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Live, beastlords were a combination of shaman and monk, with a very strong pet thrown into the mix, making one of the most powerful classes in the game. Ok, some things do NOT stay the same!

§Why a Beastlord?

The EZ beastlord really should be an amazing class...but here they really aren’t as strong as other pet classes in terms of pet survivability or damage done. They will never melee as well as a monk, rogue or ranger. They get a strong array of buffs and abilities, but those really don’t shine until later.

Early on the pets are quite decent DPS, but that slowly changes in comparison to other pets for the same tier. As you progress more and more of the DPS for the class will have to come from a beastlord’s melee, and of course here that means spending a lot of time and resource on strike augs and charms. But, once you do the class can dish out some small semblence of dps…and the classes ability to slow and debuff can make them a strong addition to a group in later tiers.
However….once you look at the long term numbers, the beastlord just doesn’t compare to other NS melee, and the pet in the opinion of most BST in T8 and T9 isnt worth casting; they just melee with strike augs, and occasionally debuff (although other classes debuff better, BST have means of shedding the extra agro). But…..many of the mobs seem to resist bst debuffs, so again, limited benefit. All in all, this class needs some attention, because atm its dps is, even with a rank 50 earring and the best gear, far below any other dps class. But management is aware of the issue has prmised to look into it.

§FG or CG?

The beastlord is a hybrid class, so will benefit from BOTH guild quests. However, since early on you’ll rely rather heavily on the pet for dps it may be a good idea to do casters guild on the BST first, to get firesblades for your pet. But definitely do BOTH asap.


Once you’ve hit level 70 you’ll want to start working on BST AA. There are a lot of choices here that can help them in their main role: pet AND melee dps!

When initially selecting your AA you’ll want to get the first basics the same as any class: max run speed, max planar power, max combat agility and stability, mystical attuning, discordant defiance and max lung capacity. As a pet class pet affinity is a major must have! After that you want to start maxing ANYTHING offense. A list of some “must haves” in no particular order:

  • Natural Durability
  • Healing Adept
  • Healing Gift
  • Delay Death
  • Ferocity
  • Physical Enhancement
  • Veteran’s Wrath
  • Weapon Affinity
  • Combat Fury
  • Fury of Magic
  • Roar of Thunder
  • Sinister Strikes
  • Slippery Attacks
  • Spell Casting Fury
  • Ambidexterity
  • Bestial Frenzy
  • Warder’s Alacrity
  • Warder’s Fury

These will increase your offenses, and since your main role is dps they are great choices! For anything else read the description of the AA and decide what you want first.

§Spells, Charms, Augs

As melee dps beastlords will eventually want ninjastrike augs, and icestrikes for the extra aug slots before T7. They will of course also want UC (and high priority) but before then they will want sorcerer’s charms.

Beastlords get a nice variety of abilities and spells. The above AA list will give you some ideas of what to use during combat right off the bat, but additionally you might like Protective Spirit, Bestial Fury and Empathic Fury! Many highly recommend learning and using these!

Ascendant Essence is the first custom spell you’ll find, in Qvic. This adds great hp and mana regen. Vicious Ice is the next, in CT.  It’s a nuke and some deagro. Great spell to add to your rotation! Over Raided Cat Heal is a great heal for your pet, and drops in T3. In T4 you’ll find Shy Crustacean’s Hulkamania, which is your DPS Mecca! This spell is now near permanent duration, and adds SO much dps to bst pets. Its a must have!!

Also....you will most definitely want to spend the essences to make Defensive Boon for your pet, which is a MASSIVE pump to hps, ac, stonewall, etc. The recipe for this would be one of every essence from Qvic to Gods Minor, and a class ink in a magic box. Get this asap!!

§Earring of Brutal Ages

I have yet to test it, but according to Hateborne beastlord pets now benefit from Earring of Brutal Ages effect, which should substantially pump beastlord pet dps!

EDITED: DO NOT waste your time and resources adding an Earring of Brutal Ages to this class. What it adds to their dps just makes them slightly less pathetic atm.....VERY slightly.