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Charms are without a doubt one of the most important things you'll do in EZ server. Charms will have a huge, game changing effect on everything you do. Tanks with the right charm tank one hell of a lot better. DPS classes are dpsier! Healers are megahealers! Charms come in four flavors: oracle, which gives any heal ability more heal power...guardian, which has the best stats (AC, HPS, etc) and makes all buffs and disciplines last longer...sorcerer, which increases spell and proc damage....and brawler, which has decent melee dps stats, but the effect is broken.

§Farm Charming

You get these charms by getting lucky with a drop in LDON. A lot of changes to this system recently,  but the overall is that mobs in LDON no longer are trainable (leashed), so you kill as you go (LEASHING REMOVED! MASS PULL IN AN INSTANCE IF YOU LIKE, AVOID DOING SO IN PUBLIC OR FACE JAIL TIME!)....and the chance for a drop in LDON skyrocketed (I believe 1 in 75 now, with another chance thats a lot more rare, charm on any level, 1 in 666, I think....unsure on the new numbers). Regardless, with the new changes to LDON getting V1 charms is very easy. You can also get charm upgrades by spending LDON points to buy them (2000 points each). Points are gathered by collecting no drop point coins, 10 point coins randomly from trash and bosses 2 through 5 dropping 50 point ones on bosses (VERY rarely you may get a 50 point coin on a level 6 boss, but not often). You can also collect the armor card drops and sell those for points. Anymore drop rates are fast enough that not many bother with points. Because of this, and because armor from LDON cards is 1 card per piece, LDON is a GREAT place to gear up a little before Qvic, using cards.


§Epic pages



LDON 1 Spider Den (mirc) None None Any (1/666)
LDON 2 Chambers of Eternal Affliction (mmcd) 1, 2 Bloodguard Carcass Harvester, Malicious Scion Shadow Brawler (1/75), Any (1/666)
LDON 3 Royal Observatory (takd) 3, 4 Petrified Great Tree, Mature Sand Frog Guardian (1/75), Any (1/666)
LDON 4 Arena of Chance (ruji) 5, 6 Metal Melter, Rebellious Arcanist Oracle (1/75), Any (1/666)
LDON 5 Cauldron of Lost Souls (guka) 7, 8 Evil Eye, Froglok Ghost Sorcerer (1/75), Any (1/666)
LDON 6 Morbid Laboratory (mirh) 9, 10 Chaos, Balrog Any (1/75), Any (1/666)

Ok, so now you've got your charm upgrade. If you have not yet already at level 70, go back to the newbie merchant and buy the newbie charm version 2 for 10K and change. Place this newbie charm in the magic box with the upgrade, hit combine and you've got yourself a new charm! Any time you get another upgrade, place it in the magic box with your current charm of the same type and combine to go up a level. Now...charm upgrades are divided into two types: v1, which are unstackable, and v2, which are stackable. V2 charm upgrades cannot be bought from the LDON merch with points. V1 cannot be used to upgrade a charm past lvl 25, and V2 charm upgrades wont do anything to a charm below level 25. Version 1 upgrades drop in LDON, or are rewards for LDON points spent...and will only advance your charm to level 25. Version 2 charms are needed to go from 25 to 50, and only drop in HoH (Plane of Gods on the custom teleporter....requires a flag to enter, gotten by getting a tier 2 chest from PoDragons....more on that soon). You can also, rarely, get v1 charm upgrades in HoH from the 3.5 book boss, Shadow.

Now....if you spend the time and effort and get all 4 charms to level 50, combine the 4 in a magic box and get the Ultimate Charm!

§Frozen Shadow and Beyond

Recently some alternatives have come up to LDON and HoH for charm farming. Later tiers, 5 and up, can rarely see v1 and v2 charm drops. Helps to back charm boxes J More importantly, however, is Tower of Frozen Shadow (ToFS). Will cover more on that later, but levels 1 and 2 are v1’s, lvl 3 v1 and v2, and lvl 4 and up drop V2’s. Currently, if you can survive it, TOFS is the best source for charm upgrades of any type.

§Classes and Charms

Meanwhile the effects from the charms through level 25 are substantial, and to be pursued. Next thing people always ask, "What charm should I work on for class X?" The obvious answer is work ALL of em, since the goal is the UC....but there are charms that help a ton before UC. However, fast and easy rule of thumb: healers go oracle, everyone else uses sorceror to start. If you are tanking for your group, may wish to go guardian. Overall many prefer pally for first UC charm, but its a good idea to first get oracles to level 41 on other healers, and sorc to 41 on heaviest DPS. There are upgraded versions of the UC in T6 and T8 respectively, but the quests for these are explained in great detail from the NPC's once in those tier zones, so including them here isnt necessary.