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On the EZ server you can try to tank with warriors, knights or pets (only if your team is all cast/range dps). As you advance it will become more and more clear just why the warrior is the most popular choice for a tank.


§Why a Warrior

Warriors in the opinion of many EZers make the best tanks here, just as in live EQ, because warriors benefit more from AC than ANY other class, warriors have inherent mitigation better than ANY other class, and are surpassed for combat avoidance only by monks. Even before any clickies or disciplines or the epic stonewall warriors mitigate combat damage considerably more effectively than knights (varies by tier, gear, AA even if both classes are roughly equal) and evade hits FAR better. After you consider epic stonewall, clickies and AA the differences are more profound.

As far as overall tanking there isn’t a class in EZ that comes close to generating as much agro as the warrior.

In addition warriors with the right melee augs are the second best AE melee damage (second only to zerkers). The class has a lot to offer!

Warriors at lower tiers are dual wielding creatures. Typically since the changes to the epics and in melee rate you won’t see a warrior using a 2h weapon until you can look at the higher ranks (9+) of the Ultimate Zweihander, and almost NEVER will you see sword and board.


§FG or CG?

For guild quests you’ll want to do Fighters Guild on the warrior. Casters guild doesn’t help much, but in two ways: the casters guild vendor sells an all/all item that summons a pet (instant buffbot), and since warriors are usually the first in any team to get crafters guild access they will need an item from the casters guild vendor, the Shrimp’s Mana Stone, as one of the basic ingredients to make mana necklaces for casters/pet classes.



Once you’ve hit level 70 you’ll want to start working on warrior AA. Off the bat there isn’t a class that benefits more in their role from spent AA points than a warrior.

When initially selecting your AA you’ll want to get the first basics the same as any class: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, mystical attuning, discordant defiance and max lung capacity. After that you want to start maxing ANYTHING defense. My list of “must haves” in no particular order:

  • Planar Durability
  • Natural Durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Delay Death
  • Area Taunt
  • Stalwart Endurance/Dauntless Perseverance
  • Hastened Instigation
  • Physical Enhancement
  • Tactical Mastery
  • Weapon Affinity
  • Ingenuity (all of that line)
  • Killing Spree

These will increase your defenses, and since your main role is “tank” it’s a must! For anything else read the description of the AA and decide what you want first.


§Warrior Epic

The 1.0 warrior epic you can purchase from the epic vendor is quite similar to the live version: red blade procs agro and a DD, blue blade has a worn effect thats 40 dex and 11 to AC. The 1.5 and 2.0 are also similar to live in effects (increased agro) and a short term buff on your group when clicked. The 2.5 just updated the stats to the weapon. Starting with the 3.0 the epic becomes an aug rather than a weapon, which can be slotted into a weapon you can purchase for free in T1, Plane of Dragons. The 3.0 epic aug has the same agro mod the older epics had (18% added agro) but it also adds cyclone blade proc (AE damage and agro) and a 200 range click that increases your agro on that mob by 125000 points (great for pulling). Many warriors will make a second epic they keep at 3.0 just for this purpose.

In later tiers the warrior epic has a clicky that adds THE BEST stonewall (mitigation increase) in the game. This is one of the things that make a warrior the tank of choice here. Warrior epic stonewall starts on the 3.5 epic, at 30%. This is a short duration (song) buff window buff, and lasts 30 minutes. Unlike the live version of the stonewall disc, a warrior isnt snared using the epic click. Each FULL rank of the epic (4.0, 5.0, etc, not 4.5, 5.5) after raises the mitigation amount on the stonewall by 5%, til it caps (for now) at 50% on the 7.0. Ranks after 7.0 also add extra hit points while the buff is on.

§Warrior Toys

There are a few class defining custom items in EZ that help a ton with the warrior. First is, of course, the epic, explained above.

Next is the Scepter of Time, a quest that starts with Siinge Blacklisted in FG/CG or Nexus. It has decent stats, great heroic resists, and also has a clicky that is instant cast 200 range and 125,000 hate (though with a short recast delay not as good for pulling as 3.0 warrior epic aug). Rank 10 of the scepter is also +500% spell damage (same as UC2).

After that T3/4 drops a couple items you’ll want, one is an item that looks like sunglasses, the Bashful Crustacean’s Rebuttal. This is a fast recast time furious discipline clicky (riposte all melee for 12 seconds), and it’s massively helpful once you start working zones with heavy hitters and mass pulls. The other is Bashful Crustacean’s Angerbomb, which does 2.5K AE damage and 50K AE hate. This is especially helpful on fights in which boss mobs poop adds (which describes many fights in EZ).

You’ll also want to make sure that your warrior works the shield of ages quest, and the Ring of Ages. Both items will make a huge difference in your survivability later. In addition warrior is the class most players finish their UC (Ultimate Charm) on first.

Much later you will also want to look at doing the Ultimate Weapon quest, which will turn your warrior into a killing machine as well as a tanking diety, as well as the Earring of Ages quest, which eventuially will increase the damage output on your warrior, especially with a UW.

There are additionally some EZ Reward vendor items (bought with EZ credits) that help a warrior considerably. The first would be Fastest Travel click, with gives bard run speed, essentially, and a Instant Cure Group item, which will cue your goup of all negative effects. Check the forums for info on donating, and see the EZ Reward Merchant for prices and links for the items.