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Qvic is in many ways the start of your custom content journey. This is where you start your armor chain, and where your epic journey really starts!


Once you have your 2.5, the next step is to become flagged for Cazic and later, and getting your 3.0! This will involve completing a quest in Qvic, which is our next custom zone, and the last custom zone you can enter without a flag.

Step one: go to Nexus, find the Qvic NPC (Audyin) and get the quest. Then go to the custom teleporter and go to Qvic (now AKA P1). When you arrive, there is one way thats a path down, and one thats back onto a bridge. Going the bridge way will zone you out of qvic, so lets avoid that direction. The few mobs on the "bridge" are non agro unless attacked. Dont AE or attack them, or they will debuff you.

Qvic mobs can be rough: they hit very hard compared to what new players are used to, they will gang jump you, and they hit fast! So be ready! While a 2.5 necro CAN solo Qvic, I dont recommend it (slow going, and solo here is silly). Bring in a group of 6, work on tokens and epic books...and armor!  This also works better because you have a lesser chance of an armor piece rotting. Also make sure the tank has as many defensive AA as you can get: combat stability, combat agility, any durability, planar power….you get the idea. Give the other 2 some decent defensive AA, and on your dps class get some good offensive AA. On your pally/priest anything that improves healing will help. By now you should have collected a goodly amount of AA getting to this point.

When you head in, go slowly, stick to the center of the path. Mobs on the walls can and will agro and make life hard for you if not careful. Head up, and take the first path right. This will lead you to the temples.

Named here drop the tokens you'll need for the qvic quest. They also drop quest armor pieces and gear. Both named and trash can drop spells....and trash drops augs (that most people dont bother with) and no drop quest gems for the armor quests. Named are spawned instantly when you kill a specific, static spawn point placeholder. This spreadsheet, under the 3.0 and Qvic tab, lists the spots, named, and drops, as well as what armor spots need what gems: http://tinyurl.com/ezquest. Each player needs to get all 15 tokens, and you'll definitely want ALL your qvic armor, since its needed to progress armor. Armor no longer needs to be handed in to the quest NPC in nexus, just combine with the proper gem in a magic box and wear it! Also, be on the lookout here for “Essence of Qvic”, random rare drop from bosses, which looks like a pile of red dust. These are used for many different crafters guild items, and atm bring good cash if you decide to sell them (200K+ is pretty common).

Since the changes Hunter made months ago, trash and named both cast, the most annoying being dispell and root. Recently, with server performance imrpovements, leashing was removed, so you can mass pull mobs. Again, no more than 15 public before you land in jail, so instances asre preferred.

One named in Qvic is NOT spawned, or static: Sand Monster. This mob when targeted has NO name, it just starts beating on you giving you the message about pain and suffering hitting YOU for 2596 points of damage! Keep an eye out for it (giant brown arthropod, hard to miss). It drops the last quest token. All the named will spawn adds as you kill them. Players may find it easier at first to kill the adds as they pop, then move back to the named. Recently management made a change, and removed the epic 3.0 book from an “Ancient Sand Monster” that  pops after regular SM dies, Instead now you just hand in the 15 tokens to get the 3.0 book, or hail the NPC in Nexus for any additional books needed on that character. Another recent addition: Angry Beholder. Tons of hit points, hits a little harder, but has a LOT of goodies, including charm upgrades!

Once you have all 15 tokens you can either stay to farm armor, or go back to nexus to hand them in so you can get your 3.0. Handing in the tokens doesnt require any order anymore, just hand em in and the quest progresses. Once all 15 are handed in you will get some experience and a sellable plat bag, as well as your 3.0 flag.