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Quest Name(s)

Item(s) Needed

Link to Info

Completion Status


a_drunkard Yes          
Aliafya_Mistrunner Yes          
A_Mystic_Voice Yes          
Bidl_Frugrin Yes          
Bilrio_Surecut Yes          
Captain_Silverwind Yes          
Devin_Ashwood Yes          
Dill_Fireshine Yes          
Expin Yes          
Faelin_Bloodbriar Yes          
Gallin_Woodwind Yes          
Geeda Yes          
Guard_Crystalwind Yes          
Guard_Highmoon Yes          
Heartwood_Master Yes          
Idia Yes          
Innkeep_Anisyla Yes          
Innkeep_Larya Yes          
Innkeep_Linen Yes          
Innkeep_Wuleran Yes          
Jakum_Webdancer Yes          
Josylyn_Greenblade Yes          
Laren Yes          
Lily_Ashwood Yes          
Linadian Yes          
Maesyn_Trueshot Yes          
Merchant_Iludarae Yes          
Merchant_Nildar Yes          
Ran_Sunfire Yes          
Regren Yes          
Samatansyn_Flamecaller Yes          
Sarialiyn_Tranquilsong Yes          
Sindl_Talonstrike Yes          
Soulbinder_Oakstout Yes          
Sylia_Windlehands Yes          
The_Norrath_Spires Yes          
Tilania_Shadowwalker Yes          
Tylfon Yes