This is going to reference Akka's Complete Windows Server Setup Guide as a baseline. If my steps do not make sense, review that.

This assumes you know what you're doing.

  1. Login/Make an account on github 
  2. At github, Fork master branch of eqemu by pressing the fork button.
  3. This makes a copy of eqemu source to your repo, e.g. github.com/YOURUSERNAME/server
  4. Download sourcetree (you can replace this step with your preferred git client, including command line)
  5. In sourcetree, Configure sourcetree to log in with github, and clone the repo /server into a directory of your choice. For now on, i'll call this directory c:\eqemu
  6. Get 32bit dependencies and install ActivePerl if you don't have it, also download the WindowsDependencies_x86.zip
  7. With the zip, extract the contents of the zip into c:\eqemu\dependencies
  8. In sourcetree, If you did this right, the working copy section should have no unstaged files. If it does, you likely copied it to the incorrect folder.
  9. Download visual studio 2015 community edition and install it.
  10. In Visual Studio, you may have to install C++ if it doesn't exist as a tool.
  11. Download cmake win32 and run it.
  12. In cmake, Set the source path to c:\eqemu\
  13. In cmake, Set the bin path to c:\eqemu\bin
  14. In cmake, hit configure, choose on the top menu Visual Studio 14 2015, then hit finish
  15. In cmake, Hit configure. If you want bots, or any other odd flags, review the window and check them. Then hit configure again, and build.
  16. In explorer, navigate to c:\eqemu\build and find the eqemu.sln file. Double click it to open Visual Studio.
  17. In Visual Studio, Go to Build, Entire Solution. Run it. By default it likely will be set to Debug.
  18. In explorer, navigate to c:\eqemu\bin\debug\ and copy any executables to your server's working path.