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Formerly Tacvi, Cazic Thule now is the next step in progression, allowing updates to armor and preparing you for facing Dragons!


Once you are done with Qvic armor, you can hit Cazic Thule (P2 or P3-Optional). This zone was recently revamped to replace Tacvi in the progression change, and in my opinion is a hell of a lot less boring! TACVI IS NO LONGER A USABLE ZONE (for now)

Move through CT, killing anything that moves. Armor upgrades drop from trash for CT1 armor (old Tacvi). Simply combine CT molds/patterns with your completed Qvic piece in the magic box to make CT1 armor. Certain named in CT will drop CT2 armor pieces, which is a stepping stone between the CT1 and PoDragons gear. However, its optional...you can do CT1 armor then go directly to PoDragons first tier if you prefer.

Cazic Thule essences also drop, and you will wanna save those. Lots of nasty spells from these mobs, so a pally with a curing epic proc can come in handy.