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Underused and under appreciated, but a fun alternative to warriors for players who enjoy a tanking challenge!


§Why a Shadowknight?

Not everyone wants an easy mode tank. Some want more of a challenge, and they want a tank with some variety. Well, the shadowknight definitely offers both!

Much like the paladin, shadowknights vary on ability and role depending on which weapon set they use. 1h and shield, you're tanking! Better defenses not so much damage. Using a 2her, better self heals, more damage. Both work, its all in how you work your SK!

Shadowknights get a variety of debuffs that help them tank, weakening the mob so they dont hit so hard and nasty. They also get some very good area effect damage spells, and, of course, the best lifetaps in the game. By using their defensive capabilities they can tank heavy hitting bosses, or they can go for DPS and rip up trash with considerable speed.

Its all about how you fight with the SK. Pick your setup and go to town!


§What Should I Gear?

Later SK can add weapon augments (Firestrike) which help their dps….but even with these they will never be top of the dps food chain. SK are about survivability!

SK charm of choice before Ultimate Charm is sorcerer. Some might think thet oracle helps more, but the better damage an SK does the faster the mob dies AND the more their epic heals them. I would make SK, if its your tank,  TOP UC priority in any team. An SK will benefit from BOTH Fighters and Casters guild, but I would do FG first. With the changes to the UW system SK would benefit very heavily from a UW....some may argue more than a warrior will. Shield of Ages is of extreme importance for an SK tank, and you should start and advance it asap!



Once you’ve hit level 70 you’ll want to start working on SK AA. You’ll want a mix of both offensive/defensive AA. When initially selecting your AA you’ll want to get the first basics the same as any class: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, and max lung capacity. After that you want to start maxing ANYTHING offense, since the more damage they do the less they get beat on, and in some cases the more they self heal! My list of “must haves” in no particular order:

  • Combat Fury
  • Companions Fury
  • Critical Affliction
  • Consumption of the Soul
  • Death Peace
  • Fury of Magic
  • Immobilizing Bash
  • Mastery of the Past
  • Persistant Casting
  • Pet Affinity
  • Shield Block
  • Spell Casting Fury
  • Spell Casting Expertise
  • Veterans Wrath
  • Weapon Affinity
  • 2h Bash
  • Death's Fury
  • Harm Touch/Improved HT
  • Intense Hatred
  • Knights Advanatge
  • Knights Return Strike
  • Leech Touch
  • Soul Abrasion
  • Speed of the Knight
  • Theft of Life
  • Touch of the Wicked
  • Unholy Touch
  • Vicious Smash

After that, read the description of the AA and decide what you want first.


§Important SK Spells and Abilities