Below is a quick reference guide to emotes and their colors


#emote [name | world | zone] type# message

The emote command can be used in a few different ways.

  • By using #emote name, you can send an emote to a specific individual (could be used for Mata Muram-type scripts).
    • Ex: #emote Brainiacvince 15 I'm right behind you.

By using #emote world, you can send an emote to the entire server.

  • Ex: <needed>

By using #emote zone, you can send an emote to an entire zone. Zone accepts the shortname of the zone.

  • Ex: #emote skyplane 15 You hear thunderclouds rumbling in the distance.

type# argument - accepts a large range of numbers (not sure of complete range, 0-50ish tested), but below are the ones of interest. type# sets the emote color, regardless of the color set in the player's UI.

all done under the titanium client, your SoF mileage will vary.

0 white
1 gray
2 dark green
3 gray
4 light blue
5 light purple
6 grey
7 white
8 grey
9 grey
10 white
11 grey
12 light silver
13 red
14 light green
15 yellow
16 dark blue
17 grey
18 cyan
257 darkish purple
258 lighter cyan
259 green, light
260 ooc green, slightly lighter
261 ooc green, slightly lighter
263 blue, emote/spell
264 blue emote, filters under spells
269 yellow, filters under broadcast
270 blue, filters under broadcast
271 white, filters under spells
272 white, filters under broadcast
300 odd blue color
315 Maroon

message argument - accepts a string of text to display as an emote. No quotations are needed.
Ex: #emote freporte 15 The sun rises over the city walls and dawns on a glorious new day.