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§Resistance Is Most Definitely NOT Futile

Simple and straightforward, the Anguish zone is in many ways a restful respite from the complexity of T5...but you'll be spending a LOT of time here!

Before we start, Heroic Resists will start coming in to play here on a few of the bosses. At a minimum, you want your warrior to be at 1850 resists and have a Click Cure Group Reward Item to clear aoe Charm / Mez. Remember the suggestion that you might want a second team running by the time you get to T5? Well, this zone is the start of why! Either loot the occasional resists stones you've found along the way here to get your teams up to speed, or spend time in ToFS working resists (perhaps while you're working UC for your boxes). Getting all your characters to at least 1600 resists for T6 is a very good idea. It'll help immensely.

§Working Through the Ranks

  • Each boss you come across is going to drop an augment. This augment is actually your tier 6 pattern. Combine any of them with the matching Tier 5 gear slot and you get Tier 6.
  • The instance itself is divided into three separate difficulties. Tier 1 goes up to the Jelvan event area. As soon as you pull the "Elite" you will be in the Tier 2 area, which goes all the way up to Ture. Upon going up the stairs to Adminstrator / Damlin you'll be in Tier 3, the hardest hitting mobs and bosses the zone has to offer.

§The Trash

Trash will have a chance to drop Anguish Augments (for hps, mana, regen, etc, not for armor...but these are a part of the UC2 quest) and 78k plat bags. Also, they have a chance to spawn one of three things upon dying: A 5.5 Miniboss (10 bosses, 10 pages), A Rare Chest (5.5 Incomplete Book / Anguish Essence), or An Anguish Chest (Anguish Augs / Spells / v2 charms)

§The Bosses


  • There is nothing very noticeable about the first 4 bosses. The Keeper will spawn Fire Elementals that will destroy your pets if you still have any on your team at this point, unless you keep up good AE taunt (nerd 6 aug works well). Many people, once they have a warrior with enough hps and a decent stonewall total (5.0+ epic click, SoA click and a halloween SM or IG pet) just pull the two bosses in the pit room (Keeper and Harrier) at the same time and burn them down with AE. A druid keeping skin of the drake on the warrior helps a lot...and a warrior clicking anger bomb helps keep the spawned adds off pets.

§5: Gren:

  • This boss can be rather difficult the first time you encounter him. On top of a rather nasty charm, he also dispells, stuns and more. He alsospawns 4 adds at a time, rather than the traditional 2. He is the only boss in this instance that does this. Take it slow, swap off and kill adds and just play it safe. His death will spawn an event, and if you wipe to adds after he dies because you were trying to zerg him down, you have ten minutes to zone back in or the event will despawn, you will lose out on the next 3 bosses, and your gear #s will get all screwed up and cause a massive headache later on. So, if you die, get back fast, or keep one character back in the pit room while you kill Grenlock

§6-8 (Jelvan event):

  • Approach Jelvan and /say ready to start the event. You will encounter 3 bosses, one at a time below. It is much easier to ranged pull them up top via Warrior clicking Scepter of Time. These bosses do not spawn adds are are effectively free loot. The 3rd boss in the cycles will keep your raid mezzed if you have not worked on your resists yet. Work up your resists on your characters that have a group cure clicky first. Upon killing the 3rd boss, Jelvan will despawn and a Chest with an aug / money will appear in his place. This chest DOES count as an NPC left up in OMM's mob count (too many left up and he poofs (see below).

§9-10 (Bozak and Ture):

  • Nothing special to these two, just a disgusting amount of trash to clear to get to them. Ture has a spell reflect he likes to put up, so be careful with casters if your resists are low.

§11-12 (Administrator and Damlin):

  • §These bosses, as stated above, hit a bit harder, and are the first wave of bosses you'll fight in the Tier 3 area. Fights like these its always helpful to have some "emergency" buttons, such as fortitude or furious discs up on warrior, or the Bashful Crustaceans Rebuttal click from T3/4, or heals like druid skin of drake, cleric epic click, etc.

§13 (Warden):

  • If you ranged pull the mob outside his hallway, he will aggro alone with the 2 trash mobs, He does not summon any adds and is a very simple tank and spank.

§14 (Arch Mangus):

  • This is quite possibly the deadliest boss you've seen so far. The golems hit noticeably harder than other trash in the instance, and he summons 3 of them at a time. They tend to agro healers before the warrior gets a single point of damage in, so its a good idea to Anger Bomb (from T3/4) on the warrior before you send in the clowns, or use AE taunt. You can also try keeping KHH up on your pally and your cleric at ranged. Again, skin of drake is one of the most useful spells in this tier!

§15 (OMM event):

  • This is quite the road block of a boss for many, but once you figure out a strategy that works he's incredibly easy. You'll want to clear pretty much every mob in the zone before you engage this event, because if too many are up when you agro him he will despawn. I'd make sure no more than 4 or 5 are up when you tackle him. This event is 3 different versions of the same beasty: Mata Muram, Lord Mata Muram and Overlord Mata Muram. To start, pick your spot to fight along the outside ring. DO NOT fight in the center at his spawn point!! Every version of these will Death Touch every 45 seconds (and instantly on the pull). There are a few ways you can eat the first Death Touch, but IMO the most effective is to send a pet in, let it eat the DT and quickly release the pet, with your warrior ready to instant agro (scepter of time works well). If your warrior has a halloween pet, this is perfect. If not, any other pet with 300K+ hps will suffice. Once you have him outside the center, and first DT is down, you either need to beat this guy down in 45 seconds before his DT refreshes, or find a way to deal with DT #2. I suggest if your DPS isnt enough to kill this guy in 45 seconds then you can try using cleric bestow DA AA, and make sure you time it right! Otherwise let the warrior die and let a secondary tank beat it down.
  • The paladin DA spell can work but it's not very reliable and I strongly advise against trying it as it only lasts 6 seconds and sometimes he waits longer to blow his first DT. If MM DTs, and kills his target, and no other targets are on his threat table, his DT timer will be reset instantly The Cleric DA AA ability lasts up to 30 seconds and will work very well for eating the first DT. The problem you will run into mostly likely is DPS. Savage Onslaught on the warrior helps, as does Gift of Annihilation from an enchanter on your beefiest proc DPS (UC'd NS character is perfect). But....once the first MM dies, another spawns in the center, and the whole thing starts over.....so save your DPS discs/buffs for the final version, Overlord. Also, if group resists are too low OMM (last version) can AE mez/charm, so be ready with a cure click.
  • One note: bard song Elemental Acapella II will no longer allow your warrior to eat the DTs. IMO pet pull is the best way to deal with any DT mob now on EZ.
  • When OMM (final boss) dies, he has a few pieces of loot on his corpse (trypically charm upgrades, spells or weapons). In addition 5 chests spawn in the center with hp/stat augments and plat bags. The center chest will also always have one T6 essence as well as a 6.0 epic book.



  • Once you have geared out your warrior (or whatever other character you think needs a UC2 first), you can either gear out your team or begin that character's UCv2 Quest. The Quest giver is at the zone-in next to the vendor. He asks you to turn in 10 of each Armor Aug and 10 of each Anguish Aug. Basically, do 10 Anguish runs and loot all the armor on the character, and turn it in to the quest giver. Remember, ALT Q pulls up your tasks to track what you have left to complete
  • Also, you may be tempted to farm a second set of bracers if you have the Free Waypoint. You can, if you want, but know that you do not need to get a second bracer to get your t7 bracers. You may level up to 75 with only one bracer, and upon reaching t7, only the pattern is required to receive gear there, so you can replace your t5 bracer with t7 and skip farming secondary bracers on your team.


Anguish has two epics you need to complete, just as with Abyss (5.5 and 6.0). For now this is the last tier with more than one rank of epic to finish.

The 5.5 epic is the old pattern, 10 pages in a book container to make the 5.5 book. The pages you will need all come from various "mini bosses" that spawn randomly when a trash mob dies. For those of you familiar with Anguish live, these minis are some of the aug minis from live.

And, because we just cant go a tier without a table....

Lilaria Page 1
Shalvo Page 2
Ofanso Page 3
Novara Page 4
Jansio Page 5
Arisisi Page 6
Laveng Page 7
Vonaahsa Page 8
Yhinra Page 9
Uchti Page 10

Once you've collected all the pages, put them into the 5.5 book and combine for the finished 5.5 book. Once you kill OMM the centermost chest will have the finished 6.0 book, and you will be 6.0 enabled.