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Again, EZ is NOT EQ….to the point that even some of the classes are profoundly different. The EZ paladin is perhaps the best example of this difference. Live paladin were quite similar to traditional D&D pally in many ways: decent tanks with strong self-heal capabilities and somewhat limited abilities to heal and cure others. On EZ a paladin isn’t so much a tank as a group healer.


§Why a Paladin?

Paladin are perhaps the most effective overall healer in the game, since from early on the weapon proc is a great group heal. That really doesnt change throughout the game. Early on, though you will probably want to add a cleric (since relying on a proc alone for group heals can be iffy at best) and because the amount of heal starts out low. But eventually a paladin may end up your best overall healer. When healing a paladin will want to use a 2h epic over the 1h, because the healing benefits are better on the 2h epic aug. Starting in T1 a paladin gets a spell called “Gift of the Avenger”, which adds to their healing and puts a short duration buff on the group that increases all healing benefits 10% or 20%. That may not sound like much, but thats ALL healing on that character. There is an upgrade to this spell in T6. An epic 2h paladin aug also has a right click that’s a base 10K per tick AE heal, which can be helpful. This scales upward as the epic advances.

Pallies can also backup tank (to an extent) when the main tank eats it. This definitely makes them a great choice for a starting character as the core of your team. Pallies get a few spells that make them better tanks. The first is Dread Gaze, which acts as an AE taunt. Helps a lot with agro. Another is Kaldar’s Helping Hand, which gives a paladin a short term 25% stonewall. This is also a huge help! They also get Zealous Smite, which is a DD proc with heavy agro (150K hate). This does very well keeping agro on the paladin. Additionally a paladin will want to use a 1h epic and shield to tank, as this improves defenses and the 1h epic click adds a proc that’s agro and damage  and adds a bit more stonewall.

As you can see a paladin can greatly benefit from two different epics, a 1h and a 2h if they plan to both heal AND tank.

§What Should I Gear?

Later pallies can add weapon augments (Firestrike) which help their dps….but even with these pallies will never be top of the dps food chain. Pallies are about survivability for the group! Also….when playing a pally, make sure you always have “Focus of Healing” self buff up. It will increase proc heals! Pally charm of choice before Ultimate Charm is oracle. I would make pally 2nd UC priority in any team, after main tank. A paladin will benefit from BOTH Fighters and Casters guild, but I would do FG first. With the changes to the UW system a paladin would benefit from a UW, but as Hateborne changes the UW system and adds augments for the UW that add clickies it may make UW on this class less desirable. If you plan to use your paladin as a backup tank at all (using them as MT is NOT smart here) you will definitely want to consider working SoA for that paladin.

§Paladin AA

Once you’ve hit level 70 you’ll want to start working on your AA. You’ll want a mix of both offensive/defensive AA and heal boost AA. When initially selecting your AA you’ll want to get the first basics the same as any class: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, and max lung capacity. After that you want to start maxing ANYTHING defense, anything that heals, and anything that improves procs. My list of “must haves” in no particular order:

  • Planar Durability
  • Natural Durability
  • Knight’s Advantage
  • Knight’s Return Strike
  • 2h Bash
  • Physical Enhancement
  • Speed of the Knight
  • Fury of Magic
  • Healing Adept
  • Healing Gift
  • Persistent Casting
  • Radiant Cure
  • Shield Block (if they sword and board ever)
  • Spell Casting Fury
  • Weapon Affility

After that, read the description of the AA and decide what you want first.

§Important Paladin Spells

As mentioned above, Paladin benefit from Focus of Heal, which you get automatically from the spell NPC. This spell is level 1, and can be found by right clicking in an empty spell gem slot on your cast bar, and selecting the heals menu, then heal again, and the level 1 spell is Focus of Heal. ALWAYS keep this buff running!

In Qvic you will start with Wave of Purity, which is a strong group heal. You'll also find Yaulp IX, which adds to proc rate, attack and more. CT sees the drop of Crusader's Fury, which adds an offensive proc to pally swings. In T1 Gift of the Avenger drops, which adds a group short term effect that increases ALL healing 10%. No, this doesnt sound like much, but keep this running at ALL TIMES! The upgrade to this spell, in T6, adds 20% to all heals, and should also ALWAYS be on your pally! T2 has Celibate Devotion, and as the name implies really isnt worth looting and memorizing, let alone casting! T3 drops Kaldar's Helping Hand, which is added paladin stonewall. Great to cast if you're suddenly tanking! T4 has Crabtwoshoes Will Heal You (very strong AE heal and cure). After that all the spells that drop are upgrades to previous spells.