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'doors' database schematic
Field Name Field Description Field Type Field Default Value
id This field is auto incremented, it is not tied to any other tables int(11) (PRI KEY) auto_increment
doorid This is the door ID that the client sees and is seen by scriptable export variables such as $doorid smallint(4) 0
zone This is the zone shortname, such as 'blackburrow' or 'halas' varchar(32)  
version This is the zone version of the zone, used in instances smallint(5) 0
name This is the name of the door, such as 'IT11161' or 'POPCREATE501', for names of objects you can see EverQuest Object Reference List varchar(32)  
pos_y The position of the door via Y coordinate float 0
pos_x The position of the door via X coordinate float 0
pos_z The position of the door via Z coordinate float 0
heading The heading of the door float 0
opentype This is the opentype of the door, see door Door Open Type smallint(4) 0
guild ? smallint(4) 0
lockpick Skill level required to lockpick this door. -1 is unpickable. smallint(4) 0
keyitem This is the Item ID used to open the door, such as a Key. 
  • If this field is non-zero, it represents the item ID of the key which must be on the player's cursor when they click on the door in order for it to to work for them.
int(11) 0
nokeyring If the door is locked and this field is set, unlocking the door will not add the key used to the client's keyring. tinyint(3) unsigned 0
  • For a switch, this points to the doorid of the door that should be opened by the switch. Otherwise, set to 0.
smallint(4) 0
  • 1 - Open a door with triggertype 255.
  • 255 - Door won't open.
smallint(4) 0
doorisopen Determines whether the door is opened or closed when spawned. smallint(4) 0
  • With an elevator, the displacement in units (distance it will travel). As a reference, the PoK elevator is set to 386.
  • When a door is really a teleporter, the zone_point `number` which is the destination of that door.
    • 1 - switch?
    • 69 - lift?
int(4) 0
dest_zone The destination zone that this door will go to on click, such as 'jaggedpine' or 'blackburrow' varchar(32) NONE
dest_instance The destination zone version , this is a numeric value that represents what version of the zone you will teleport to int(10) unsigned 0
dest_x The destination X coordinate the player will land float 0
dest_y The destination Y coordinate the player will land float 0
dest_z The destination Z coordinate the player will land float 0
dest_heading The destination heading the player will face on arrival float 0

This column will basically behave like such: if the door has a click type and it is to raise up like a door, it will be raised on spawn of the door. Meaning it is inverted.

Another example: If a Door Open Type is set to a spinning object on click, you could set this to '1' to have the door be spinning on spawn

int(11) 0
incline This is the incline of the door object int(11) 0
size Values 1-1000000 - You can set the size of a door as large as you would like, it will scale the original object you spawn with this. Normal or default is (100) smallint(5) unsigned 100
buffer Used by PEQ for collection purposes. Not needed by EQEmu. float 0
client_version_mask Bitmask to determine which client(s) are sent the door. See: Client Version List int(10) unsigned 4294967295
is_ldon_door Specifies if the door acts as the entrance for an adventure instance. smallint(6) 0


Used With
  • Zones
  • Instances (inherit from zone)
Loaded When
  • On zone init/boot (static zone on its initial boot, dynamics on each startup of a zone)
Loaded From ?
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