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§What is DBD::MySQL?

  • DBD::MySQL is a Perl module, Perl modules are used as an extension of Perl using a compiled library to be able to connect to things.
  • Perl has 1,000's of modules that do all sorts of things and integrate with all kinds of things, such as FTP/Telnet/Web Clients/Database Clients and so many more.
  • In EQEmu, we use DBD::MySQL to have Perl talk to MySQL for custom oriented plugins and such, which will require you to install the module
  • Perl isn't just something that is special to EQEmu, it is a scripting language used by millions for many different things. We just so happened to use it for EQEmu we back in the early 2000's

§Installing DBD::MySQL - Windows - EASY & Working Method - USE THIS

§Installing DBD::MySQL - Linux

  • Most Linux distributions provide DBD::MySQL in their package managers, you can review this walkthrough on cpan and look for the apt-get / yum section for details on obtaining them, or alternatively you can install from scratch following instructions on the top.
$ yum install "perl(DBD::mysql)"
$ sudo apt-get install libdbd-mysql-perl 


  • You can install DBD MySQL (Perl Module) through this simple alternate repo
    • Open up a command prompt and type:
      • ppm install http://www.bribes.org/perl/ppm/DBD-mysql.ppd
ppm install http://www.bribes.org/perl/ppm/DBD-mysql.ppd
Downloading DBD-mysql-4.023...done
Unpacking DBD-mysql-4.023...done
Generating HTML for DBD-mysql-4.023...done
Updating files in site area...done
  12 files installed
  • Normally you would do ppm install dbd::mysql but because ActiveState Perl now requires a business license you can no longer install Perl modules with ease.

Here is also a list of alternate repos:


To install other modules, you can manually HTTP browse for them by sifting the root of the index directory: