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§Beginning the Many Tiered Journey

The EZ Server is based on tiered progression....and that progression is based on acquiring gear from the previous tier to advance to the next. To hit Tier 3, you need to get all the gear from tier 2. Want to fight in T5? Then you need the armor and epic from T4, and so on. The system works on levels, awarded by hailing the Level Up Wench in Nexus and various other zones, and the levels are checked based on this criteria:

§Tiers and Advancement

The system checks for check for 7 tiered gear pieces and matching tier epic or augment. Accessories are no longer checked.

Tier 2 -> Tier 3/4: Will check all armor pieces (since we KNOW you will have a 3.0 then).
Tier 3/4 -> Tier 5: T4 armor pieces and 4.0 epic or augment.
Tier 5 -> Tier 6: T5 armor pieces and 5.0 epic or augment.
Tier 6 -> Tier 7: T6 armor pieces and 6.0 epic or augment.
Tier 7 -> Tier 8: T7 armor pieces and 7.0 epic or augment.
Tier 8 -> Tier 9: T8 armor pieces and 8.0 epic or augment.
Tier 9 -> Tier 10: Are you a GM?

Very simple!

So your goal is to grab all the armor you can, starting with Qvic. Qvic is considered "P1", or the precursor to the tiered system. But the armor you acquire will need the previous tiered armor to progress up through T7 (from then on each piece is its own entity, not an upgrade from the previous tier's armor).


The various tiers are outlined below. This is your progression through the ranks.

Tiered Zones
Name Zone Shortname Tier Link
QVIC qvic P1 Qvic
Cazic Thule cazicthule P2 Cazicthule
Plane of Dragons PoStorms T1, T2 PoStorms
Plane of Gods A Hohonora T3 Hohonora
Plane of Gods B Airplane T3, T4 Airplane
Abyss Illsalin T5 Illsalin
Citadel of Anguish Anguish T6 Anguish
Loping Plains Lopingplains T7 Lopingplains
ToV Templeveeshan T8 Templeveeshan
Old Commons Oldcommons T9 Oldcommons

One other zone, Tower of Frozen Shadow, is not in the tier system, but rather has multiple levels (just as with its live counterpart) that will match the tier system. This zone doesnt give armor or epics, but does provide necessary heroic resist augs (a must as you progress), charm upgrade drops, its own brand of essences for the Ultimate Weapons (see that section of the crafters guild page) and some unique weapons and items of its own. More on that in the Tower of Frozen Shadow page.

§Spell drops in tiers

As specified in class discussion, some rather amazing custom spells drop in these custom zones that dramatically improve class play. In an effort to make it easier to "fill in the blanks" in your spell book as you progress, Management has added a custom spell research system to EZ. You can find the recipes for such here.

How it works is simple: the table shows name of the spell, class that uses the spell, zone/tier that drops the spell and then element to add to make the spell. You will need for this the class ink for the class of the spell (drops in T5 and later zones, but buyable from other players), the vellum from the tier that uses the spell, which is purchased from the zone vendor in each zone. In split zones like Storms and Airplane the vellums are split as well, into lesser and greater. Easy to figure out which is for which tier in that zone! Finally you will need the elements needed to make the spell (holy, fire, ice, etc). These are sold from the Elemental vendor in Nexus. Combine the needed items in a magic box to make the spell. The last spell in the list, Defensive Boon, is the pet defensive buff, and is unique. It does use the spell ink, but does not use vellums or elements. Instead you will combine with the ink one of each essence up to Gods minor: 1 Qvic, 1 CT, 1 Dragons Minor, 1 Dragons Major and 1 Gods Minor. As pricey as this is, the spell is very much worth it for pet classes!