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Money is important here. No cash, no weapon augs. No weapon augs, a lot of the newer content becomes a lot harder and/or damned near impossible. We've delved a little into how to make these augs, and covered some on the expense. Today we'll go into that a little deeper, and we'll also cover some ways to make cash.


One note: I am NOT going to tell you what to charge for an item. The first thing any budding capitalist should understand is that seller very seldom sets the price: the buyer does. You can put up any price you like, but if its more than a buyer is willing to pay, it will sit in your warehouse and gather dust. What I WILL tell you is to test the market, watch for what items are selling for, and charge every freaking copper you can. Most players arent in this to try and create electronic communism; they are playing to see and do more, and that means getting the best return you can for your efforts. Does this mean you shouldnt be nice to people and help? Of course not! I've undoubtedly given away 10 times as much as I have sold here! But if you're selling, maximizing your return IS NOT ripping someone off! If they don’t want to pay you amount X for that item, they aren’t forced to do so; they can quite readily find another seller or get off their butts and get the item the way YOU got it.

The bazaar has come into use recently in EZ, and often we'll see bazaar vendors pricing items FAR past normal market value. While initially this may anger some, you should have NO ISSUE with this! Think of it as a convenience store. Its a place to get gas, pick up a pack of smokes and pay two to ten times normal market value for groceries to someone lacking citizenship and understandable English.

Expect the bazaar here to be much the same. People actually do pay these outlandish prices, for convenience. That being said, DO NOT in your mind adjust "market value" for an item to approach bazaar prices....just as you wouldnt expect to consider $6 for a gallon of milk as normal just because thats what you paid at "Quicky Mart"

§Why Do I Need Money?

As stated before, the weapon augs require ore bought from a vendor in the crafters guild, essences, superior light stones and the previous level aug. You can farm the SLS easily enough (lvl 9 wisps can drop the GLS), and you can farm essences with time and luck...but you MUST purchase the ore to make these augs. The ore has recently been dropped in price, but you're still looking at 43K and change for the first made icestrike,  43K and change times two for the first crafted  firestrikes....87K+ times two for the first crafted ninjastrikes....and each next level aug pretty much doubles the price for the ore. By the time you reach the higher tiers you can spend 650K X 4 (2.6 mil plat) for some upgrade JUST in vendor sold ore.

Creating instances without the free instance maker reward item can cost hundreds of thousands of plat (600K in ToFS for example) for a three day instance.

In addition, players can and will sell looting rights to no drop gear, can and do sell essences, SLS, PL services, etc. Making spells that just wont ever drop costs hundreds of thousands of plat in vellum.

As you can see, playing here can get pricey. So how do players make all this money?

§Making Cash in Lower Levels

First, as you progress the mobs in the upper tier zones drop a lot of cash loot items. On a normal day in Velk’s Lab farming  a player can walk out of there with several hundred thousand in gems. In many later zones coin bags (recently added to most zones qvic and after) drop often enough to allow players to make even more. HoH used to drop gems and coin bags, but to speed looting Hunter just bumped up the coin drops and got rid of gems. LDON farming for charm drops USED TO  yield a goodly amount of gems, but doesnt anymore. Some people still sell loot rights to charm upgrades here, though. Qvic can get you moderate amounts of gems, as can PoDragons. All these are ways to keep cash flowing while you are farming armor, charms and epics.

The best zone in the game IMO for gem drops is Velks. A trip to the castle (golems and gargoyles) can net you 100K to 200K an hour if you kill fast. Two things: training in Velks  public will land you in jail, so create an instance! A solo instance is fine for Velks. Instance costs are worth what you'll get from a few hours work here. If you dont have a zerker, make one, if only for Velk, and get them their 2.5 or 3.0. It'll pay for itself.

Pull as fast and hard as you can, from the castle and from the spider caves below (using the water tunnel just at the end of the walkway to the castle door). Loot all gems (normal and the Velious armor quest gems). They all sell very well. Go into the zone with packs as empty as you can make them. When full, open up your portable banker (purchased on the newbie item for one mil+ plat....it can rapidly pay for itself here) and deposit stacks of gems and press on. When you cant lewt no mo, go sell, come back and continue. Very easy to get 100K+ an hour solo using this method!

Another way to make cash is to sell what other people want. This could include tradable items like essences, crafted armor and augs or quest items, or it could be loot rights to no trade items, like epic books, armor patterns/molds or charm upgrades....or it could be services, like pushing players through Qvic, LDON or PoTime.

Lots of options here. I will tell you that one of the easiest methods is to check out the caster/fighters guild quests, get the drops for those and sell them, singly or in sets. These items typically sell for 100K+ each. But again, buyer sets the price! Sell accordingly. These days, with increased instance prices and competition in these zones you may want an alternative, such as SLS farming (below). One thing to remember: the shared bank slot will allow you to deposit lore tradable items and then pick up a new one, so make strong use of your portable banker when farming!

Regarding SLS: for a new player this may be your best moneymaker. Zone to jaggedpine, create an instance, and go to town. Use MQ2, and the commands /maphide npc, then /mapshow wisp. This will erase all the spawns shown on the map BUT the wisps, making killing fast and easy. Even a new player with a lower level character (bard works well) can make 2 to 4 SLS an hour (and at 250K, which seems a typical price when I write this, thats 500K to 1 mil an hour). With bazaar working again you can set up a trader and mark up your SLS even higher, if you like, and hope you find a buyer with more money than time Cheesy

ONCE AGAIN!! In Qvic, Cazic, T1/2 and on up you MAY get an "Essence of ", rarely, from named, trash, whatever (varies per zone). SAVE THESE! SAVE THESE!

Oh, did we mention that you should SAVE THESE?

Again, these are used for a wide variety of crafted items, including weapon augs, mana necks and more.....especially the new Ultimate Weapons. These essences can sell for a LOT of money....but you may wish to consider saving and not selling them, as eventually you'll need them for one thing or another.

§Making Money After Newbieland

IMO the best place for an up and coming player to make money is Tower of Frozen Shadow! You can start clearing 1st floor around T2 (lvl 72ish), and you can get charm upgrades and resist augs (which you will need). Also, mobs drop tradeable items that can sell very well to vendors (even after the recent 40% nerf). Great place to cash up if you can kill here, while working charms and resists! GREAT option.

Lastly, we'll mention Qvic. Qvic is a huge pain in the ass for newer players, since its usually very hard to get what you need from it using characters with just 2.0 or 2.5 epics. So....some players sell "Qvic runs" for the tokens for the Qvic progression quest. Charge what you think you can get for the tokens! Some people, when they set up these runs, say that gems and armor are yours if you can use them, or they sell the drops to other players....or some even sell "armor spots" in a clearing group (one for each type armor) for a preset amount, and allow you all that type drop that drops, and a random for the armor gem drops. Another possible way to make cash. EDIT: Since the introduction of the Ultimate Weapon quest you often will see higher tier players mass clearing Qvic for essences, and quite often they will just give away all other drops….so selling Qvic runs isn’t as profitable as it used to be. But people will still pay for pieces they are missing.

Later, you'll make plenty of cash just progressing. Kill, collect plat bags and cash, sell off as you can. With bankers and vendors in pretty much every progression zone at entrance its easier than ever to make cash while progressing!