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§Loping Plains

Loping Plains is the end of the "upgraded armor" path. From here out, armor doesnt depend on armor from the previous tier. You can bank old armor if you like, but many are taking the bet that it'll never be used for another quest and just destroying it. To get your T7 armor just hand the patterns dropped by the Vampiric Bat to the Wandering Trader near zone in (no need for T6 armor with hand in).

In Loping Plains we see a return to the type system we saw in Abyss: named are triggered by killing trash. Here its all about boss chains, but its pretty straight forward: randomly killing mobs or triggering traps by movement can cause clusters of trash to spawn, and sometimes spawn a Vampiric Bat. Bats serve two purposes here: they drop armor patterns and they are the start of the named spawn chain. Bats r gud!


§Starting the Chain

The first thing to do when you enter is /maphide npc. This method is IMO much better here than highlight, as we'll explain soon. Move out and start killing. Clearing the area around zone in is fairly easy, and has a chance to spawn a trap. One word: careful mass pulling the trees. They tend to chain cast Skin of the Drake on mobs, as well as heal, and it can be a pain to clear when you have multiple trees helping. Dont forget to get the orcs all the way in the back of the fort!

After clearing the top ledge clear the ramps and the caves along them. Once you reach bottom you can begin clearing types of mobs. Your bat trigger can happen when you stumble across a trap (uncommon). Stone droppers (epic 7.0 event stones) spawn either in the traps or when you clear mobs as outlined below:

  • Bloodmoon
  • Treant
  • Grizzly + Worg
  • Imp + Nightmare
  • Vamp + Remnant
  • Skele + Zombie
  • Mistwynd + Lostsoul
  • Minotaur
  • Crocodile + Hopper
  • Nightwalker
  • Drangol
  • Shadowmane

If you want to clear out one type of mob at a time, you can as stated before /maphide npc then /mapshow any of the names above, and ONLY they will show on the map, as well as any spawn you may trigger while killing them.

The group of mobs can consist of two types of mobs which add up to be 40 in number, or a single type that numbers 40. There are 12 total Stonedroppers that spawn from each. They can also sometimes already be spawned in the zone or upon creating an Instance. The stones they drop are for the Architect to turn in and spawn the 7.0 boss also. ( You will need 2 groups of Bane Equipped players to kill the 7.0 boss approx if you have no UW8+ geared players).

§Named on Your Hit List

The killing all these will spawn a SD. Below is a list of the named and the stone number it drops. Often these are referred to as Placeholders (PH) or just Stonedroppers (SD ).

1 - Restless Crocodile
2 - Minotaur Excavator
3 - Cursed Treant
4 - Mistwynd Trader
5 - Vampric Healer
6 - Drangol Warrior
7 - Rampaging Nightmare
8 - Nightwalker Mystic
9 - Shadowmane Tamer
10 - Loping Plains Grizzly
11 - Bloodmoon Assassin
12 - Skeleton Cleric

Once you start killing the SD you have the chance to start the spawn cycles. One can spawn another.  Also, as you kill these bosses and upwards the SD or batcan spawn randomly again all over the map so kill more can equal more spawns!

Vampric bat (Armor Pattern...hand just this pattern to Wandering Trader for T7 armor)
Envy (Accessories)
Gluttony (LP Augments for Armor and Accessories)
Lust (T7 Spells)
Pride (Alternate Epic Weapon Skins)
Wrath (LP Essence)
Sloth (Random Bane Weapon for Epic Event)
Greed (150k HP Mount)

§Epic quest

The epic quest in T7 is a little different than in other zones. You arent collecting pages, you are collecting stones. You need 12 stones from the 12 stone droppers listed above. Once you have them all, hand them in to the Archeologist in front of the entrance to Bloodmoon Keep (will be listed on your map, center of the southern edge of the zone). On nice thing: all 12 stones do NOT need to be from the same character....the Archeologist gives credit for any stone handed to him!

Once you hand in the last stone a Floating Skull pops inside the locked room behind the Archeologist. Hail the Arch, say "Enter" and you will be zipped inside. The key to this fight is bane weapons! The skull is immune to all procs, casts and regular melee. Its a simple tank n spank fight, but you MUST have the bane weapons! These can be a rank 8 or higher ultimate weapon, but the named "Sloth", as stated above, drops bane weapons. You will need a minimum of 12 bane weaponed characters to defeat the skull's regen and kill him, so this will take some time before you are ready. Farm your weapons, chose who gets what carefully (not all of them are equal damage) then go skull bashing! When its dead, loot the book and you can upgrade to a 7.0!


§Other Goodies


Things to collect here include progressive hp augments, essences, plat bags, the shoulder slot agro reduction aug and occasionally AA exp crystals.


§Leaf Augments

rank 1+rank1=rank2
and so on up to 10. These give 2K hit points per rank, so a maxed leaf is 20K hps.


-From Wrath
-From random trash
-From other bosses

§Plat Bags

Mobs here often drop the 77K Huge Bag of Platinum fairly often, so money making while farming is pretty easy.

§Heroic Resists

When you start clearing this zone it's a good idea to have at least 1600 HR on your team, and 2K+ on your tank. Rank 7 HRA drop in this zone as well, so padding your teams resists before you move to Tier 8 is rather easy.


****CREDITS: Much of the above shamelessly stolen from Fugitive's post on the EZ forums and subsequent replies****