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§ASM Routine hunting


§Simple Strings

Here are some routines which are good to have identified which can be easily found using strings referenced.
The routine is listed, followed by the string which it references. Find the string first, then find the reference to that string, then your in the right routine.
  • PrintLogMessage - "Logs\dbg.txt"
    • This writes a printf-style message to the dbg.txt file.
  • ProcessWorldAuth - "WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of"
    • this is where you find pre-char select world opcodes.
  • SendMessage - "Failed to send message %d"
    • This writes a packet to the network. Opcode is the second arg.
  • IncomingDispatch - "Item done, MSG_WEATHER_EVENT received" (OP_Weather)
    • Where all incoming opcodes are processed after char select is displayed.
    • This function currently has two major stages, the first one seems to be mainly zero-length opcodes. The start of the second stage is known as StartDispatchPhase2, and can be found by looking for the "fall through" case on the first set of conditionals.
  • DisplayStringID - "%s (%d)" (theres 3 functions, no good way to tell which is correct right now)
    • The name is a little off, but this at least takes a string id from eqstr_us.txt and shows a text box at world for things like "zone unavaliable". This is also used a lot in zone, prolly going down to the console. Not sure how it decides what to do.
  • ConnectToZone - "Networking: Connection Established"
  • CoreRoutineMainThread - "Fatal error occurred in mainthread"
    • Seems to be the main thread body.
  • ParseINIFile - "Parsing INI file"
  • InitClientVariables - "ERROR: Unable to allocate memory for raw text buffer"
    • Seems to load the INI file and pull a lot of settings out of it. Also leads to dispatch.
  • YouHaveBeenDisconnected - "Discon.bmp" (theres a few of them)
  • VerifyPlayerProfile - "ERROR: Corrupt PC [2], disconnecting"
  • GetGuildByName - "Unknown Guild" - this method also sends OP_GetGuildsList
  • ProcessGame - "Starting process game." - This seems to be one of the main loop/routines.
  • StartCharSelect - "Starting network game."

§Sub-Dispatch Routines

These are subsystems which have a sub-dispatcher for their incoming opcodes:  


To be written...

§Global Symbols

These are symbols which show up all over the code, and are almost certainly base pointers into very large and commonly used objects.  

§Involed Instructions



Finding OP_ZoneUnavail is somewhat involved. So here goes...
first we need to find the global symbolZoneInError, to do this, find ProcessGame and StartCharSelectStartCharSelect is called twice from ProcesGame, one in the begining, and once near a reference to ZoneInError. Example asm:
.text:004AD4D4                 mov     ecx[esp+0B0h+var_A0]
.text:004AD4D8                 call    sub_4A56B1      ; Call Procedure
.text:004AD4DD                 cmp     dword_905C98, 0 ; Compare Two Operands
.text:004AD4E4                 jnz     short loc_4AD54F ; Jump if Not Zero (ZF=0)
.text:004AD4E6                 cmp     ZoneInError, 0  ; Compare Two Operands
.text:004AD4ED                 mov     ecx[esp+0B0h+var_A0]
.text:004AD4F1                 jz      short loc_4AD50D ; Jump if Zero (ZF=1)
.text:004AD4F3                 push    offset unk_905C18
.text:004AD4F8                 push    [esp+0B4h+hWndParent]
.text:004AD4FF                 push    [esp+0B8h+hWnd]
.text:004AD506                 call    StartCharSelect ; Call Procedur 

Once you have located ZoneInError, you should cross reference it back into IncomingDispatch. Theres currently four opcodes which set this variable, this gives you a set of four potential opcodes you can try, most likely, any of them will work.