This tutorial will teach you the basics on how to import your favorite game maps from Quake III Arena, and other games.

First, you will need OpenZone (This is the tool you will use for importing and exporting your map to Everquest.

There are a few steps you will need to take before opening OpenZone so follow them orderly.

  • Open My Computer and move your mouse to the top of the window and Click Tools->Folder Options.
  • A new window will open, select the View Tab and under the Hidden Folders section, uncheck Hide extensions for known filetypes.
  • Now, we will use the Quake III Arena Demo∞ so if you do not have Quake III Arena, download this demo.
  • After installing the Quake III Arena Demo, now export the OpenZone that you downloaded to a folder, we will use 'C:\EQEmu\OpenZone\' in this tutorial.
  • Go into your Quake III Arena Folder and inside '\demoq3\' right-click the file pak0.pk3 select rename and change the pk3 to zip.
  • Now that you have done this, go into 'C:\EQEmu\OpenZone\libraries\textures\' and create a folder titled quake3.
  • Now go into 'C:\EQEmu\OpenZone\libraries\textures\quake3\' and open pak0.zip and extract everything into that folder.
  • Ok, so we have the annoying parts over with. Now, open OpenZone.exe.
  • Once OpenZone is opened, click 'File->Import->Quake 3 Map->'.
  • After clicking Import Quake 3 Map, go into '/libraries/textures/quake3/maps/' and you will see a few maps in there.
  • In this tutorial we will use q3dm1.bsp. Select q3dm1.bsp in the maps folder, and click Open.
  • It will begin to load and may take a while depending on the hardware you're running, you will see the map appear in the viewing screen.
  • Click 'File->Export->Export to .S3D' and for the name, put load. (Warning, you can put any name you like but its best to put a zone that is currently used by Everquest and isn't used in any servers)
  • This will take a few to export but once it is done, you can close OpenZone and then navigate to 'C:\EQEmu\OpenZone\zones\' and select all of the load files and copy them.
  • After that, paste them into your Everquest Directory and zone into Load and your custom zone will be there. (Note: You may be stuck in a wall so try using #goto 0 0 0 or #goto 0 100 100, mess around with the coordinates untill you get it right.)

The End