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MQ2 IMO is the best choice for boxing software on EZ. Management allows it, allows EQBCS commands (as long as they DO NOT in any way automate kills....meaning bot killing with no one at the KB issuing commands). For /map and /stick alone, MQ2 is worth the use! But when you add EQBCS commands into the mix, its a boxers "must have".

A simple gauge for whats allowed in MQ2 and what is not is best illustrated by a direct quote from Hateborne:

If you set it up where the casters continually assist, on their own, which frees you up to make a sandwich, mow the yard, or otherwise step away....THIS IS *NOT* OK! I am ok with a puppetmaster approach where a tank can, like a puppetmaster, pull strings to perform a basic action. The puppetmaster does not have the ability to pull one string to make a puppet dance, shake, follow, and perform autonomously...neither shall you.

The best source for MQ2 is mqemulator.net. You can get a precompiled, usable version of MQ2 that works with EZ clients. When you select your download, go CLASSIC then your client version (Underfoot). I always load MQ2 before I load a client. Take the time to read the MQ2 wiki. You can also see some great examples of macros on EZG MQ2 macro example page .


This is an application run separate from the MacroQuest2.exe inside MQ2 that allows you to set up a "chat server" between boxes you run, and send commands from one box to any or all boxes loaded. These commands can be anything from /stick (an enhanced version of EQ's /follow) to telling boxes to assist and attack, or cast spells, or buff, or pet attack.....anything. Again, the MQ2 wiki above will outline a lot of these commands, and give you ideas on how to more easily run your box group from 1 screen. mq2emulator has a VERY good write up on setting up basic commands, and that can be found here. This will do a ton to help you set up basic commands for boxing.

*****ONE ISSUE WITH THAT GUIDE! The "killthis" command is part of MQ2Melee, and Management does not allow that plugin. So using it is probably NOT a good idea.****

§EQBCS Syntax

A quick rundown on EQBCS command syntax used on EZ:

/twist # makes the character (BARD ONLY on EZ) twist or melody those songs on the bar. /twist 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 will make the bard twist those songs. Once the song chain is completed it starts over, repeating indefinitely. Zoning, looting, etc will not interrupt twist, unlike melody, so its preferred for bards. Twist CAN be set up to activate items, and is allowed for BARD EPICS ONLY....but use of twist for non bard characters casting spells or twisting items was specifically prohibited by Hunter. Hunter had stated that although this isn't specifically addressed in the rules it should be obvious, given that the core rule on MQ2 is nothing that allows you to AFK or automate killing and healing, and twist obviously does when used by other classes. Recently new management has edited the rules to specifically prohibited twist on any class but bard.

/itemnotify rightmouseup right clicks the item you specify in the argument. So for example: /itemnotify mainhand rightmouseup makes that character right click the weapon they have in their primary hand....such as an epic click. Slotnames/numbers can be seen at EQSlots

/keypress # presses that numbered hotkey on your bar

/cast # tells the character to cast the spell gem slot number specified.

There are also a host of /target options, as outlined in the MQ2 wiki.

Some command syntax:

/bca //command done from one character makes every other character in the channel do that command. So, for example, /bca //keypress 6 would make every character but the one you're on press hotkey 6 on the bar.
/bct //command tells that single character to do that command. So, for example, /bct Nukesalot //cast 1 will tell that character to cast spell gem slot 1 on his cast bar.

/bcaa //command tells every character in the channel, including the controller character, to perform that command. So, for example, /bcaa //itemnotify feet rightmouseup will tell every character to click their boots (teleporting the group to nexus if all are T2 boots or better).

§Unstacking the Taskbar

When using the RoF2 client, because of some of the improvements on how Windows handles it, you will get stacked tiles in your taskbar, making it harder to select one for looting, moving, whatever. Many on EZ use a program called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.  This program will allow you to control how Windows stacks icons in the taskbar, and is very handy to have.

§Better Performance

The last thing I would do is check a post Blarr made about optimizing box performance, shown here. Its very detailed, very long, and a MUST READ if you plan to box here. Check it out, read the entire thing. I strongly recommend using the 2 client folder, stick figure option from this post. I cant even begin to stress what a difference it makes! Just remember: when you run from 2 client folders, make sure to update spell files and character change info to UI in BOTH folders.