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EZ Server is pretty much a "bring your own group" server. We'll be honest now: MOST people here box 3 to 12 characters. Finding groups here isnt impossible, but for the most part it's pretty close. Players who start here claiming they will "change" things and "show EZ how its done" either learn to run MQ2 or similarly allowed programs that allow them to easily box multiple characters, or they move on to more "traditional" server setups.

DO NOT LET THIS SCARE YOU AWAY! Again, MQ2 is allowed on EZ.

What is MQ2? Well, more on that in another section....but bascially its a program that allows control of multiple characters simultaneously using just one command from another character. So I can, from my tank's screen, make all my healers heal...all my nukers nuke....all my players follow me, send in pets, debuff.....all with a single button press from your main character's screen. This allows you a ton of freedom you dont have on other servers, and allows you to play your game your way, at your own speed...and get things done without having to rely on finding groups or filling in roles for a raid. You are literally your own raid! Only have time for 30 minutes to an hour to play? Not a problem! You can log in your crew, immediately go do what you want with the time you have, and log off when you have to without spending a ton of time trying to find a group, and without feeling as if you're leaving a group hanging for a tank, healer, etc.

Also, one BIG benefit to boxing: you literally get more experience per kill here in a 12 man raid than you do killing solo. Not more overall......more PER KILL! So box! It helps!

§Group Makeup

You will always hear newbies here  asking "whats the best class to play here? whats the best group makeup?". Simple answer: whatever class you ENJOY playing is best. With effort and materials invested you can make nearly any solid tank, healer, dps combo work. Check class info on the wikis, and ask players in game how classes work to get an idea of whats best for youre play style.

That being said, some classes definitely can be easiere to start with than others. Start with a strong foundation and the rest becomes a ton easier....and in a game like this a solid foundation is tank, healer, damage. Early on the best trio for that would be, in the opinion of many, EZG Warrior , EZG Paladin , EZG Berserker . Warrior is easily the strongest tank in this game, by a mile. If anyone tells you otherwise they are indulging in wishful thinking or trying to sell you EZG Shadowknight gear that no one really wants. A warrior will shrug off damage from multiple mobs that a similarly tiered SK will have a far harder time with singly. As for healers, many options. Early on the EZG Cleric is probably slightly better than any other healer class, though even at that point a EZG Paladin comes close. EZG Shaman and EZG Druid both have a nice array of buffs, heals, abilities that make them a good addition to the group, but its hard to go wrong with cleric and pally. For dps, many like to start with zerker. A zerker can take a pretty decent beating (better defenses than a ranger, and usually more hps) and they put out a good amount of damage. They have abilities that increase group damage. Also, their epic proc and click are both very strong AE damage (which is a huge help in progression). And while other melee classes will do more damage than a zerker on single targets, they rely heavily on expensive augs to DO that damage (most of which wont be available to starting characters). A zerker will benefit from those weapon augs, but they don't rely on them for dps. So....this is a good class to start with. EZG Necromancer is also a solid starting dps class, as they have a pet that helps a lot early, and later actually do more AoE DPS than berserkers.

But...things can change! Management is always finding ways to improve EZ...and sometimes that means changing a class. Occasionally a class you'll have worked on, built up, advanced with flags/keys, etc becomes less useful than it was, or other classes become far more viable for their role. Also as you progress one class that worked amazing may be less than stellar in the next tier. Because of this its always a good idea to hedge your bet! EMU accounts are free, and unlimited. Make more boxes, try out all classes. You will want just 1 character per account, so there's no conflict. Work them up to 3.0 or 4.0, see what you think. Dont be afraid to "retire" a character in favor of one that works better for you....but don't delete those benchwarmers! Next month they may become godly! Flexibility is good here when it comes to making your box team....and sometimes changing things up (even if it requires retreading older content for a new box) can be fun.

Dont be afraid to ask older, wiser players about the classes, what they like and dislike; at worst they will ignore you, at best they can give you insights you may need. Take the advice, your own experiences and make it work. Actually take the time to LOOK at all the spells in your arsenal....at all the class abilities. If the descriptions arent clear and you cant figure something out, askin in OOC, or in the forums. THE DUMBEST QUESTION IS THE ONE YOU DO NOT ASK! We all start stupid here, and as much as some players will give you crap for asking "noobie questions" they sure as hell didnt know the answers when THEY came to EZ, because, again, EZ IS NOT EQ!

§Solo? No no!

One last word on groups: EZ is not a solo friendly server. Yes, soloing initial 1 to 70 content makes it seem as if it is, but as you rapidly discover that 1 to 70 content in no way, shape or form corresponds to later content. Its almost as if 1 to 70 is "classic" EQ with extra exp, and post 70 is EZ Server. So if you are dead set on soloing, rethink your server choice. But again, boxing here is so easy that you'll quickly fall in love with how we do things here.