior get innate + 0.05]

  *Final Damage Interval (Base interval decreased by spell effect Mitigation)

  *Final Damage Bonus (Base bonus decreased by item shielding mod)


  Random MITIGATION Roll

  Random ATTACK Roll

  Roll Results

  Rolldiff (Difference between roll values thats results in a postive value) (A-M or M-A)

  (A>M) Thac0 Attack Rating * ACthac0Factor

  (A>M) Thac0cap Attacker Level * 9 + 20

  (M>A) Thac20 Mitigation Rating * ACthac20Factor

  (M>A) Thac20cap Defender Level * 9 + 20;

  Calculated Raw Damage Modifier (A>M) D= 10 + 10 * (arolldiff / thac0)  OR  (M>A) D= 10 - 10 * (mrolldiff / thac20) 


  Damage Intereval (damage - minhit) / 20

  Raw Damage (damage - dmg modifier*Intereval)

  Raw Damage after item mod (Decreased by item shielding mod)

  Final Damage after spell mod (Decreased by spell effect Mitigation)

 Damage Intervals

 DI 1

  DI 2

  DI 3

  DI 4

  DI 5

  DI 6

  DI 7

  DI 8

  DI 9

  DI 10

  DI 11

  DI 12

  DI 13

  DI 14

  DI 15

  DI 16

  DI 17

  DI 18

  DI 19

  DI 20