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§Getting Started

  • Ok, so you've picked a class to start playing. Where do you go? First step is to grab some gear! Qeynos Rangers Guild (AKA QRG, Surefall Glade, SFG) has recently, thanks to our illustrious admin team, had a new in game starter tutorial/guide added. When you zone in you will be prompted with link text showing "orient". You can click that for a popup with the tutorial, or just say "orient" to begin, and follow the dialogue. It will prompt you to find the trainer, to find the merchants, and what to buy. If you are new to EZ, this is INVALUABLE, as starting here isnt anything like starting live. It is strongly advised that you pay attention to this info! Because this tutorial is so well organized it is pointless to duplicate that info here, so we will not.
  • ONE NOTE!!! When using RoF2 client make certain you've clicked the field in the trade window that shows all items, not just useable. If you have it on just useable most items wont show!


Travel on EZ is simple and....well, EZ. In all hub zones (QRG, Nexus, Stonehive) you will find a "Universal  Teleporter" NPC.(white robed wench) who will give you teleport options when hailed. If you need to return to QRG, right click the little rose shaped iterm in your inventory, the "noobie charm v1" and it will transport you there. This will equip in your charm slot, and will help a bunch when you start.....so equip it! V2 charms and the oracle, sorceror, guardian and brawler charms will port you to nexus (more on charms later). Custom belts (dropped T1 and beyond) will BAMF you to Stonehive. Later boots will not only give you faster run speed when worn, but will also port you to nexus when right clicked. Additionally yoiu can purchase from the newbie vendor a summon teleport NPC, which will summon a pet version of the Universal Teleporter NPC. When doing this make sure your other raid/party members use her before you do, as she poofs when you zone.

Lots of ways to get around! Collect em all!

§Shopping List

Here are some things you will want to buy to get you started. Most are free, some have a slight cost, as listed below



With new coding you can enter instances without using the summoned waypoint, anywhere in any zone. Note that you have to own the summoner to get decent pricing for creating a waypoint.


  • create [solo/raid/guild] instance - Creates an instance of the current zone that you are in
  • create [solo/raid/guild] instance [zone_short_name] - Does a remote instance create when you use zone short name


If you do not have the free waypoint reward item you will get a prompt of what the instance will cost, and a confirmation link that you want to spend that amount to create the instance. Thew cash is automatically removed from your inventory and the instance is created.  Thats right! No more feeding the waypoint cash! If you do have the FWP item it just creates the instance. When a Guild Instance is created, you will see a message that prompts other Guild members that it had been created, along with a link to immediately zone you into their instance. When you first create your instance, it is marked as a private instance in which others will need a direct invitation to join (see below), but if you wish to have this instance be open so people can just "enter raid akkadius qrg", you need to mark it as open in the menu.


  • raid invite templeveeshan player1, player2, player3 etc.

  • solo invite nexus player1, player2, player3 etc.


You must be added to someones instance in order to be able to enter it when it is private, however when it is public you can perform "enter" syntax to enter their instance without invite

  • enter [solo/guild/raid] Akkadius [zone_short_name]

Alternatively, you can click the saylink in your 'instance list' menu to enter an instance

Deleting & Repopping

As long as you are the owner of an instance, you can delete your instance, however you have a 12 minute delay before you can create another instance. Repopping functionality still inherits the old systems 10 minutes repop delay.

ONE ISSUE WITH THE WAYPOINT MAKER REWARD ITEM: At the moment if you have the item equipped in power source it doesnt work properly. The system tries to charge you for the instance. But if you just have it in your bags it works fine.



And while we are on the subject of waypoints...Management works their asses off providing the server, and keeping it interesting and fun. They listen to feedback, and quite often the changes you'll see here start with player ideas. The cost for the server and all involved with it comes from their pocket, and donations help out a lot. Without them I dont think EZ would last long! So....donate when you can, if you like playing here. I have, and will again. Management has "thank you" items available for EZ credits that are awarded to donors and to people who help the server. One item thats a HUGE help (cannot stress enough just how much it helps!!) is the free waypoint creator. Its 100 EZ creds, but worth every bit of it. This will save you millions in instance creation throughout your stay on EZ. Also it allows you to "repop" the instance you've created to respawn the zone (10 minute cooldown to minimize bots) for no charge, which becomes more valuable than you can imagine later! This single item for me is the most important thing you can get for EZ! Visit one of the donation NPC's (Nexus and QRG) to find out how to donate, as well as a list of all of the "thank you" goodies you can get after donating!

And remember! Over 15 mobs public and you're doing hard time with Bubba! In instances can pull unlimited, so make instances!

§Setting Up

Now, once back in QRG lets revisit the epic vendor now that you have some bag space! Go to the epic vendor and get your 1.0 epics (yes, free). If you are a pet class, also grab a few epics from the epic vendor tro give to your pet. At one point the pally epic was weapon of choice for pets, but the heal proc on it was nerfed because of new pvp zones....so as it stands I'd say DPS is king. I like the rogue epic, warrior blue blade, BST epic, zerk epic....lots of choices. Play around with different combos and see which suits you best. Also go back to the newbie vendor and take a look at some of the items. If you save a little cash, you can buy some nifty items, like the fabled jboots, to increase run speed. Tinkers bag, which is weight reduction (good for a monk). And speaking of monks, the monk 1.0 is GLOVES, not a weapon....so when you get 3K or so may want to look at the fabled knuckledusters as a temporary weapon. I wouldnt bother with the platinum efreeti armor....no stats, just looks, It serves no other purpose.

Last stop: go past the guild hall to the practice dummy. The NPC nearby the dummy labeled Trainer (Spells and discs) will, when hailed, give you all your spells, songs, disciplines through 69. The merchants next to her sell lvl 70 spells for all classes, based on type. Get your spells and bag em....it wont be long before you're 70! Also, dont forget that you DO NOT automatically learn new skills. Things like dodge, parry, dual wield (except for monk) and more all need to be trained first at the guildmaster for your class (inside the main hall in QRG) before you can use or gain proficiency in them. So dont forget to visit the trainers!

§Starter Quests

On to the adventure! Surefall has a chain of quest lines that will take you through the custom zones. Lets start by hailing the gnome at the end of the dock in QRG, Alcarmaba! Follow his text when you hail him, making sure to get BOTH quests (tails of woe and additional quests before you "enter the killing fields"). The one quest is simple: kill some skellies in Field of Bone til the quest completes (5, as I recall). The other asks for a "precious item" in FoB. The item drops from giant scorpions only in that zone, and looks like a gun. Once you finish both, click your rose again and port back to QRG. Go back to the gnome, and hail him a couple times til BOTH quests complete, and he hands you a "pre-nerf circlet of shadows", which is an instacast self invis item. Now....from here, go to the other NPC's around the zone for the level you're in, get their quests and complete. Following this chain will take you to lvl 70, and will net you 40 to 50K cash easily. Along the way grab all the armor and weapons you can in the custom zones. It'll serve you well as you progress. Best advice for fast leveling....work the QRG quests til you cant get them anymore, then go to the next as soon as you can. Its worth it. The exception: the Velks quest is IMO not worth the effort. The dogs are a pain to kill and they dispell constantly. If you do velks, work the spiders and gargs, and avoid the dogs (just my opinion). An alternative to Velks for 50ish chars is to either work the hell out of Dulak, or head to PoFear. When you hit 60 start BoThunder, which will easily take you to 70.

ONE NOTE ON HITTING 70: Level 70 is the maximum level you can achieve through regular EXP. Any progression past this point is a result of flags and completing quests. Its for this reason, and the fact that you do not lose EXP here when you die, that you will want to set your AA exp to MAX (V key for AA window, set slider to 100% AA) once you hit level 70!

§Hiring Help

One alternative to the method above is to hire upper level players to help you level. I DO NOT recommend this for your first few characters here, as you'll pass up a lot of experiences that will help you learn the score on this server. Again, THIS IS NOT EVERQUEST. All your time and knowledge from live and P99 doesnt mean all that much here, and may actually slow you down. But, if you want a push through lower end content thats your pony. The best way to do so as a newer player is to go farm greater lightstones. Jaggedpine wisps are mid 30's and drop stones best, but classic zones like North Karana, Qeynos Hills, etc have wisps that drop stones, and will work. EXCEPTION: West Commons here is a PVP zone for players level 60 and under, and probably isnt the best place to farm wisps. I'd stick to other zones. Anyway, 10 greater lightstones put into your magic box and combined make a superior lightstone, which is costantly in demand by progressing players, and sells easily for 250K each. Get one or two of these and make a deal to push your group through 70, and maybe even a character or two through PoTime and your 1.5 epic (see related sections).

One comment on paying to advance: I really dont suggest this as a method of advancing in the game. We've seen some players do so with a character or 3, and they advance FAST. But this is very similar to the player live who started on Saturday and thanks to powerlevel help by Friday he's max level with a thousand AA and gear that will let him end game raid. Some of you say, "Cool!" but experienced players always experience a buttpucker moment when we see such a player, because they almost universally end up your weakest link in raids or groups. Yeah, they have the tools, but they lack the talent. You need to spend some time learning the class you're playing....learning the dynamics not only of all your abilities and gear, and what you can accomplish with smart use of such, but you also need to learn the synergy between classes. Lacking this knowledge can end up costing not only you, but also the people around you. Live that can be disastrous. Here it typically only hurts you. But ask some of the older players and they'll usually chuckle and tell you stories about top tier players who dont know how to do anything by themselves because they dont know what their boxes can and cannot do....or they dont understand how the tiers work.

Take the time to play the game. Have fun....experience the process. If it takes you 2 or 3 months to clear a tier, so be it! Sometimes the game requires that. Dont try to shortcut past it, because in the long run on EZ the person who's hurt most is you.