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§Crafter's Guild

You've seen me mention weapon augs and charms....so lets take a sec to talk about those, starting with weapon augs. Weapon augs are player made items. To get the recipes for them, and the ore to make them, you need to be able to access the crafters guild. To do so requires completion of a quest, the link to which is listed in the second post on this thread. Read it over....getting at least 1 character (typically your main tank) to crafters guild is invaluable. Arguably it may be the best non progression thing you can do that doesnt require a ton of gear, armor or epics.

As you can see in the listed info for the crafters guild, the items made require some farmed ingredients. Mostly this consists of essences for the augs and the armor (will talk about that in a second), but also superior lightstones. An SLS is made by farming 10 greater lightstones, and combining them in a magic box. Rarely wisps also can drop SLS, whcih makes farming them faster and easier than ever.


§The Crafter's Guild Quest

This quest starts with McGuyver in Nexus. If you hail him he gives you a single task, one at a time, to make five different grandmaster trophies. Here's the good news: with the no fail AA (Mastery) you can do the trophies without any skill whatsoever! Even JC, if you use the RoF2 client!

Its a good idea to start this quest on your tank. Strike augs after rank 1 are tradable, as are mana necklaces...but the Shield of Ages is not, and you'll definitely want that on your tank!

So lets start crafting!

ONE NOTE!!! When using RoF2 client make certain you've clicked the field in the trade window that shows all items, not just useable. If you have it on just useable most items wont show!

§A Great Visual Walkthrough

Reddwarf, a great contributor to the EZ knowledge base, came up with this amazing visual walkthrough for the crafters guild! You may want to use it as a guide. The file is a .pdf, so you will want a reader such as Adobe or Foxit. One edit: the guide is wrong in one area; you now CAN get Jewelcraft Mastery AA on ANY class character. with ther ROF2 client!

****TWO THINGS!!! First in the visual guide you cannot at the moment use public zone PoK trade containers, you will lose any items you put into them and bug the client box that tries. Its best to make an instance of PoK, and make a new one for each new character that tries to use the containers! Its a known issue, and being worked on. Second....you no longer need to level jewelcrafting for the quest. Now any class on EZ can get jewelcraft mastery AA, which will allow you to combine with nothing trained in the skill!****

§Artisan Seals

You'll need quite a few of these. You can either make them or buy them from other players, but here we'll tell you how to make them. The recipe for the seals is: High Quality Firing Sheet, Unfired Artisan's Seal. The links to eqtraders give the details on where to find various buyable materials.

First you will need some goodies from vendors around the world. You'll want to port to ThurgadinA and go to the jewelry merchant and buy a stack or two (I recommend 2 at least) of Velium Bars. Once you have these, you will need quite a few black sapphire, jacinth, diamond and blue diamond. If you dont have any on you, there are merchants around the world you can buy them from. I use two merchants in Abysmal Sea (port code: abysmal): Tialechaety Orrthemech, a tinkering vendor, who sells black sapphires, and general goods vendor Tasec Dreeng. Both are close to each other in the hold of the boat.

Once you have all this, star combining 2 velium bars and 1 gem in a jewelers kit to make the "mounted" version of that gem. I'd make 25 at least of each of the 4, which will give you enough for 25 artisan seals, and will completely consume all 2 stacks (200) of velium bars. Next you will want to work on your Vial of Purified Mana, which will take the assistance of an enchanter with a mass purify mana spell and Poison Vial(5), Ruby(20). You make them by simply casting the mass purify mana spell until you run out of materials.

Now combine all the items in the pottery wheel to make the unfired seal, then combine that and the HQ firing sheet in the kiln for the completed Artisan's Seal. Fortunately these stack up to 10 now.

§Grandmaster's Baking Spoon

Very easy. Just find Merin Darkanvil in Plane of Knowledge and buy a few dairy spoons (five should be plenty). Combine the spoon with an Artisan Seal in an oven to make the trophy.

§Grandmaster Brewer's Corker

Another easy one: go to Grobb, find Graktak and buy the Corking Device (again, five should be plenty). Combine that and an artisan seal in a brew barrel (there's even one close to Graktak) for the trophy.

§Grandmaster Tailor's Needle

This one is a bit more complex. Head back to Plane of Knowledge.

Find NPC Tratlan Matrick: Buy Needle Mold (I'd get a dozen or so for this; make sure you have the bag space since these arent stackable)
Find NPC Tallis Paerk: Buy Small Piece of Ore (50)
Find NPC Ramos Jerwan: Buy Water Flask (a stack)
Combine these following items in a Forge: Small Piece of Ore x 2 + Water Flask = Metal Bits

Find NPC Darius Gandril: Buy Celestial Solvent (50)
Find NPC Loran Thu`Leth: Buy The Scent of Marr (50)
Combine these following items in a Mixing Bowl: The Scent of Marr + Celestial Solvent = Celestial Essence

Now Combine the following items in a Forge:
Needle Mold + Metal Bits + Celestial Essence + Water Flask = Embroidering Needle

Combine the embroidering needle with the artisan seal in a sewing kit for the trophy!

§Grandmaster Smith's Hammer

This is another simple one. Still in Plane of Knowledge, find NPC Kanio Paerk and buy Smithy Hammer. Then combine in a Forge Smithy Hammer  and Artisan's Seal for Grandmaster Smith's Hammer

§Grandmaster Jeweler's Eyeglass

This will take a bit of work, since there are no no fail AA. We'll need to get jewelcraft to around 170 skill. So the place to start would be to go to the jewelcraft vendor and buy half a stack (50) of silver bars. Then go find emeralds from the gem vendor under the tree by the main bank. Start combining 1 gem and 1 bar to make rings, until its trivial (48). Then buy a stack of electrum bars and a stack of pearls (free) and combine one of each to make electrum pearl chokers, which will trivial out at 108. From that point you can stick with the pearls and do gold and pearls until you hit 170.

Once you have 170 kill, go visit Elisha Dirtyshoes: Buy 6 to 10 Glass Shard, then use any leftover silver bars from earlier, or buy new if needed, and combine them with the artisan seal to make the trophy.

Now its a simple matter of heading to Nexus and completing the dialogue with McGuyver for Crafters Guild access!

§Inside the Guild Hall

Once inside the hall you'll see a banker to either side, and three NPC along the far wall. The leftmost is the Essence Trader. He gives tasks for the 100 essence bundles for the UW quest, He also will take your current UW, and exchange it for another type. In addition, handing him 10 million platinum will get you an Essence of Platinum, needed for every level of the Ultimate Weapon. Next is the crafters guild vendor, who sells the ores needed for various combines, the recipe books describing what those combines are and the starter (rank 1) strike augs, which are NO TRADE until you upgrade them to a rank 2. And finally on the far right is the Mask of Experience npc, who starts you on the mask quest and then takes your current mask as a hand in to upgrade you to the next level when you have enough AA experience.


Essences are farmed in Qvic, Cazic, T1, T2, etc. They are rare random drops from named. They are tradable, so you can purchase them, but anything from T1 and on will run in the hundreds of thousands of plat. So if you get em you can sell em....but I dont recommend it. Eventually, if you stay playing here, you'll need them! Three new essences were recently added: Essence of Frozen Shadow, which are level listed, based on which level of ToFS they drop. These are used for Ultimate Weapons, and are for now at least very very expensive to buy from another player. The other is called Essence of Norath, and is made by doing the ore kills for the Shield of Ages quest, and combining all the dropped ores in a magic box. This essence is for now used for the Shield quest and for UW quest. Lastly, essence of platinum, which you get by handing the essence trader NPC 10 million plat. This essence is used to make Ultimate Weapons.

§Weapon Augments

Augs come in three flavors: ninjastrikes, the most expensive to make, and the heaviest damage, reserved for non tank melee....firestrike, which can be used by both knight classes and berserkers, and icestrikes, for warriors, priests and all non FS using melee. There are also slot type restrictions on the augs, so some are limited to how many you can place in a weapon.

ONE NOTE! WEAPON STRIKE AUGS ARE POSSIBLY THE BEST USE OF RESOURCES IN THE CRAFTERS GUILD! They are game changers! In the opinion of many experienced players DO NOT get overly impressed by the huge numbers on Ultimate Weapons and work those before you max your strike augs in your group!

And a note on auging, whether its the nerds or the crafted weapon augs: when you are putting more than one of the same type aug into a weapon, you often have to use "Dummy augs" to let you do so. Dummy augs will be found in the guild merchants in the guild halls, or on the aug sealer merch (gray gemstone of knowledge). The process....Dummy aug the top slots first, then put in the aug you want on the bottom most slot, then remove the 2nd from the bottom, and replace it with the next weapon aug you want, then remove and replace the top. If this confuses you, ask for help in game. Anyone who's played here a while knows the process.

§Mana Necklace

You can also make mana necklaces, which give casters a fantastic boost to mana pool, as well as giving a right click cannibalize-like ability that converts hps into mana. Mana necks also add heroic stats (over cap) for casters. This is especially handy for resists, which recently became important again. EDITED: CASTER PET CLASSES now also get a benefit from the mana necks, adding additional dps to pets when the effect is on. Its triggered by the caster casting damaging spells on the target mob, and is short duration....but really helps with pet DPS!

§Shield of Ages

Farther along you can also craft the Shield of Ages, which is a VERY powerful shield/back slot that becomes doable at later tiers. By "farther along" we mean T4ish, as the mobs you need to kill are around that level. The shield is made by combining the items listed in the recipe book purchased from the crafters guild vendor, but one of the key components is the Essence of Norath. This essence is made by getting ores from somewhat difficult mobs:


Zone Mob Info
Essence of Norath
North Qeynos (qeynos2) Fippy Darkpaw Fippy spawns out from the gate and left, slightly, in two forms: a low level that dies in one hit and a level 73 that hits like a T4 mob and death touches often. Best handled by pulling with a pet, and fast dps before DT refreshes.
Butcherblock Mtns (butcher) Corflunk Spawns out by the Chessboard and paths back and forth between Gfay and Cauldron zone lines. Dies easily, but sometimes is fabled version (no ore) or an ogre PH.
Lesser Faydark (lfaydark) Pained Unicorn Roams the zone, doesnt hit too hard but is completely immune to ANY magic (including weapon or aug procs). PURE melee fight. Pets with a good haste or a character with a UW work best.
Rathe Mountians (rathemtn) Hasten Bootstrutter Thats right, the jboots guy :D He spawns at four different points around the zone. He's on a spawn cycle, which is a drake, Maldyn the Unkempt, Hasten Bootstrutter, Brother Zephyl. If you cannot find him up, find and kill these other mobs and he will spawn. Easy, straight forward fight.
Oasis of Marr (oasis) Cazel Sand giant, roams. Same as dropped the spoon for the old enchanter 1.0 quest. Hits fairly hard, easiest to fear kite if not higher tier.
The Hole (hole) Guardian of the Seal Spawns down below the high waterfall, down where Master Yael (old Earthshaker dropper) spawned. Looks like a huge Black Reaver. Death touches, so you will want to pet pull. Other than that the biggest challenge is finding your way down.
Kedge Keep (kedge) Phinigel Autropos Hardest part here is getting down to him. Once you do its a simple fight except for Phin's charm.
Timorous Deep (timorous) Faydedar Typically pretty far from zone in point, and under water. Levitate the group and run out. Fairly easy fight.
Skyfire Mountains (Skyfire) Talendor Yep, the Naggy wannabe from Kunark, complete with Kung Fu Grip Cloak of Flames! Charms, so will need to resist or deal with it.
The Halls of Betrayal (chardokb) Korucust

Has elite guards all around him that do a fairly nasty fire AE. Resists up or this'll chew you up a lot. Clear into his room, deal with his charm, mez and fear in your method of choice.

Combine the 10 ores in magic box to get Essence of Norath. The recipe book outlines what you need to hand in for every level the shield progresses, Essences of Norath are handed in with those after every 5th level (or on the 1 and 6 levels: 11, 16, 21, 26, etc).

§Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate Weapons are very time consuming and costly to make, but are the most powerful weapons in the game. They can have a massive impact on any group, but even the first tier can be a chore. The crafters guild NPC sells a recipe book for these, but at the core you will need for each level of UW one essence of platinum (10 million pp handed in to the essence npc in crafters guild hall), the above Essence of Norath, an essence from Tower of Frozen Shadow that matches the level of the UW being made (floors one through seven's key mobs drop these, 1st floor being used for UW1, second floor for UW2, etc, all the way to ToFS 7 essence from Tserinna, and the master essence dropping rarely from Svart for UW after 7), and a compiled tier essence, received in a quest from the essence npc, which you get when you hand him 100 essences from each essence zone (UW1 requiring 100 qvic essences, UW2 requiring 100 CT, etc). The other needed components are listed in the book.

But, as impressive as UW can be, in the opinion of many players you need to give priority to 1) strike augs 2) Shield of Ages 3) Mana necks for pet classes! Sacrificing these in favor of a flashy ultimate weapons may not be the best use of your resources.

So as you can see, the crafters guild is quite a worthwhile endeavor! Use some of the guides I posted links to above to start the crafters guild quests, and start saving your money! The recipe book alone is nearly 1 million plat, and it’s a must have! Also, again, tinyurl.com/ezquest has a spreadsheet on weapon augs. Read it, and start looking at what people are charging for SLS and essences. This will give you an idea of how much augs can cost. As for the ores….well, magic iron is the starter, and is a little under 44K. It goes from there to steel, to silver, to gold, to platinum to blue diamond….and each ore is around double what the ore under it cost. As you can see, this will suck up a lot of plat. However, VERY, VERY much worth it.