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§Temple of Veeshan

So, its vacation time again! You can just relax and kill on this tier!. This zone is just a straight forward tank and spank on a host of named. You don’t need to worry about spawning this or triggering that. Just kill! I know, right?

§Suggested Requirements

Before we start, Heroic Resists are of vast importance here, especially on your tank. Even trash here pops off 1 mil range ST nukes, and there are some nasty AE as well. You’ll want all boxes over 2K resists here, and your tank should be bare minimum 3200. By this point a few of your team at least should be on 2nd rank Ultimate Charm (a healer or 2, definitely….as well as your tank and at least one DPS). You should definitely have NS melee with rank 9 strike augs, and FS9 on your 2h melee would help, too. If you are relying on pet classes as dps the mana neck would be a great idea, again at least to rank 9.
And you will most definitely want Shield of Ages and Ring of Ages progressed a bit on your tank…..XL at least on shield and 300+ on ring would be a great idea. Tanks should be pushing 2 million hps by the time you’re ready to tackle T8; mobs will hit over 200K, and you’ll want to try to get that under 50K after mitigation (stonewalls) as much as possible.

§Bosses and Drops

Trash in T8 will drop, rarely, Veeshan Scales, in red, silver and green colors. Also, occasionally, you will see Essence of Veeshan drops, as well as the rare rainbow crystals for AA exp.

The bosses here all drop armor pieces, accessories, weapons, etc…each boss always drops one type piece, as outlined below:

  • Dozekar the Cursed: Chest
  • Gozzrem: boots
  • Telkorenar: Wrist
  • Lendiniara the Keeper: Head
  • Ikatiar the Venom: Cloak
  • Eashen of the Sky: Weapon
  • Aaryonar: arms
  • Lord Feshlak: belt
  • Dagarn the Destroyer: Shield
  • Lord Kreizenn: ring
  • Lord Vyemm: necklace
  • Lord Koi`Doken: Earring
  • Lady Mirenilla: gloves
  • Sevalak: Dragon mount
  • Cekenar: Mask
  • Zlexak: 100% exp pot
  • Jorlleag: shoulders
  • Lady Nevederia: Legs
  • Vulak`Aerr: Scales and essence

The only tricky one is Vulak. If you don’t clear all the named before tackling him he starts AE nuking for millions. So….don’t do that.

§8.0 epic

Getting the 8.0 epic isn’t the result of a book, which is a change. You need a Charged Veeshan Scale of Power, made by combining 3 of each scale type dropped (silver, red and green) along with an Essence of Veeshan (making it the costliest epic to date!). Hand that and your 7.0 aug to the epic ogre (actually one at zone in now) and get your 8.0 epic augment.

§UC3 Quest

T8 also sees an upgrade to the Ultimate Charm, allowing you to upgrade from rank 2 to rank 3. The quest is fairly simple: gather 100 red scales, 100 silver scales and 100 green scales…as well as 100 of the armors that drop in the zone from bosses.
I said it was simple, not easy!

Some good news: dropped accessories and the shield all count toward the 100 armor, as does the Dragon Mount that drops from Sevalak. So you will readily finish this portion of the hand in before the scales!

Once you have them all, you get an upgrade UC to combine with your UC2 to make your charm.