Field Name Field Description Field Type Field Default Value
BotID The bot's unique ID number. int(10) Auto Increment
BotOwnerCharacterID The character ID of the bot's owner. int(10) Empty
BotSpellsID The spell list ID used by the bot. int(10) 0
Name The bot's name. varchar(64) Empty String
LastName The bot's lastname. varchar(32) Empty String
BotLevel The bot's level. tinyint(2) 0
Race The bot's race. Races smallint(5) 0
Class The bot's class. Classes tinyint(2) 0
Gender The bot's gender. Genders tinyint(2) 0
Size The bot's size. float 0
Face The bot's face. int(10) 1
LuclinHairStyle The bot's hairstyle. int(10) 1
LuclinHairColor The bot's hair color. int(10) 1
LuclinEyeColor The bot's eye one color. int(10) 1
LuclinEyeColor2 The bot's eye two color. int(10) 1
LuclinBeardColor The bot's beard color. int(10) 1
LuclinBeard The bot's beard. int(10) 0
DrakkinHeritage The Drakkin heritage of the bot, if it is a Drakkin. int(10) 0
DrakkinTattoo The Drakkin tattoos of the bot, if it is a Drakkin/ int(10) 0
DrakkinDetails The Drakkin details of the bot, if it is a Drakkin. int(10) 0
HP The bot's health. int(11) 0
Mana The bot's mana. int(11) 0
MR The bot's Magic Resistance. smallint(5) 0
CR The bot's Cold Resistance. smallint(5) 0
DR The bot's Disease Resistance. smallint(5) 0
FR The bot's Fire Resistance. smallint(5) 0
PR The bot's Poison Resistance. smallint(5) 0
Corrup The bot's Corruption Resistance. smallint(5) 0
AC The bot's Armor class. smallint(5) 0
STR The bot's Strength. mediumint(8) 75
STA The bot's Stamina mediumint(8) 75
DEX The bot's Dexterity. mediumint(8) 75
AGI The bot's Agility. mediumint(8) 75
_INT The bot's Intelligence. mediumint(8) 80
WIS The bot's Wisdom. mediumint(8) 75
CHA The bot's Charisma. mediumint(8) 75
ATK The bot's Attack. mediumint(9) 0
BotCreateDate The bot's creation date. timestamp CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
LastSpawnDate The bot's last spawn date. datetime 0000-00-00 00:00:00
TotalPlayTime The total time the bot has been used. int(10) 0
LastZoneId The zone ID of the last zone the bot was in. smallint(6) 0
BotInspectMessage The inspection message of the bot. varchar(256) Empty String