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Welcome to the EZ Server, a custom server on the EQemu network!

Big thanks to Akkadius and Hateborne for providing this wiki as a means to continuously update and enhance content information about this game!

THIS IS THE OFFICIAL EZ SERVER WIKI! Other wiki exist, but this is the only wiki run and managed by EZ Server admin, although content is provided by the community.

EZ Server Start Hub: Surefall Glade


§Welcome to EZ!




Wiki Intro Rules
Preface Clients and Setup
Groups Boxing and MQ2
Getting Started What s the Next Step?
  An Epic Beginning
Guild Quests Crafters Guild
Why We Constantly Work AA

Charms, Ultimate or Not

Epic Eyefulls Beginning the Tiered Journey
Making Money Classes
Credits Ultimate Weapons

§Tiered Zones

Name Zone Shortname Tier Link
QVIC qvic P1 Qvic
Cazic Thule cazicthule P2 Cazicthule
Plane of Dragons PoStorms T1, T2 PoStorms
Plane of Gods A Hohonora T3 Hohonora
Plane of Gods B Airplane T3, T4 Airplane
Abyss Illsalin T5 Illsalin
Citadel of Anguish Anguish T6 Anguish
Loping Plains Lopingplains T7 Lopingplains
ToV Templeveeshan T8 Templeveeshan
Old Commons Oldcommons T9 Oldcommons
- - T10 -
Tower of Frozen Shadow frozenshadow   EZG Tower of Frozen Shadow


Rules  Old Guide
Missing UF Files Frozen Shadow Files
Blurring's Optimizations EZ Quests
SARS custom UI EQ Maps @ Mapfiend
MQ2 Download Map Extras
MQ2 Item Slots Crafters Guild
MQ2 Wiki MQ2 Macro Examples
 MQ2 Hotkey Kit EQ Traders
EZ Zone List Spell Recipe List