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The Task System implements 'Quests' via the Client Task Window (Alt-Q).

The system can operate in conjuction with the existing Perl quest system, or independently of it. This system was originally designed by Derision, all original documentation also written by Derision.

Further information can be found on the following pages:

ยงGM Commands

  • #task show
    • Show the active tasks for a client:
#task show
Task Information::
Task: 2003 The Cleansing Of Qeynos Hills: Part 4
Activity:0 DoneCount: 3 Status: 2 (0=Hidden, 1=Active, 2=Complete)
Activity:1 DoneCount: 0 Status: 1 (0=Hidden, 1=Active, 2=Complete)
  • #task update [Count]
    • Updates the specified Activity by 1 or the value specified in Count. Useful for testing.
  • #task reloadall
    • Reload all information relating to tasks from the database (including client state) in all zones.
  • #task reload task
    • Reload information for the specified task from the database in all zones.
  • #task reload lists
    • Reload data from the goallist table in all zones.
  • #task reload prox
    • Reload proximity information in all zones.
  • #task reload sets
    • Reload task sets in all zones.