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This is NOT your grandfathers EQ ranger! Rangers live are quite strong for dps at range, and not as much melee. Here, though, they melee! On the EZ server melee dps means strike augs, and few classes can match dps with the ranger. They provide an excellent array of support and damage, and are a pretty easy choice for a group.

§Why a Ranger?

Early on a ranger is just as unimpressive for damage as any other melee class, so do not be discouraged. As with monks, rogues, etc they don’t shine until you have strike augs and the right charms. But once you have invested a bit of time and effort in the ranger, they are amazing DPS! From 3.0 on rangers get ONE epic: their bow. This might make you think that they are a ranged dps class, but they are not. Rangers are melee if they want to be dps. Strike augs are best used on whatever dual wield weapons they might use. However, this does not mean that the bow goes unused! Epic bows also get a click with some very interesting effects, including a straight DD, a snare, a root, a debuff and a chance for a very very high damage DD. This click is what pushes the ranger class past most others in terms of dps, so you will definitely want to add it to your rotation for your ranger.

Additionally, rangers are able to use Tserinna’s Whip, which is a weapon that allows you to slot TWO NS augs (class 22 and class 8, so an NS9 and an NS8, for example). This gives them quite an edge over other NS melee. 

§FG or CG?

For guild quests you’ll want to do Fighters Guild on the ranger first. Casters guild will help on casting for the ranger, so it isn’t a horrible idea, but FG first!


Once you’ve hit level 70 you’ll want to start working on ranger AA. There are a lot of choices here that can help rangers in their main role: melee dps!

When initially selecting your AA you’ll want to get the first basics the same as any class: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, mystical attuning, discordant defiance and max lung capacity. After that you want to start maxing ANYTHING offense. A list of some “must haves” in no particular order:

  • Natural Durability
  • Delay Death
  • Ferocity
  • Physical Enhancement
  • Fury of Magic
  • Healing Adept
  • Healing Gift
  • Weapon Affinity
  • Combat Fury
  • Spell Casting Fury
  • Ambidexterity
  • Lightning Strikes


These will increase your offenses, and since your main role is dps they are great choices! For anything else read the description of the AA and decide what you want first.

§Spells, Charms, Augs

  • As dual wield melee dps ranger will eventually want ninjastrike augs, and icestrikes in extra slots before T7. Many rate ranger as either first for NS augs, or second behind monk. They will of course also want UC (and high priority) but before then they will want sorcerer’s charms. When able ranger is a perfect class to receive Tserinna’s Whip (can slot NS9+ and NS1-8 in that one weapon).
  • Rangers get a variety of interesting spells. Starting in Qvic they get Fistful of Arrows, a PBAoE with decent damage (be VERY careful with this spell....irresistable, and you can nuke yourself to death with it easily!) and Howl of the Huntmaster, which is added attack and chance to double. GREAT spells, which get upgrades in later tiers. In T1 rangers add Elysian Water (a decent ST heal), Gale Force (decent cold nuke) and Brushcoat (so so self thorns).  In T4 they get a self buff, Secret’s Secret Ranger Secrets, which improves damaging skills 30%. It’s a buff  you’ll want to keep on your ranger!