Importing and Exporting custom EQ Models with Maya 2015

  • Enable OBJ Export:
    • Window, Preferences, Plug-In Manager , select objExport.bundle and Load/Autoload
  • Window, Settings/Preferences, Settings, Click Settings, Linear: From foot (or whatever) to CM
  • Triangle:
    • Polygon Drop-Down context menu
    • Mesh, Triangulate
  • Export OBJ:
    • File, Export selected, OBJexport, keep all default options enabled.
  • Orientation:
    • Image
  • Weapons are around 700 triangles average.
  • Open up http://www.eqemulator.org/forums/showthread.php?t=38287 and download the link for model importer.
  • Ensure you have an .obj, .mdl, and any .png relative for UV. Follow steps on above topic.