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Clerics live were the “go to” healer for the game. They universally had the best heals, of all the healers they had the best defenses and they got free clicky rez. And while clerics may not be top of the heal food chain on EZ, they still bring a lot to the table!

§Why a Cleric?

So why play one?

Clerics are still throughout the tiers a solid, reliable healer. Early on, as stated above, other classes cannot come close. But even once those other classes start to shine from T4 and on the cleric is STILL a solid, dependable healer. That never changes. If anything it improves.

Again, word of vivification is the heal of choice for many clerics. It’s a level 70 group heal that you can buy from the spell vendors in QRG that is a base 12,000 hp heal that also cures poison, disease and curses. Its rather heavy mana per cast (2,000) for newer players, but it’s quite powerful. A Shrimp’s Manastone from the casters guild will alleviate this, as will a bard singing a decent mana song.

Additionally by the time you hit the 3.0 epic clerics get an upgraded version of the Focus of Heal buff called amplify heal, which is a 400% increase to heals rather than Focus of Heals 100% (and yes, these both stack with oracle charm heal modifications). Amplify heal comes from two sources: either the 3.0 epic click or a spell version sold on the PoDragons vendor at zone in. DEFINITELY buy this version of the spell, since by 3.5 the cleric epic aug loses the mod click and adds a clicky group heal (which is very powerful, and is the click for the rest of the epics for clerics so far).

§CG or FG?

By the time you hit the 3.5 epic aug it adds the same proc paladins get to their weapon, a nice heal and cure. This is one of the reasons why many do both CG AND FG on their clerics. Clerics here melee! But definitely CG first!


Clerics will want to concentrate on healing and casting abilities when they select AA. It’s suggested that initially they follow the normal AA priority: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, natural durability, mystical attuning, discordant defiance and max lung capacity. Since you have a spell bar you will want mnemonic retention for the extra bar slot. And as a casting class Innate Enlightenment is a must have! Some of the AA that you will want to work initially include:

  • Innate Enlightenment
  • Abundant Healing
  • Channeling Focus
  • Cascade of Life
  • Fury of Magic
  • Gift of Mana
  • Gift of Radiant Mana
  • Radiant Cure
  • Hastened Curing
  • Healing Adept
  • Healing Gift
  • Mastery of the Past
  • Persistent Casting
  • Spell Casting Fury
  • Spell Casting Subtlety
  • Spell Casting Mastery
  • Spell Casting Reinforcement
  • Quick Damage
  • Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery
  • Bestow Divine Aura
  • Celestial Regeneration
  • Divine Arbitration
  • Hastened Divinity
  • Touch of the Divine
  • Unfailing Divinity

After these look at what each AA does and get in the order you desire.

§Charms, augs and spells

Clerics will want to start with oracle charms, and UC them as soon as you can, but not before a warrior or paladin in the opinion of many. But getting them that extra heal power should be a priority, especially if they remain a pivotal healer for your team.

Since clerics burn through mana so fast early on many like to add mana regeneration augments from T1/T2 early on, until they have enough resist stones to add to the cleric. But do not ignore resists. You definitely want to put clerics very high priority on the resist aug list, since they can heal the damage from nastier AE dots and can keep the team topped off on hps!

Clerics get custom hit point buffs around T3 that add 10K hps to the team (armor of the crab, with an upgraded 20K hp version dropping in T7), and a nice self-buff called armor of the martyr that adds hps and mana regen. Many players cast these two buffs, amplify heal and word of vivification on their cleric, and little else. And, to be frank, they do fine. Just keep in mind there are other spells on a cleric that can help the team! Read descriptions, use your imagination, and add them to your cast rotation: D