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§EZ Server Rules

  • No exploiting
  • No warping
  • No bot / afk farming / afk fighting
  • Limit Profanity
  • No spamming
  • No kill stealing
  • Guild Quest camps
  • No ninja looting
  • No trains in public
  • Do not crash zones
  • Do not share accounts
  • Use common sense
  • Play nice and don't grief
  • Do not sell


Do not exploit bugs in the game.


Our server flags people in our database for warping, so don't do it.


Do not use any programs to attack npc's for loot or exp, or go afk pet farming. Players caught bot farming or playing to farm, and then AFK to loot a zone's worth of kills will still be considered botters.

Addition: This includes using Twist to spam abilities. If you want to use Twist to maintain the hellish combination of spells on your Bard, that's fine. Any bard ability (and class aug click) is fine for twist. Using it on other classes (e.g. cleric, berserker, druid, shaman, etc) is NOT approved.


Offensive words in names or public chat will not be tolerated, such as anything sexual, racist, hateful, etc.


Do not spam or intentionally start massive problems in public chat.


Place nice here, and don't kill steal. You can hold a camp if you are not afk. When a mob spawns, you need to engage it, or else you will be considered afk and forfeit the camp. You can not have 1 toon hold the camp while waiting for your group to arrive. If your not ready to engage when the mob spawns, then your not camping it, and forfeit the rights to the camp if another party wants it. If a guild is actively buffing up when a boss spawns, then please give them about 5 minutes to engage, or else they lose the rights to the boss. If a guild spawns a boss thru a turn in quest, then only that guild has rights to the boss. You can't hold 2 or more camps at the same time, so if a group/guild is fighting a boss, then another group/guild is welcome to 'leap frog' and claim the next boss.


Same as other camps. You can hold it as long as you don't go afk for more than 5 minutes during the time a mob is up. Do not loot corpses you didn't kill, unless the person that killed it expresses to you that you can do so.


Don't loot mobs that don't belong to you unless the person/group that killed it gave you permission.


Do not make a train bigger than 15 mobs in a public zone. Do not purposely train anyone in any zone in order to kill them or any other reason. If you wish to pull over 15 mobs at a time create an instance.


Not not try to crash zones.


Players that get banned have their accounts linked together by IP. If you allow someone to use your account and that person breaks the rules, then your account will be linked by IP and banned as well. You have been warned. (This has happened on a large scale twice before, do not let it happen to you!) If your "Bro", roommate, or child uses your account and does something dumb to grief players, then the account will get banned.


Just because I haven't listed a rule, doesn't mean you can't get banned for a certain action. Use your head, You know right and wrong.
Don't be an idiot or you'll get banned. Check here for item reimbursements.  (in a nutshell, if the server failed, I'll fix it. If not, then you're out).


Do not harass players through actions or words. Let them have their mobs and don't spam them. If try to ruin the game for others, then you'll be removed from the game.


Selling accounts or items for actual real money currency is not allowed on EZ Server.  This includes buying, selling, trading, or giving away of any money, items, or accounts. Anyone caught doing this will have the accounts banned and the items deleted. EZ Server is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by unauthorized, player to player, transactions, or for any other reasons. This includes RMT trades for characters or credits. Those caught trying to sell their characters will have them banned/destroyed.


Players that break the rules might get deleveled to level 1, suspended, banned, or have all his accounts banned.

Users police themselves with FRAPS since Akkadius and Hateborne cannot be online 100% of the time. You can find a copy of FRAPS very easy on the internet. Be sure to get your easy to use copy of FRAPS, and keep the hotkey ready to record people. If your going to down an important boss and feel that a player may grief you, then record the fight. I know videos sizes are huge. If the boss event goes without problems, then just delete that 500 meg file that was created to record it. Users police themselves on here. Screenshots are nice, but hard to prove that someone traveled with a train since screenshots are well, static.

On the subject of macros and when/if they cross the line: If you are completing entire fights or clearing wings of a zone with a few clicks/presses, that's too much. If you can start your characters attacking and then go make a sandwich, that's too much. If pressing a few buttons will start numerous chained 1 action macros (daisy-chaining), it is still too much. If you hit 2 buttons to set your tank and melee characters into autoattack mode, that's fine as there is nothing special you are doing or nothing abusive. If you want to bot farm, go to Runescape or any other f2p MMORPG. If you want to play, kick back and have a good time.

Lastly, these rules are subject to change. Please check them frequently as ignorance of the rules will not prevent you from getting banned. We try to keep people posted as these change, but it doesn't always happen.