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ยงPlane of Gods B (Airplane)

Old Airplane is Plane of Gods B, with armor a leap beyond previous gear, and access to 4.0 epic augments!


Which of course brings us to Airplane and T3/4! Yes, you guessed it: T3/4 takes place in the old PoSky (Airplane). If you can zone to Gods A (HoH), you can go to Gods B (Sky). Use the Universal Porter, click custom, Gods B to get in….or use the gate ring, bought from the vendor at no cost.

Once in the zone you will see the glowy waypoint just to the right of a doorway into a small building. Inside this structure is an NPC who will, when hailed, prompt you to port up to the battleground. You will want to port up your raid/group to the island. The spot you port to will be the spawn point for the bosses when you trigger them (getting to that). You’ll want to leave 1 character at the zone in spot, inside the structure, by the port up npc, as he will also trigger the spawn when you hand in tokens (patience, Daniel-San). I recommend either making this character one that’s not needed for combat up top (again, since zoning up lands you at the same spot named spawn), who can just stay and hand in rather than fight, or make it your tank, who will agro as soon as he ports up. You can also, of course, optionally port the hand in character up once battle commences.

Now, as to the hand in! Remember those tokens from HoH? This is where they are used! Handing in any of those tokens will spawn a T3 named, and combining two of the same type in a magic box will result in a new token that can be handed in to spawn a T4 named, as listed here:

  • The Oceanlord is T3 Wrist, X2 = The Burning Prince, T4 Wrist
  • The Lightbringer is T3 Hands, X2 = The Rainkeeper, T4 Hands
  • The Tranquil is T3 Feet, X2 = The Plaguebringuer, T4 Feet
  • The Faceless is T3 Arms, X2 = The Prime Healer, T4 Arms
  • The Split Paw is T3 Legs, X2 = The Mother of All, T4 Legs
  • H1N1 is T3 Chest, X2 = The Warlord, T4 Chest
  • The Prince of Darkness is T3 Head, X2 = The Prince of Hate, T4 Head
  • MCP token spawns the mob that drops the 4.0 epic book (hand in four for a random boss)

And, as always, check the lovely ezqest spreadsheet for all this info and more!

The bosses all spawn adds during the fight. If you’re new to the zone and not heavily geared, kill them as they spawn then go back to the named. The named will all have bigger casting abilities, including knockbacks, roots (the nasty ones from T1/2 that require radiant cure or better to clear…and yes, sometime you will be knocked back then rooted out of melee range), debuffs, dots, blinds and occasionally fear. Be prepared to deal with any or all. The donation reward clicky that group cures comes in VERY handy here, as does group CoH clicky (because of knockbacks and fears). The best way to handle fears in these fights is to let the knights tank, after they have the fearless AA. Just a warning: feared players have a nasty habit of falling off the edge of the island, or THROUGH the island when feared pathing goes wonky. At best you will land in Freeport in the bay. At worse you fall to your death. Either way, if this happens, zone back asap and get to fightin again. ONE EDIT: FEAR seems to have been removed from the bosses in this zone because of fall through issues. However, pathing here is still weird, and characters using mq2 /stick or /follow often will at weird times just run off in random directions on their own and either nosedive off the island or fall through, causing them to fall to their death on another island or wind up in Freeport swimming in the harbor. So…check your boxes often!

When first starting most people start by standing their group on a ridge just above the zone down pool. That’s out of agro range for the spawned named, and it allows you to pull or rush at your leisure. Eventually most just stand the group at the spawn point and fight as you spawn them, limiting movement. Use what works best for you.

Oh, and a few other things: the H1N1 fight is a bit weird (unsure if this is intentional or not). You cannot target H1N1 with auto target key such as F8 or a cycle through nearest mobs key (set up in targeting options). Wont target him or his summoned piggies. You have to either mouse target or, as I prefer, set up a hotkey with /target H1N1 and another with /target virus, and use them to switch targets as needed. ONE EDIT: with the intro of the agro window you can easily change targets there between H1N1 and little pigs!

The MCP fight used to be rough because he used to DT, then he feared often and he still has a VERY nasty damage shield. Lead off with someone casting cancel magic and its no longer an issue. The fear is gone!

As to loot….the named drop the pieces mentioned above. Any boss can also drop spells, secondary slot items (belts, cloaks, shields, jewelry, etc), class ability clickies (most fit in energy source slots) and gods minor/major essences. T3 bosses drop 1 armor piece, T4 drop 2 on all named except Warlord (just one BP at a time). T3 armor will be class armor: Tarew Marr for plate classes, Fennin Ro for leather, Povar for chain and Xegony for cloth. Combine the appropriate mold/pattern for your class with an unaug’d T2 piece in the magic box (no ores are needed). Combine the T3 with the T4 class armor item, also, of course, in ye olde magik box. T4 armor is as listed here:

Bard: Druzzil Ro; Beastlord: Veeshan; Berserker: Brell Serilis; Cleric: Tunare; Druid: Karana; Enchanter: Quellious; Magician: Prexus; Monk: Tribunal; Necromancer: Innoruuk; Paladin: Mithaniel Marr; Ranger: Erollisi Marr; Rogue: Bristlebane; Shadow Knight: Cazic Thule; Shaman: Bertoxxulous; Warrior: Rallos Zek; Wizard: Solusek Ro

Again, ezquest spreadsheet is your friend!