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§Tower of Frozen Shadow

Many will admit this is one of their favorite zones in the game! The lore behind the zone is very interesting (when you get a chance, check Tserrina’s back story), and its just a good old fashioned dungeon crawl!

§Diving In

ToFS is 7 levels of fun! Each level is progressively more challenging than the last. Here the Tower starts at around T2 level of difficulty, and progresses to (many claim) more challenging than T7. Initially set as an alternative to LDON and HoH for charm farming, Frozen Shadow has become an essential part of progression, even though its not part of the tier system. Rather its a supplement to each tier, with floors roughly corresponding to that number tier in terms of difficulty.

A point to make…..ToFS is all about working on UC and increasing resists! And right now, the way Management has changed the server, resists are every bit as important as hit points, perhaps more so in some cases. Most players want to at the very least get their team to 1600+ resists, with the tank over 2K through T7. After that 3K+I is a great idea. Fortunately heroic resist augs are easier than ever to get! But you definitely need to get used to the idea of spending some time here Cheesy

Recently Management added 2 new items to ToFS....shoulder augs that drop from bosses, starting at 1st floor, that decrease agro for the user. Check these out....they can REALLY help heavy dps classes! These augs can be combined similarly to HR augs, 2 1's make a 2, 2 2's make a 3, etc. Also, Essences of Frozen Shadow for the new UW recipes drop from key bosses on each floor:  Large Undead Gnoll on First floor drops Essence of Frozen Shadow I, angry librarian on 2nd drops 2, etc, 1 through 7. These essences are for UW's of the corresponding level. The Master Essence (UW8+) drops from Svartmane on 7th floor.

§First Floor

The combination of the Bone Pit in the center of the first room along with the icy slide floor can make this a huge pain in the ass. But, all in all, its not too difficult. If nothing else the EZ reward group lev clicky DOES work here, and that helps a ton (can also lev then zone in). Regardless, kill all the bones, the gnolls and the specters. Randomly one of them (most commonly a gnoll) will spawn the large undead gnoll, which drops the key to second floor. Dispel traps all over, and many mobs kick out a nasty little AE (skellies especially will AE damage and stun). Unlike live, EACH character must have a key to go to the next level. Fortunately, keychain works, so after you level up once you no longer need the key on that character (can destroy it, or if it makes you feel better just bank it, which may be wiser….who knows what quests Hunter may add in the future).

First floor mobs often drop Stone of Heroic Resistance I, which are +5 heroic to all resists. But….combine 2 of those in a magic box and you get a rank 2 stone. Two rank 2 stones to get a rank three, and so on, to a max of rank XX (20) which gives 100 heroic resists to all resist types. Something to consider: a level 4 stone is +20 heroic, and takes 8 rank 1 stones. A rank five is 25 heroic for 16 rank 1 stones. Rank 20 is 1,024 rank 1 stones for 100 heroic resists. I wouldn't’t go that far off the bat. I recommend starting with rank 4’s in all the slots you want to fill, then slowly upgrade them until you get to where you want to stop. Definitely, while working lvl 1 and 2 of the tower, limit yourself to rank 4 or 5 stones, and fill as many aug slots as you can on your armor.

Also, first floor mobs can drop v1 charm upgrades, so this is a very good place to work up your crew’s charms while working up resists. In addition many mobs on 1 drop weapons with crappy stats that sell anywhere between 1500 and 30K plat, so this is a great place to make cash!

Right where you enter is a gnome npc that starts the Ornate War Sword quest (these are the pet weapon upgrades for Casters Guild members). Hail and get the task. Just a note: when you do collect the sword from 5th floor the hand in is NOT the same gnome, but rather his clone in the back room of the casters guild hall.

Far side of the bone pit is a walkway left and right: left leads to the old shortcut mirror (ports you to Tserrina’s 7th floor mirror room if you have the master key) and the right leads to the mirror to…..

§Second Floor

Second floor is the library. The checkout desk is just as you leave the landing mirror from first floor. Behind the desk you will see a librarian….but rarely the angry librarian will be there. This mob is the key holder to the next level. If she isn’t up in angry form, don’t worry! Killing the mobs here will eventually spawn her. Clear the mobs, get rank 2 resists stones, v1 charm upgrades and ToFS trash loot (the level 71 armor everyone eventually lets rot) Cheesy  Far left corner of the library, in the book cases, is a secret door that leads to a mirror than zones you out to Iceclad. You may want to spend some time here, as this area is most probably the best source of v1 charm upgrades in the game!

Far side of the double tables is the doorway that leads to the mirror up to…

§Third Floor

The third floor is the kitchen, dining area and servants quarters. The mobs here hit a bit harder….around HoH/T3 level. This level is gnolls, suits of armor, skeletons and undead maids/butlers. Nasty little AE’s from most of them, and often you will get clumps of 2, 3, 5, 8 at once if not careful. Go slow, ease your way in. A warning: this is the first level where the key holder (enraged shadow beast) is a LOT more powerful than the other mobs, and can self buff with its own speshul version of “stonewall”.

When the enraged pops, kill it ASAP! If it sits unagro'd too long it self buffs and will take forever to kill. Third floor also has some other fun upgrades: v2 charms can drop as well as V1, and the resist stones that drop are rank 3! This will make aug farming a lot faster….but kills will take longer. Many players work second floor for augs because of this.

Go right from zone in, around the corner past the kitchen and dining hall to a small set of stairs down into the maid/butler area. In back by the maid’s beds is a mirror out to Iceclad. Past this area and down the hall, around several turns, is the mirror up to...

§Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is in some ways the most difficult, because of how the server handles mobs and walls. The entire level is a maze of mummies, shadows and oozes, with very narrow passageways...and all too often they will attack you from within the wall. The best way to do this level, if you can, is to pull clusters to a somewhat open area and kill. If you cannot do this, move into the maze a bit, and make sure you pull your characters back a bit to get them out of the wall (pet hold on this level is a MUST if you are using pets!). Rank 4 HR stones drop here.

This floor has a few named, two of which are important to continuing on, and two others which just drop goodies. The first loot dropper, maggot infested flesh, drops a clicky item of the same name that adds a small amount of extra experience per kill (15%). This ooze is to the left of mirror up. The other named is Narmak Berreka, a large armor that drops a few items, including a very good necro/SK shield and a ranged melee tome with 12,500 hps and great stats.

The important named, however, are a linked pair: Amontehepna, a zombie model that is either already up or that spawns randomly when killing the oozes. He sometimes drops usable goodies, but his importance is as a trigger for the spawn of the key dropper for this floor, Cara Omica. Cara spawns in the room just before the mirror to the 5th floor, surrounded by mummies. She completely dispels when agro'd, and if she's been up for a few she will stonewall. So this may take a few. When dead she drops the key to the 5th floor (always) and can drop the Embalmer's Skinning Knife, decent stats, which summons very good stat food when clicked, or a Magnetic Dirk of Distraction, decent stats, which procs fading memories....and an offhand for casters/priests with excellent stats, the Sorcerous Bowl. Loot what you need, then once you have your team keyed move to...

§Fifth Floor

This floor is the wedding party, the marriage of two of Tserinna's most loyal retainers, Nosja and Daman. When you land from the fourth floor, the mirror out to Iceclad is JUST behind you, to your right. Be VERY careful with stray clicks or you'll find yourself zoned out!

This floor is probably the best drop rate of V2 charm upgrades per kill in the game. If you can kill here quickly its definitely faster than HoH! So you may want to spend some time here. On the plus side, cash here if anything is better than HoH, so it can pay off. You'll also find a mix of rank 3 and rank 5 HR.

Golems will line the path headed to the wedding party. They are the easiest mobs to kill on this floor. You'll want to be careful here....there are some rather nasty AE's including a poison that might give you troubles. I'd have cure clickies ready. It's a good idea to have your entire group over 1600 heroic resists, or the AE's will give you a bit of trouble. Once you get into the wedding party area some of the guests may drop the Ceremonial Wedding Sword needed for the Ornate War Sword task you picked up on the first floor. In addition many will drop T6 level armor and items, some of them tradable. This can be a great area to gear up temporarily if you need.

Occasionally (more often from wedding party members) the enraged relative will spawn. Kill it, loot the key, repeat as needed until your party is all keyed, then head to...

§Sixth Floor

This may be the most annoying floor to get past. The 6th floor is divided into two sections: lets call them 6a and 6b.


The first area is just after you come up from the 5th floor mirror, and consists of shadow beasts and icy shades. You're goal is to spawn a trigger from 2 different shade PH to spawn a BIG icy shade (looks like a regular shade, but bigger and robe is all black, no white border, and on the map shows with a # in front when using MQ2). For good or for ill, there are just TWO spots where this particular shade spawns. The first is found by taking the first left as you come down from the port in mirror, and following that path until it dead ends at a small room. The pop point is one of the shades inside. The second is found by taking the second left from the mirror, and down into the throne room. As you enter, the throne will be on your left. The shade on the left side of that throne is the PH or trigger. Keep killing until you find him, and he will trigger the spawn of VhalSera on 6b. ONE NOTE: it might be that the trigger is agroing through the walls and joining the bigger pulls I do here, or it may be that there's a PH I don't know about....but sometimes I get a VhalSera pop when I don't remember seeing a trigger. So you may want to check your map or /target VhalSera after each clear, just to make sure you didn't miss him!


To get to 6B go right from entry point, down the hall, around the curves and up the stairs. Then follow that around until you come to an open area above one of the shadow beast rooms, and stairs to the right. Up those stairs will be a mirror to 6B.

Once up, you will encounter bats that shouldn't agro unless you have a bard playing an AE song that can agro (such as Harmonious Comp). Pull and kill the bats. When they die they spawn an enraged vampire. Once the platform is clear go up the ramp into a room with water on the floor, and in the center should be some bats and your triggerd VhalSera. This fight isn't that hard, but he does dispel completely when pulled, so may wish to pet pull him.

When he dies you will get some odds and ends (usually a caster necklace or melee earring, T7 range) and the key to 7th floor. If you need to farm more keys, there is a mirror under the ramp to VhalSera's spawn that ports you back down to the start of 6A. Once you have all your keys, go into the watery room, around the corner and to the click up to...

§Seventh Floor

Mobs here are T7 level of difficulty, and rewards are at least as good as you'll find there. You'll see a mix of rank 6 and rank 7 HR's.

The first real challenge here is the death trap, just at the end of the first hall from the mirror up. People walking through the trap take substantial damage, often enough to put someone under 750K hps down for the count. So....run through who you can after clearing any mobs you can see and pull, then rez up whoever didnt make it and press on.

The room you want to work will have a spiral staircase and a bunch of torch mobs. The staircase is a pain to climb, easy to fall off....but up top you will find many bats and a mirror room (more on that later).

Kill the torches, then start clearing bats. Some bats are upstairs, others are through a hidden door opposite to where you entered the stair room, behind a tapestry. Some bats have a chance to spawn Tserinna. When she does spawn it will be in the mirror room up top. Pull her down and kill (can take some time, she has heavy hps, regen and stonewall). She drops a bunch of goodies, including the whip (VERY high demand for dual wield melee, has slot 21 (epic), 22 and 8 type augs), the staff (nice stats and effects), a pet clicky buff, a VERY good caster neck, a robe and more. Also drops the Master Key, which will port you directly from first floor to Tserinna's Mirror Room (which has mirrors that can port you to any floor). She also has a chance to drop Essence of Frozen Shadow VII, used to make UW7.

Tserinna also, upon her death, has a chance to spawn Advisor Svartmane, who can drop the Master Essence of Frozen Shadow (for UW8+) and ninja clickies (deagro).