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ยงWhen to Start the Next Step

  • When should I start my 1.5? Easy one. Level 70. You cant until then. Past that, I'd get a full set of at least Dulak armor, if not the named accessories from that zone or BoThunder.
  • When should I start my 2.0? Another easy one. After you get your 1.5's  But, while there, I'd also take some time to start farming charms, and also work on 1 if not 2 sets of Kings Chest cards for CG/FG (remember to hand them in before you sell your other cards!!).  With recent changes it can be easy to gear a team to work on Qvic with LDON cards, since armor costs were lowered to one card per piece.
  • When should I work guild quests? Were it me....I'd start collecting items for them while I was leveling. Kills 2 birds with one stone  But definitely by the time your 2.0 are finished.
  • When should I start Qvic? I'd finish 2.5's on your characters before I bothered working qvic. They'll make a huge diff. I might also want at least lvl 1 on my main charm type on all characters.
  • When should I start T1? Get all your boxes 3.0, armor on all pieces through Cazic, maybe lvl 11 on primary charms for at least tank, healer and 1 dps. Might also do initial weapon strike augs (lvl 2 or 3).
  • When should I start HoH and 3.5? Here's where we'll see some people disagree. Some would actually prefer that Management make, along with T2 armor and epic, level 25 in at least 2 charms a must before entering HoH on any character. DPS is of extreme importance here on out in pretty much any zone, as well as tankability. Healers with lvl 21+ oracle, DPS with 21+ sorc, tanks with 21+ guardian all make a huge difference when clearing the zone and/or chasing down Shadow....especially after the changes. Going to HoH before you have decent charms can be rough....even back when it was 10 times easier than it is now. You may also want to make sure to get at least a few weapon augs for DPS. Again, you can go before, but you will need these items eventually anyway, so may as well work em up. Also, with changes to casting and resists, and the advent of stones of heroic resistance I’d try and get at least tank and healer to 1K+ resists, if not the whole team. Which brings us to....
  • When should I work Tower of Frozen Shadow? You will most probably want to avoid ToFS til you have the majority, of not all, of your team in T2 gear. The mobs hit hard enough that you'll need the extra AC and hit points. But starting work on this content asap is extremely important, as it is the best source of heroic resist stats (from the heroic resist augs that drop), as well as the best source for V1 and V2 charm upgrades you'll find.
  • When should I start T3/4? When your whole team is 3.5....and preferably when you have some main charms 41+. Again, not a must, but REALLY helps. However....its around this point that I would swap back and forth, doing some T3/4, then some HoH. You'll probably need to for tokens anyway...but its in this stage that getting UC on at least tank and pally, and maybe a dps, is a very very good idea.
  • When should I start T5? Again, gonna piss off some people here. I think UC should be a req for zoning into T5. You'll at least want main charms at 41+. You'll of course need 4.0 and full T4 armor to get level 73 to zone in. But I'd do all the augs I could to lvl 4 or 5, and as many UC's as you can stand doing. They will help you SO much, I cannot stress it enough! I'd also want to be as far done with T4 as possible....this means the class spells from T3/4 obtained, the armor and the accessories all done. Again, you're gonna need em to progress anyway, so may as well GED (git er dun). One note on T5: this is the first progression zone thats really a DPS check. You need to beat repops to complete some triggers, and that takes a lot of damage. You CAN do this with a 6 man team, but the team needs to be DPS heavy, which means 3 or 4 DPS classes with maxed strike augs and preferably a UC. Its for this reason (and needed dps in later tiers) that most people eventually run 2 full groups through T5. Because of the makeup of this zone and how you get past it doing this quest ONCE and being done is far preferable to doing one group through, then doing a second later; you just DO NOT want to do T5 twice! So its recommended that you start T5 with 2 full groups for your team if you eventually plan to run 12 boxes anyway.
  • When should I start T6? After you've done 5.0, of course  Its a req! But I'd definitely have UC's done all the way around, all T5 armor and accessories done as well. Angst Squish mobs dont mess around. The added....everything really helps. Besides, T6 requires that you have all T5 visible pieces done anyway, so may as well get it over with. You'll spend enough time here finishing the 100 kills that you'll probably get all the pieces anyway just progressing, or close to it.
  • When should I start T7? Honestly, if you cant figure out T6 on your own, anyway, you shouldnt be THERE, let alone T7!  

Opinions will vary, but there's a guideline,