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§The Plane of Dragons

PoDragons is in the old Plane of Storms zone. You enter via the custom teleporter, and zone in not at the normal zone in, but in the giant camp back by what as the forest giant area. This is the start of T1.

HR target to resist most spells/effects: 1000


§In the Beginning, there were vendors....

Inside the camp you'll find several NPC's at the gate, including the normal banker, level up, epic and noobie vendors....as well as the merchant, the 3.0 weapon vendor, and the RotBot. The merchant will sell a ring that has decent stats and is a right click gate to PoDragons. Buy it. The book of recipes will list what combination of items in the zone makes what augs, but this same info is in the EZQuest Spreadsheet (keep this handy as you work T1/2). You will also find the vellums to create spells that drop in this zone (see the EZG Spell Recipe Guide for details), and a couple of spells. The most important, if you run a cleric, will be the Amplify Heal self buff for clerics. This spell when cast increases a clerics healing by 400%. Its a replacement for the cleric epic shield click buff of the same name, and acts as the Focus of Heal buff all priests get, only 4 times as powerful. While this buff will not stack with that Focus of Heal buff, it does stack with charm modifications on heal. Clerics should always have this buff up! As for the Rot Boit, we'll go into detail on him further in.


The point of this zone is gearing up armor and augments. You roam through the zone and kill dragons. Randomly the dragons will instaspawn a named, a chest or an ornate chest. The named and ornate chests drop aug components and crystals (fire and water), and armor archetype type ores. Save these. The chests drop a ton of gems, aug parts, class and armor archetype type ores and sometimes a spell (druid ancient regen v1). Gather up as many crystals as you can as you roam. Out and right from the camp along the cliff edge you will come across a water tiki. If you give this tiki a water crystal, it will spawn a random boss. Going out from camp and left and through a cave that leads underwater to the next forest side, then up out of the water and left along the wall will lead you to a fire tiki, who takes the fire crystals that spawn a random boss. Killing these bosses will always get you more aug parts and a random armor piece. Also, rarely, you will get spells for various classes and an item that looks like a clover leaf, the “Essence of Dragons Minor”. By now you should know what to do with tiered zone essences! Cheesy

§Armor Up!

  • Armor will be in subsets: leather, cloth, plate and chain for each main armor slot. Randomly bosses sometimes also drop secondary slot items. But lets say that you dont get what you need (you want plate, but other stuff keeps dropping)! If you take two pieces of different armor type for the same slot (example: leather and chain boots, but you need plate) and hand them in to Rot in the zone in fort he will give you a mold/pattern for what you need. It makes getting past this hurdle one hell of a lot easier!
  • Now that you have your armor mold/pattern go find an archetype ore (plate, cloth, etc). Put the ore, the pattern/mold and a completed piece of Cazic Thule armor (either V1 or V2) for that slot in the magic box and combine to get your T1 armor for that slot. Simple and easy!
  • Once you have all your T1 armor, the next step is T2. This can be a little rougher. The trash dragons hit harder, have more hps and are generally more of a pain in the ass. The instaspawned named are tougher. Bosses can be positively gnarly, because along with increased defenses and dps they also summon adds (dragons) during the fight that make things more fun to handle...and to add to the fun those dragons summoned have a chance to randomly instant summon the named, chests or ornate chests!
  • To run T2, simply kill dragons as you did in T1, and get the chests, ornate chests and named. Crystals here are earth and ice. The ice tiki is just right along the wall from the tunnel from the T1 side. Same as before, hand in the crystal to pop the boss. Go left from the ice tiki along the wall to the tents, and nearby in a rock wall corner is the earth tiki. Same applies...get the items you need and complete your T2 armor set!
  • The bosses here drop class specific armor pieces, T2 secondary slot items, aug parts, random spells and dragon class armor. Dragon class armor is wildcard armor: T2 armor piece drops are class specific, but dragon class works for ALL classes. Once you get your mold/pattern, use it, the completed T1 armor for that slot and class specific ore in the magic box to make your new armor! ROT npc will not swap armor from T2, which is why Hunter added DC armor drops. The essence that drops here looks like a piece of broken branch, the Essence of Dragons Major.

§Meddle Not in the Affairs of Dragons (for thou art crunchy, and tasty with ketchup)...

Some info on the mobs here: silver and gold dragons are just straight forward melee, and seldom will they AE a small nuke. Storm and black dragons AE often T1 side, as do Lava and Red on T2 side. The worst: Shadow and Green dragons T1, and Brown and Tiamat dragons T2 will do an AE poison. This poison lasts a while, and is deadly. It will chew down lesser geared players and non healing pets quickly! Avoid it if you can....but the proc from a pally epic or cleric word of Vivification will cure the whole group instantly. Soloing cloth classes can also get armguards of purity from Vex Thal which will cure the poison. At least one of the spawned named on T2 side, Sethas, also uses this poison. The group cure clicky reward item, 25 ez credits, comes in very handy here! You can also use priest/pally AA “Radiant Cure”. Some mobs/bosses will use NPC root, which lasts a while. Any of the above methods will work for curing, or you can direct damage yourself to clear.

Most of the bosses have one trick or another. I'll try to outline them for you:

  • WRIST: Amun T1: nothing of consequence ---- Seth T2: poison AE
  • LEGS: Ptah T1: AE slow ----   Alfadir T2: AE stun  
  • GLOVES: Omm T1: AE root/debuff. ------Mentu T2: nothing of consequence.
  • HEAD: Khepri T1: nothing memorable ----   Okeanos T1: AE stun    
  • CHEST: Shia Hulud T1: heavy melee ----   Kronus T2: heavy melee, rampages, does an AE and spawns with 2 imposters. To find the real Kronos have a pet or box without a target, and have tank agro. When the AE goes off they will get the target for the real Kronos automatically. Also, watch which Kronos is crapping gold dragons. Thats the real one. Kill a fake and it immediately respawns.
  • FEET: Apophis T1: melee ----   Imsety T2: melee
  • ARMS: Heh T1: randomly casts an AE blind and debuff ----   Thur T2: Spawns with Magni, a giant storm. Kill Thur first then Magni, or Magni respawns instantly.

Again, since some changes to the server made some months back, trash and named (mini and maxi) can also cast other spells, including dispell, slow, root and bind. Plan accordingly.

§I Need a Hero (ic resist)

One thing that will help a ton is getting resists up here. Occasionally in this zone you will come across heroic resist (resists over normal "cap") augs rank 1 or 2, which were formerly only found in ToFS. These are little green square stones. SAVE AND SLOT THESE!! You can increase these stones by one rank by combining two stones of the previous rank in the magic box: for example, 2 HR1 stones in the box max a HR2. Two HR2 make a HR3, 2 HR3 make HR4, etc. Each rank of these augs adds +5 HR, and they go up to rank XX (20, or +100 HR). Most of us see these as being the most beneficial aug you can slot into your armor until T7; definitely more benefit to a player than even the 1000 hp augs. By adding up heroic resists players can almost ignore debuffs, roots, AE damage, DD damge, DoTs and more in many zones. They are of HUGE help to a group!

§Intermediate Augments

There are many different types of armor augs that you can create with T1 and T2 drops: hps, hp regen, damage shield (shoulder only), mana augs, mana regen, weapon augs that add to base damage, hps and stats for 1h, 2h weapons, and the warrior agro augs! T1 augs are rated as 4, T2 as 5. To make a level 4 aug combine the pieces in the magic box. Two of the level 4 augs in a magic box create the level 5 aug of that type. And no, there's no lvl 6 augs.....yet. Except for the angry nerds aug, which sees a level 6 version for players with T7 or better weapons (slot 22). This aug is made by combining 3 angry nerd 5's.

Speaking of Angry nerd augments, these are weapon augments, warrior only, that can be created inb T1/2, but which drop whole in later tiers. The nerd 4 is a direct damage (one target) aug, 7500 base damage, with 250,00o hate generated with every proc. Its a good idea to slot one of these in one weapon, but no more. Limitations to the emu cause high hate numbers to have a "rollover" effect on longer fights, basically resetting warrior agro back to zero (never a good thing). One nerd 4 is plenty of agro. Nerd 5's are 5,000 damage, NO added agro, and AE. Most warriors fill their weapons with these after slotting one nerd 4. With agro mods from other sources this bit of AE damage helps keep clusters of mobs focused on the warrior, which is the way you want it. Nerd6 augs are heavy AE damage (22500) AND hate (250K points of hate), and are a must for a warrior (again, though, I'd do one max). But, these augs are again slot 22 only, so do not make til ready to slot into a T7+ weapon!

You can select what path you wish to take with augs, but initially you really cant go wrong with hp augs in every non weapon slot, at least until you can get resist augs from ToFS. Some like to do mana and mana regen, and the DS aug in the shoulders adds 100 or 200 to damage shield...but in general I prefer all hp augs. Collect the augs you want to use, then put one of them and the armor piece you wish auged into the sealer box and combine. If you dont get the group aug'd here dont panic: complete level 4 augs of all types can drop in PoGods 1 (HoH), so you can easily catch up while farming there for your next epic and charm upgrades.

If you upgrade an armor to the next tier and its aug'd, you will lose that aug....so remove them using the appropriate distiller in the sealer with the aug'd armor before you do. And just a reminder: dont aug and unaug using Titanium client or nasty things may happen (crashes, lost armor and augs, etc).

§Bonus Round!

Oh, and lastly regarding T1/2: Hunter has added a new mob, the Ancient Dragon. I quote, “It is harder than Kronos in terms of hp/damage it has, but no adds currently. Drops a ton of stuff like Essences for Dragons Minors and Majors, Dragon Class Molds, Charm v1/v2 upgrades, Spell Scrolls, etc. Will make a good raid boss for 12+ players of T1/T2 level. A high level player could probably kill this within a few seconds. Try not to grief public zone. This raid boss is meant for the T1/T2 players, not for the T5-T7 players to come in and kill steal it from lower levels, which will be a ban offense. This new raid boss will send a message to zone when it spawns. And it spawns in the big building in bottom left of the map. Has a 2 hour depop timer.” The mob does spawn in instances, is considerably higher hit points than Kronos and spawns Fire side in T1, south end of the zone. There are 2 buildings with a big temple type building right on the water (the one that has 1 Storm Dragon spawn inside). If you go around the side of that building there is a bridge across the water to another building. The Ancient pops in there, and does not roam. And no, sorry, no specific idea how to pop it yet.