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§An Eye on Epics

The 2.5 is very very easy. However, no one can help you with it, there really isnt any combat and it can be one of the most annoying parts of the entire epic process through 4.0. The 2.5 requires that you be a caster or fighters guild member. Once you are, you can go to the epic fatass, click the 2.5 link and enter the Hushed Banquet. I strongly recommend an instance here, as competition for barrels is annoying!

The Hushed Banquet only has one type mob: a red con roving eye that, if it "sees" you (line of site, any direction for the eye, within its agro range which is thankfully short) will eject you from the zone or DT you. Just go through the zone, smashing barrels, without being seen by the eyes. Rarely, randomly, the barrel will contain a key, which will appear in your mouse pointer. Then you give the key to one of the chests in the zone. Randomly, rarely, a chest will contain a 2.5 epic book, which you will hand in with your 2.0 to the epic fatass for your 2.5. Thats it. Sneak/hide/invis doesn’t work on the eyes, but FD will. The eyes cannot be killed; agro one and you get booted. Oh, and no pets in this zone! Pet classes will need to cast, range with a thrown item or melee.

A popular way to do this is to work a “safe room”, which is a safe haven from eyes, often with a few barrel pops. Pick one with a good number (dozen or so) of easy to get to barrels without multi eye traps.

Good luck!

§Further Epics

Ok, Management made some changes to how epics are handled. Epics now are WEAPON AUGMENTS, not weapons themselves. How these are handled is pretty straightforward:

  • Step One: Find a weapon, range or secondary (anything with a type 21 slot, Class augment) in the tier you can farm in, or use a UW. You'll want this BEFORE you complete the new epic augment!
  • Step Two: Take your old epic (or aug) and the new epic book (3.0 epic or epic aug, and 3.5 completed book, for example) and hand them both in to the epic fatass, and get the new Class Augment. MAKE SURE IF ITS A WEAPON YOU ARE HANDING IN THAT ANY WEAPON AUGS ARE REMOVED!!! Let me state that again:


  • Step Three: reslot your augs into new weapon skin

Ta Da! New epic! Easy stuff. After this you can slot any other weapon augs you may have. REMEMBER: If you're slotting into a tier 7 dropped weapon you MUST MAKE SURE YOUR WEAPON STRIKE AUGS ARE RANK 9 OR HIGHER!

Another note: for characters doing their first weapon aug (3.0) you can zone into PoDragons and purchase a weapon with the correct slot for your epic aug for 0 plat. Thats right! ZERO plat! If you pay him 0 plat and 0 gold he will give you your new weapon and 0 plat, 0 gold in change! Since you can now get the 3.0 book in Qvic without completing the 15 token hand in quest, it is possible to get a new 3.0 epic aug and have no means to get a weapon to slot it into. SO....do NOT do your 3.0 hand in until you have zoned into PoDragons and purchased your new weapon! Let me state that again:


With the new epic system there really isnt a need for multiple epics past 2.5 for most characters. Warriors only need one epic aug as the system stands now. Same for bard, and ranger (no sword epic aug for ranger, its JUST bow epic). The only classes that seem to benefit from multiple epic augs would be monk and BST, since the aug adds a proc to any weapon, or knights who want both 1h and 2h versions of their epics.

For players with the old weapon epic, returning and wanting to get epic augs: if you are a knight class (pal/sk) you can just hand in the epic (REMOVE ALL STRIKE AUGS FIRST!!) and receive an epic aug of the same level. For every other class, you need to wait til you upgrade your epic to the next level to go from weapon to augment. This will give you a chance to find a nifty weapon to slot it into :D

When you get the chance shoot Hateborne a thank you for making the new epic system so user friendly!


§Epics Quick Reference

§Level of Epic




1.5 PoTimeA/Sro 10 time named, Terrorantula Kill all ten named in PoTimeA for ten epic 1.5 pages. Spawn Terrorantula in Sro by killing spiders for the box. Combine 10 pages in box, hand in finished book to epic ogre.
2.0 LDON, ChambersB 10 named in levels 2 through 6 LDON, Master of Weaponry in ChambersB Kill all ten named in LDON 2-6 for ten epic 2.0 pages. Kill Master of Weaponry in CharmbersB for book. Combine 10 pages in book, hand in finished book and 1.5 to epic ogre.
2.5 Hushed Banquet Chests and Barrels After getting either Casters or Fighters Guild flag you can enter Hushed Banquet. Avoid the eyes, smash barrels for keys. Hand in keys to chests to find 2.5 book. Give 2.5 book and 2.0 epic to epic ogre.
3.0 Qvic Token Quest Hand in all 15 tokens from Qvic to the Qvic quest NPC in nexus or Stonehive to get 3.0 book. THIS IS THE FIRST EPIC AUG, NOT A WEAPON!! From here out you will need a weapon to slot the epuc auygment into. One can be purchased free in PoDragons in the fort. Will not want to upgrade epic til you have a weapon.
3.5 HoH 9 Avatars and Shadow in HoH Kill the 9 different types of Avatar in HoH, get pages 1 through 10 (Hell Avatars drop 2 different pages). Kill Shadow for the 3.5 book. Combine and hand in with 3.0 epic to epic ogre.
4.0 Airplane MCP Kill MCP for 4.0 book. Hand in book and 3.5 epic aug to epic ogre.
4.5 Illsalin White Kill all corals, making sure last coral killed is NOT a trigger to get 4.5 book. Hand in with 4.0 epic aug to epic ogre.
5.0 Illsalin 100 kill quest Get task from Greetings npc to kill all 100 different named in Illsalin. Upon killing all 100 go hail Greetings for completion and 5.0 book. Hand in book and 4.5 aug to epic ogre.
5.5 Anguish Rare Chest, 10 mini named Randomly, killing trash will spawn a mini named that drops a 5.5 page, and sometimes a rare chest that drops 5.5 book. Get all 10 pages and book, and combine. Hand in 5.5 book and 5.0 epic aug to epic ogre.
6.0 Anguish Overlord Mata Muram's Chest After killing OMM at the end of Anguish he spawns several chests. The center contains a 6.0 book. Hand in with 5.5 epic aug to epic ogre
7.0 Loping Plains 12 stone droppers, Floating Skull Killing 12 different stone droppers will net you 12 epic stones. Gather all, can be on any character. Hand in to Archeologist in front of Bloodmoon Keep entrance to spawn Floating Skull. Hand ins do not all have to be from same character. To kill him you must have bane weapons (Weapons of Skull Cracking from boss Sloth in the zone, or UW8+). Loot 7.0 from dead skull, hand in with 6.0 epic aug to epic ogre.
8.0 Temple of Veeshan Trash or named to collect scales and essence Collect 3 of each type scale of veeshan (red, green, silver) and one Essence of Temple of Veeshan. Combine in magic box for Charged Scale of Veeshan. Hand in this and 7.0 epic augment to epic ogre.
9.0 Old Commons A Hill Giant Kill trash to get HG to spawn: humanoid mobs, undead, shadowmen around the lake, typically finishing with large pirahna in the lake. Loot 9.0 book from HG.