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ยงA Cast Of Thous......(well, ok, dozens)

This Wiki will be written by the players on the EZ server. In fact, it already is. My name is Chunka, and I am a player on EZ. I am not a GM, not an admin, I'm just another "scrub" who got tired of answering the same five or six questions asked by every new player who came through log in and created the "EZGuide"...and things kind of took off from there. I have tried my best to avoid first person comments in the wiki because I want this to become something that's more than any one player....something that will stand the test of time for the server. But here I will have to use "I" a bit!

The guide gave birth to the Wiki, but the guide itself came from numerous forum posts, conversations in game, arguments, debates, etc from both sources. In essence this wiki came from all of YOU, the players on what was originally Hunter's EZ Server Online. So when I list some rather conspicuous thank you's in these credits please forgive me if I left out your name; it wasn't a slight, I'm just a guy. You ALL deserve thanks for making this possible, but below are some people who really stand out (in my memory) as contributing to this effort:

  • Blurring/Blarr: I don't talk with Blarr enough to call him a "friend", but the guy's friendly, knowledgeable and prolific in his forum posts! You'll find some AMAZING information from this player all over the forums, and his posts serve as reference and guide for a whole host of issues on the server! If you see him in game send this guy a big "THANKS!!" because a lot of this wouldn't be possible without him.
  • Fugitive: for....well, bringing your own speshul speshulness to EZ. The conversations we've had and the help you've given lead to me digging deeper, and wanting to share what I'd learned. Besides, more than any other player this guy in a somewhat non malicious way prepares you for what you'll face here!
  • Rent: For his assistance time and again with macros, epics, info and poking fun at Fugi behind his back!
  • Redtwo: Always helpful and informative on the forums or in game, and has been instrumental in making it easy for players to find the Underfoot client we all use here!
  • Reddwarf: No, he's not a Redtwo alt :D R2 created the in game storyline version of the EZGUIDE, with a lot of time and effort, which was one of the things that made Management a while back add in game commands to bring up the guide....which in many ways lead to this wiki!
  • Xiggie: Uncertain if he's still playing here or not, but you cant swing a dead cat on the forums without gettin some stink on one of Xiggie's many amazing posts! His quick links for years have been one of the best resources on the forums!
  • Paldail: Another prolific poster I haven't seen around lately, and who definitely deserves mention!
  • Solbash, Krupa, Hulkpunch, Strix, Swamphy and so many others who've also shared such great information on the forums
  • Natedog, Khaoticz, Empti, Marxist, Maslow, Camric, Kruciel, Krincle....  and hosts of others who I've learned from in game and on the forums in various ways over the years...often just by reading OOC.
  • Hustlin: My old friend from Mith Marr, all those years ago, for making EZ feel like home. His RL family, Mortixia, Swanger and Godzyla for more of the same! More than any other these people got me started on this server, and gave me the basics that lead to....well, all this.
  • Laaros,  Midgettron, Cepticon, Revelations, Licra, Zerar, Haanorous, Ergg and the rest of the old Graveyard Shift and Ctrl Alt Elites crew who taught me at least as much as I taught them (and in some cases more!), and who were there with me as I came up through the ranks.

Anyway, I could do this for hours, but this gives you an idea of just how this server is. People help as they can, and often its far more than you'll see in any other game.

To new players, enjoy making EZ your home! And to old players, both mentioned and not, thank you for helping make EZ a GREAT home!

ONE FINAL NOTE: This wouldnt be complete without thanking the people who keep this server running! Not in any particular order:

  • Hunter: Missed, never forgotten. This was his baby, and he was the driving force and day to day face of EZ....for years. Thank you, Hunter, for making an aging, nostalgic pile of pixels come alive again. Hope your creation stays around for years to come....even after you've gone. We'll ALL miss you!
  • Basher: None of this server is possible without him and the work he does, and has done over the past decade! He and Hunter made all this happen, and he's helped keep it going through good times and bad. Thank you!
  • Crabthewall: Invaluable input and assistance to Management over the years, including, as I understand, many of the original custom spells on the server. Thanks Crab!
  • Secrets: Secrets has helped management old and new in so many ways, including core coding assistance, custom modification of features only found on EZ, and more! Thank you!
  • Akkadius: Even before the recent management shakeup Akk did a ton to help on the server over the years, as well as with the whole emu project. Since the change he's made so many improvements to our favorite server in hardware, coding and more....and the entire wiki would be impossible without him! Really stepped up to take admin spot with Hunter's passing, and with the support of the names here he's keeping EZ going and making it better than ever! Thank you, sir!
  • Hateborne: Over the last few years Hate has done more for visible, noticable changes to spells, classes and more on the server than anyone else in this list. Love him, hate him, you cant deny that he's really driven advancement and improvement on so much in EZ....and has definitely stepped up with Akk to not only keep the server's wheels in motion but also to improve, streamline and evolve gameplay! Thank you, Hate.

Thank you all for making sure this has stayed rolling after the recent passing of Hunter. The fact that you didnt just shrug and move on and let this die means a lot to the people who make EZ their preferred game. We all cannot thank you enough.