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§The Plan

  • As we transition the information from the EZ Server forums to the wiki, most of this will be a skeleton of whats to come. Many links will direct to specific forum posts or other pages, and there wont be a lot of extras. Slowly over time we will be converting EVERY scrap of information we can from the forums to the wiki, with little or no outside links. We'll add more images, screenshots, examples, etc. and make this a true resource for our favorite EMU server!


  • Before we start on the wiki, a bit of an intro to what EZ is about!
  • First, "EZ" doesn't stand for, nor should it in any way imply "easy". EZ actually stands for "Extended Zones", as the server takes classic and later zones and content, twists them around, pumps them full of steroids and launches it screaming at your face! The content here can be quite challenging and time consuming, often more so than live or other EMU servers.
  • Second, while the ride from level 1 to 70 is, indeed, comparably "ez" this should not be taken as indication of what you'll find on the server. For many "seasoned" EQ players its not hard at all to go from start to 70 in a few short hours with no high level help whatsoever...and with such help its easy to go to 70 in a few short minutes (my last PL'd character took 13 minutes to 70). Content here genuinely starts at 70, and is very rich. Unlike the "level grind" you find in many other games EZ is all about progressing through tiers via drops and quests (armor, custom weapons, etc). This is where the bulk of your efforts will be focused: going through the tiers to get the goodies needed to progress to the next tier.....to get more goodies and repeat the process. And while you can go through the content rather quickly smart players take their time and work on the "whole package" rather than just getting the minimum of what it takes to advance. But more on that later!
  • Third, this game can take TIME. Some see this as "grind", but for me (and many others here) that’s a null term if you are having fun....and this server makes long, drawn out collection of items fun! So if you're seeking quick or instant gratification and no investment of time and effort, I don’t think you'll find EZ enjoyable. This server caters to the player who can happily spend hours, days or even months (calm down! Not all at once!) working toward a goal, is patient enough to put in the time, and is able to find the fun in the investment and accomplishment.
  • And lastly, EZ is not a solo friendly server, nor is it easy to find other players to group within a single group environment. EZ Server is for the most part a "boxing" server, meaning one person will run 6 or more "boxes" (characters) at a time. This may seem daunting, but many programs designed to make such play easy and fast ARE allowed, such as MQ2 (more on this in the wiki contents). Smart use of MQ2 makes running 6, 12 or even 18 characters at a time just as easy as playing one at a time. This should not be taken to mean that players don’t work together on EZ; we do! But this cooperation typically takes the form of multiple players running multiple characters/groups each in raid format with other players. For many of us, this setup is perfect! We have jobs, other responsibilities, "lives", etc. that demand our time, and cant or just plain don’t WANT to be married to a game 20, 30 or more hours per week. We'd like to be able to log in, not worry about "looking for group" for minutes/hours to be able to get anything done, then not feel guilty about leaving others in a bind when our play time is up. Boxing multiple characters allows us to play on OUR time, not someone else’s, and still accomplish goals. If we want to work with others, we can....and when it’s time for us to leave those other players can continue on easily enough even if no one else takes our place.
  • In short: EZ has a lot to offer to dedicated, time intensive players as well as the casual, hour or two a night types. Content is doable for either type, and you never really need to be "left behind" because you have a job....or kids....or a relationship that demands more of your attention. Play your game, your way!