MQ2 Macro Examples

To start, big thanks to Ergg, Redtwo, Anuli, Gilthanas, Blarr and anyone else I've forgotten for the macro examples posted here. If this isnt clear to you may want to try asking in game, perhaps someone can walk you through it.

One idea for an "attack" button

/bca //target id ${Target.ID}
/bca //stick 12 UW behind
/bcaa //attack on
/bcaa //pet attack

Same thing, different method

  • First, make every box have the same number key (example: hotkey #6) all set up to click epics, other clickies, cast group or ST heals, cast nukes, debuffs, short term combat buffs, etc....all on one key. Can multiline it for cast delays, whatever works for you. Example: for a berserker with 3.0+ epic, a key may be
/itemnotify mainhand rightmouseup

/keypress # (with that hotkey set to activate cry havoc)

/keypress # (that hotkey set to click vengeful flurry)

/itemnotify chest rightmouseup (for T7+ chests)

A cleric example might be:

/itemnotify mainhand rightmouseup (3.5 or later aug click is a group heal)

/cast word of vivification

/pause 1

/cast tower of vie or mark of emperors

Once all your characters have such keys set up, and all on the same key (lets call it hotkey 6 for simplicity) then set up your controllers attack key thusly:

/bca //assist   (some prefer assist to the /target id method)
/bca //stick behindonce moveback uw 10   (keeps the boxes behind the target, at a distance of 10, allowing up/down movement underwater or lev'd)
/bca //keypress 6  (all boxes click their special attack key you just set up)
/bca //pet attack  (sends in any pets)

Follow Keys

/bca //target

/bca //stick behindonce moveback uw 15
/bca //pet hold

or another method:

/bca //target Main_Tank_Name
/bca //stick behind 15 UW
/bcaa //pet follow
/bcaa //pet hold

Druid extra key on warrior (drake, regen)

/bct druid //target tank
/bct druid //cast # for skin of drake
/bct druid //cast # for biggest regen

Rez hotkey

  • Rez key (works best with group rez clicky). To start bind all your characters within hailing distance of the raid buffer in the guild halls.....out of the way so you dont block for other people (mine are bound against the wall). When you are rezzing characters, click the rez clicky, then click this hotkey:
/multiline ;  /bcaa //tar buff ; /bcaa //keypress h ; /bcaa //nomodkey /notify ConfirmationDialogBox Yes_Button leftmouseup ; /bcaa //keypress h