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§HoH (Gods A)

When you complete all your T2 armor and have your 3.0, you’re flagged to progress on to Plane of Gods A/B! Don’t forget: go visit Level Up Wench in Nexus to get level 72, which allows you to teleport to HoH/T3/4. Gods comes in two parts: HoH (old PoP Halls of Honor zone) and PoSky. PoSky is for T3 and T4 armor (we'll cover that soon) as well as spells, accessories (rings, shoulders, etc) and 4.0 epics. Today however, we'll be dealing with HoH, which is for your 3.5 epic and V2 charm upgrades.

HoH is divided into several sections, with different avatars. I will describe each below, along with any special abilities they may have, as well as what tokens they most often drop (these tokens will be explained later....for now just know that you NEED these to spawn bosses in the next tier, PoSky):

Note that ALL avatars have a chance to drop ANY token (and v2 charm upgrades), but these have a higher chance to drop.


Below is a list of what drops what and where. Certain avatars have a better chance to drop certain tokens than others, but ANY avatar can drop ANY token, and you'll want em all!


§Primary Abilities




None Random 1


Often ROOT, so kill FAST. Radiant cure AA will clear root, or self nuke. The Oceanlord (Wrist) 2


Grav Flux, Knockback, Dispell The Lightbringer (Hands) 3



Nasty mana drain and a bit of AE nuke The Tranquil (Feet) 4


Stun The Faceless (Arms) 5


Blind Splitpaw (Legs) 6


These seem to flurry, and are heavier DPS than other avatars. They also root a lot H1-N1 (Chest) 7


Often casts an AE debuff, lowering AC and offense The Prince of Darkness (Head) 8


These have a nasty damage shield. Not as bad as it was before, but pets will get chewed up fast if you’re still using pet classes. Use cancel magic to kill the DS MCP (4.0 book) 9 & 10


Once you've been in the zone for a bit (as long as 30 minutes, randomly) Shadow will spawn. He spawns at one of several random points in the zone. Shadow is a bit of a brute.....rampages (AoE melee), hits up to 50Kish, can randomly fear players, and has a nasty cripple debuff (RC clears it). He no longer roots, thank god. He has a lot of hps, and a strong regen....so bring your DPS. Once you get Shadow down to around 25%, but as low as around 18%, he has a chance to shadowstep to another random spot in the zone (anywhere) at full health. Time to run him down and kill him again! Jumps at most 4 times, so can take some time to kill. Random tokens Incomplete 3.5 book



Zealous Smite Paladin
Timeless: Vampiric Thunder Enchanter
Euphoria II Enchanter
Coat of Bright Lights II Enchanter
Breathless II Enchanter
Breath of Nature II Druid/Shaman

All mobs can drop T3 weapons. Also random chance for v2 charm upgrades, as well as rank 4 general augs (glacier, nerd, etc). Rare chance for experience crystals and GSoA. Regarding charm upgrades.....the V2 upgrades are stackable. You use the v2's ONLY when your charm is at level 25. V1 upgrades will not upgrade a charm past 25, and v2's will not change a charm under 26. Other than that, very straight forward!