Field Name Field Description Field Type Field Default Value
name The name you put in the book column in the items table. Items varchar(30) Empty String
txtfile The text in the book. ` Represents line spaces, `` is two line spaces, ``` is three line spaces, etc. (13 lines per book "page") text(0) Empty



This is something best tested in game. Akkadius and Secrets have implemented the $client->ReadBook(Book Text, type) bit for our use. Here is an example of how it might be used from a dev perspective. Add this to a zone's player.pl and simply say "read VandV2" (VandV2 comes from the books table and is the name of a book relating to Varsoon).

if($text =~ /read /i && $status >= 200)
		my $sth;
		my $book = substr($text, 5); # grab text after "read "
		my $connect = LoadMySQLConnection(); # Connect to DB subroutine
		my $query = "SELECT txtfile FROM books WHERE name = '$book' LIMIT 1";
		my $sth = $connect->prepare($query);
		my $found = $sth->fetchrow();
		if($found ne "")
			# type 0 is scroll with ~25 line limit, type 1 is book with 13 line limit
			$client->ReadBook("$found", 1);
			quest::gmsay("Book [$book] not found.", 18);