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The EZ shaman is very similar to its live counterpart. They will never be the best healer….in fact they are probably lowest healer on the server. They will never be the best dps. They aren’t even the best buffers on this server. While their slow and cripple spells can be helpful later in life, initially they are almost worthless. So why play one?


§Why Play a Shaman?

The EZ shaman is more than just a one click wonder buff whore. They have a wide array of debuffs, enhancements and heals that add to a group. They get very nice spells that do a ton to increase group/raid damage. They a pet that, while is very low dps, is perhaps the single toughest pet in the game. And their DoT spells, while rather weak in comparison to other DoT classes, can be harder for mobs to resist (curse, disease, poison vs magic). They get the same group heal available to druids, which is equal roughly to a clerics best group heal before modifications. They get perhaps the best single target heal for the mana in the game. And, of course, their epic click buff is…..well, epic :D A shaman has a lot to add to the party!

§FG or CG?

Shaman is a casting priest….and while they DO melee for their best debuff (which is the proc from their epic) they are best served with caster goodies. However, many do flag them for both for a variety of reasons.


Shaman will want to concentrate on healing and casting abilities when they select AA. It’s suggested that initially they follow the normal AA priority: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, natural durability, mystical attuning, discordant defiance and max lung capacity. Since you have a spell bar you will want mnemonic retention for the extra bar slot. And as a casting class Innate Enlightenment is a must have! Some of the AA that you will want to work initially include:

  • Innate Enlightenment
  • Abundant Healing
  • Channeling Focus
  • Critical Affliction
  • Fury of Magic
  • Radiant Cure
  • Hastened Curing
  • Healing Adept
  • Healing Gift
  • Mastery of the Past
  • Persistent Casting
  • Spell Casting Fury
  • Spell Casting Subtlety
  • Spell Casting Mastery
  • Spell Casting Reinforcement
  • Enhanced Root
  • Innate Camo
  • Quick Damage
  • Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery

After these look at what each AA does and get in the order you desire.

§Augs, Charms, Spells

As a casting priest a shaman will want oracle first, until they UC. Many UC a shaman after more efficient healers, so for many this class isn’t a UC priority, especially since their offensive spells are rather pathetic at the moment. Shaman melee if they are smart, because their epic aug proc is a very decent mob debuff…..so adding icestrikes to them isn’t a bad idea. But most wont make auging them a priority; they’ll add strikes to a shaman only after they have fully aug’d the rest of their team.

Shaman get a wide variety of spells. Their best buff is of course their epic click, but they also get modest dots, down the line (T4) a pet that’s a very solid tank pet (HUGE stonewall), the same group heal druids get (breath of nature), a very nice single target heal (Acquittal of the Tribunal) and some resist buffs. But they get most of their added dps from two spells: spirit of kraken and ancestral grudge. Grudge you get immediately from the level 70 spell vendors in QRG. This spell adds a huge amount to double attack, as well as increasing flurry chance for all melee. On characters with heavier white damage weapons (as in, for example, the case of Ultimate Weapons) the added damage is substantial. Pets also see a nice bump from the short duration group buff. The Kraken line adds a proc to any character with the buff, increasing overall dps. Rank 1 drops in T3/4, and rank 2 in T7. Most players with a shaman keep these two spells in their main rotation.