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Masters of Magical Mayhem

§Why a Wizard?

Wizards are pure magical destruction. With the right combination of spells and supporting items a wizard is a strong alternative to strike augged melee combat, offering very heavy single target damage and supporting moderate AE dps.

While Wizard spells carry a massive punch they also carry a severe mana drain as wellso you will want to find ways to help increase mana recovery. Bards and chanters work well to a point, as well as the Shrimp's Mana Stone from the casters guild vendor.....but the mana necklace is the best bet. You will also want a mana necklace on a wizard because of the extra spell damage the item adds.

Even at lower levels Wizards have semi-effective AOE in QVIC or CT, and work fine in a support capacity using those spells.  Their real value though is the DD line and those start to get nasty at level 73.

§FG or CG?

Do you really need to ask? Caster's guild for sure!


Once you’ve hit level 70 you’ll want to start working on wizard AA. There are a lot of choices here that can help them in their main role: caster dps!
When initially selecting your AA you’ll want to get the first basics the same as any class: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, mystical attuning, discordant defiance and max lung capacity. As a pet class pet affinity is a major must have! And as a casting class Innate Enlightenment is a must have! After that you want to start maxing ANYTHING for casters. A list of some “must haves” in no particular order:

•    Natural Durability
•    Channeling Focus
•    Delay Death
•    Fury of Magic
•    Gift of Mana
•    Mastery of the Past
•    Persistent Casting
•    Spell Casting Mastery
•    Spell Casting Subtlety
•    Spell Casting Fury
•    Spell Casting Fury Mastery
•    Spell Casting Deftness
•    Spell Casting Expertise
•    Elemental Agility
•    Destructive Fury
•    Improved Familiar
•    Mind Crash
•    Pet Discipline
•    Quick Damage
•    Exodus
•    Harvest of Druzil

These will increase your offenses, and since your main role is dps they are great choices! For anything else read the description of the AA and decide what you want first. ONE NOTE: the specific AA familiars (Druzil’s E’Ci, etc.) don’t work here, so do not bother spending the AA on them. Ward of Destruction is similarly nonfunctional.

§Spells, Charms, Augs

As stated earlier wizards will want the mana necklace as soon as they can get it. Before then the casters guild vendor sells (0 cost) a Shrimp’s Mana Stone that will click regen mana. Great idea to grab one (in fact it’s a component of the rank 1 mana necklace). Weapon augs really aren’t for caster classes, so don’t worry about those. Sorcerer’s charms are, of course, charm of choice for a wizard before UC (high priority).
Wizards depend on not only the necklace, but also their familiars to boost damage output.  While they don't have pets per se, the Familiar is a buff (cast and dismiss flappy) that contributes to increased effective level in respect to spell resists where opponent level is physically higher.  They also add increased Mana and Mana regen and resists (they help at lower levels). Wizards will have to use Greater Familiar (level 60 non custom) until T2, when they get Curious Creation.
Custom spells for the wizard start with Harvest II in Qvic (upgrade to the level 32 spell, mana regen), as well as Eldritch Ward (spell rune). CT adds Static Burst (AE nuke), Essencesink (spell rune) and Deafening Silence (deagro). T1 sees Brilliant Ember (fire nuke) and Tower of Calrena (spell nuke) while the sandy side in T2 drops, again, the familiar spell Curious Creation.
T3 is where wizards really start to shine, with the heavier damage spell Yamakagis Fiery Passion Inferno, and Kaldar’s Heavenly Fire (AE) in T4. T6 adds the last new (non upgrade in rank) spell for wizards, Hateborne’s Glacial Gift (heavy ice nuke).