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§Ring of Ages, Mask of Experience

You've seen mention of RoA here and elsewhere....but what does it mean?? Quite simply, RoA stands for Ring of Ages. This is a reward item you get for doing the "prestige quest" with the Prestige NPC in QRG, located near the tree with the buffbot. How this works: GREATLY simplified. Used to be you deleveled to lvl 1 and worked your way back up to 70 for every level of the ring. This was amusing the first time or 3....but got old fast, especially once it got to the point you could do 1 to 70 in under 10 minutes. It was also contrary to what Management wanted from the quest. Now you simply accumulate AA experience, and for every 100 points you advance one level of the ring. "Hell levels" happen every 25 levels, and take 2000 AA points to get through. After 100 the amount of AA per level increases, scaling upward as you progress, and starting at 250 points after getting 100....and the hell levels get worse as well (125 costs 5,000 AA). Gather all the AA you can, and the points will be extremely useful to you later! At the moment the Ring of Ages can go to level 1000, and is one of the best defensive items in the game.

§Mask of Experience

Another item: Mask of Experience. This starts out in the crafters guild, and it advances by handing in to the NPC there, and consumes 1K AA per level (no hell levels). AA cost goes up as you advance, though, with 100+ costing 5K AA per level. This mask can be cast with MGB to land on people in an area.. A lot of players are working the mask on one character before the ROA, or on a character that the RoA isnt that huge a benefit for, in order to make RoA faster for the entire team later.

§Earring of Ages

The Earring of Ages quest is also started with the Keeper of Ages. Its quite direct: simply spend 50,000 AA to advance the earring one level spend 20,000 AA and a gemstone of ages (dropped in T1+ zones) to advance the earring one level. There is a caster and fighter version of the earring, and cap currently seems to be level 50.

Because of this cost not many bother with this quest until they have nothing else to spend AA on.