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Field Name Field Description Field Type Field Default Value
id The guild ID. int(11) Auto Increment
name The name of the guild. varchar(32) Empty String
leader The character ID of the leader of the guild. int(11) 0
minstatus The minstatus to be in the guild. smallint(5) 0
motd The MOTD of the guild. text(0) Empty
tribute The total amount of tribute the guild has. int(10) 0
motd_setter The last person to set the MOTD of the guild. varchar(64) Empty String
channel The channel used by the guild. varchar(128) Empty String
url The website used by the guild. varchar(512) Empty String


Used With
  • NPCs
  • Quests
  • Clients
Related Commands
  • #guild [help|create|delete|set|setrank]
  • #guildapprove [guild approve id]
  • #guildcreate [guild name]
  • #guildlist [guild approve id]