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§Guild Quests

There are two initial guild quests....casters guild and fighters guild. These quests start in Nexus with 2 NPCs. They send you out to collect various goodies. Again, your best resource for this quest is the ezquest spreadsheet. This will list all the items you need, where you can find them, what mob they drop from and where, alternative drop mobs if any....and probable spawn times. Most this info is still fairly well up to date, so loading and saving this spreadsheet (there's a file button under the header for the page with save options) is a must! The mobs that drop the tradable items for this quest are for the most part pretty similar to their live counterparts, so its pretty easy.

These two guild quests are invaluable! They give you decent stat food and drink, items that can help from the guild merchants and NPC's that can max casting or melee skills! And, just as importantly, the flag for guilding allows you to progress to 2.5 with your epic (which is needed to get to 3.0). Lastly, guild access gives you some nifty pet abilities, if you are able to summon a pet that can survive without being agro'd on a mob! CG members when they hail a pet can get two options: buff self (like the buffbot) or summon fireblades. The fireblades are....gnarly. They are for the pets only, are 10K hps each, great damage and a great proc. They make a MASSIVE difference on the DPS output of most pets, as well as dramatically increasing pet defenses. The FG members only get the buffbot option from the pet....no fireblades. This is why many beastlords go CG first. In addition, you MUST be a member of the casters guild to get the upgraded pet weapon quest finished, for the Ornate War Sword from ToFS 5th floor! This one's a must for higher end pet users.

Also, if you go casters guild make sure to check the back room with the guild vendor for the Masters Ring….good stats, and allows some classes to summon pets! In addition the caster guild merchant has an ALL/ALL item, CASTERS GUILD FAMILIAR, that allows you to summon a familiar that will buff you. Some players see this as a good enough reason to casters guild their whole team.

FG/CG is one of the most important quests you can do for game progression, and its fairly easy. All of the items except for the kings chest cards from LDON and the trak idol are tradable, so you can buy and sell them. Many players get starting cash this way. Doing these collections becomes FAR easier once you can make instances, so getting the waypoint maker from the noobie vendor for 1 mil plat is invaluable here. I recommend farming some SLS and selling them to other players until you can afford the 1 mil price tag.

§Kings Chest Cards

Both guild quests require these 4 cards. The best way to get them is from LDON5. They drop in any level (VERY rare), but in 5 most often. They are from any mob in the zone, but the Eye and Ghost (epic page droppers) seem to give them the most. Its recommended that you stay and work on the cards for your team when you do the epic pages, then immediately when you get back to Nexus get the FG/CG quest if you have not already and hand them in to your respective quest giver. You DO NOT want to visit the LDON card/credit trainer with these in your inventory, as if you click "sell all cards" they will be sold.

§Trakanon's Idol

One section of the quest that seems to give some people a hard time is the Trakanon Idol. This is the old Sebilis Key from live, made by collection one amulet from a froglok hunter and one from the froglok forager in Trakanon's Teeth, then handing both to Emperor Ganek in the SW corner of the same zone. This is one thing pretty similar to live. The Hunter and Forager are both on a separate spawn line, and both share their spawn with several of the named in the zone. Both seem to have 3 spawn each at various points in the zone, and if a named is up then that means the frogs for that spawn will not be. So often you will need to kill the named to get any frogs to spawn at all. The spawn chain is:

§Forager Cycle

  • Keeper Lasnik
  • Crusader Zoglic
  • Dreadlord Fanrik
  • Hangman
  • Champion Thenrin
  • Harbinger Dronik
  • Klok Denris
  • Bloodeye
  • Titail Sinok
  • Squire Glik
  • Champion Arlek
  • Silvermane
  • Commander Sils
  • Thruke
  • Dragontail
  • Flayhte

§Hunter Cycle

  • Ebon Lotus
  • Sigra
  • Trakansaurus Rex
  • Stonebeak
  • Master Fasliw
  • Keeper Sepsis
  • Oracle Froskil
  • Dreadlord Dekr
  • Vessel Fryn
  • Ffroaak
  • Harbinger Josk
  • Knight Dragol
  • Heirophant Ixyl
  • Throkkok
  • Doom

An easier way to handle this is to download the EZMapstuff pack and make sure the trakanon.cfg file is loaded into your MQ2 folder. This cause you to /maphide npc any time you enter the zone, then does /mapshow for all of the above named as well as the two frogs. Makes this very easy!

One last thing on the CG/FG items: Fabled versions of these items will not work for the quest....sorry!