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ยงEnabling Mercenaries

This is the process of enabling Mercenaries for your server. It assumes you have followed the Windows Server Setup Guide, but Linux users should be able to find the correct files easily enough. It also assumes you recall how to open up a mysql command prompt/your favourite SQL GUI.

1. Go to C:\EQ\Source\utils\sql\svn and locate mercs.sql. Open up a mysql command prompt:  Mercs are now in the peq database by default.  You still need to continue with the next steps.

source mercs.sql; 

and press enter.

2. Your next step is to enable mercenaries in your ruleset. I am assuming you are using the EQEmu_Default ruleset of "10". If using a different ruleset_id like default, use "1". Type in a mysql command prompt: 

UPDATE `peq`.`rule_values` SET `rule_value`='true' WHERE `ruleset_id`=10 AND `rule_name`='Mercs:AllowMercs';

and press enter.

3. If you wish to tweak other aspects of mercenaries, refer to the list of server rules here, and update them accordingly .

4. You will also need to change the class of the Mercenary Merchants from '1' to '71' for their lists to populate properly.

UPDATE `peq`.`npc_types` SET `class`='71' WHERE `lastname` LIKE '%Mercenary Liaison';