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Players are still the best resource on EZ Server. This wiki info is created by our players as a reference point when needed and as a guide for newer citizens. If you cant find an answer here, don't be afraid to ask in general chat (/ooc, which is server wide), even for issues that on other servers would be something for a GM. If you DO end up needing to contact a GM, there are two: Akkadius and Hateborne. Both of them can be contacted by email (in game will most probably not work, email is the best way to reach them). Their emails can be found by typing /motd in game, or akkadius@live.com and hateborne@gmail.com. However, you should consider this a last resort. Both these guys have jobs and lives, and other commitments, and the time they spend here mostly revolves around making the server a better place to play. Getting ahold of them isnt an immediate thing, though they do try. Best bet: ask in OOC (which, again, is server wide)!

When you are in game you can access this guide at any time by saying ezguide. Saying help will pull up a help menu with a ton of info (make sure you read the rules!! This is especially important if returning, as some have changed), along with a link to the guide. You can also access a wealth of solid game info on the www.ezserverwiki.com wiki.

None of this is possible without tons of input from other players, including posts on the forums copied and pasted into this guide, or direct links to some posts. See something you like, send a tell to the author of those posts thanking them when they get on. If you want to add to what’s here, please feel free to do so!

Last word before we dive in! You'll always see in chat new players to EZ say, "Oh, I played live and P99 for over a decade....I don’t need to read all this!" You are mistaken. This would be like someone coming to EQ back in 99 and saying, "I played NWN on AOL for years, so this shouldn't’t be much different". Sorry, no. Not how it works.

THIS IS NOT EVERQUEST! THIS IS NOT P99! A lot of your EQ lore here will be slightly or moderately changed, or just flat out wrong! This is NOT the same game at all! Zones, mobs, drops aren’t the same. Quests you used to work all the time probably won’t work or even exist here. Even classes and "traditional" class roles are different! So please understand that this isn’t the game you're used to, and you'll have to relearn just like a newbie. And to you returning players, it may even be harder. A lot has changed in even in very recent months….so be ready to dive in and relearn. To summarize, a ton of players we see from P99 or Live starting here have the dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance....and it will not help you. Also that kind of attitude really puts off most of the older players here, and they can be your BEST resource if they so desire (and MANY of them will). So.....lose the attitude, admit you don’t know enough, throw away your preconceptions about EZ and dive in! This is hands down the BEST emu out!


First, OOC isn’t zone wide, its server wide. This is our "general chat" Most players never have up those live channels like "general" or "bazaar" or the continental or class channels. /Auc is also server wide, and what we use for selling (allows people to filter it if they like). Shout works only in zone. One note: the servers attempt to minimize spammers prevents use of wide social chat til after level 10.

Second, Commons and Overthere are PVP zones on EZ (we use Jaggedpine for GLS farming, not Commons). Commons is limited to level 60, and Overthere has no level limit. So.....if you love PVP those are the places for you (if you can find anyone on the server who PVP's). BOTH of these zones are limited to ONE character per IP, which means no boxing here. Overthere disallows the use of Ultimate Weapons, so make sure you bank yours before you try to zone in. Third, Highpass on EZ doesn't’t work, if you use the right client (Underfoot). However, the zone's most popular mob can be found in East Karana with members of his family. Fourth, you wont be charming NPC's in EZ. Its disabled. Thats right NO CHARM. Classes that normally would instead get alternatives that help. Lastly, some familiar zones and mobs are CUSTOM on this server....so go carefully. For the most part you won’t be able to enter a custom zone if its out of your level range, but some mobs in non-custom zones are custom and can surprise you (such as a lvl 73 Fippy Darkpaw who hits 95K range and death touches). Con the mobs before you engage!