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ยงIn-Game Command Reference

Command Description Status Alias
#acceptrules [acceptrules] - Accept the EQEmu Agreement 0 command_acceptrules
#advnpcspawn [maketype|makegroup|addgroupentry|addgroupspawn][removegroupspawn|movespawn|editgroupbox|cleargroupbox] 150 command_advnpcspawn
#aggro (range) [-v] - Display aggro information for all mobs 'range' distance from your target. -v is verbose faction info. 80 command_aggro
#aggrozone [aggro] - Aggro every mob in the zone with X aggro. Default is 0. Not recommend if you're not invulnerable. 100 command_aggrozone
#ai [factionid/spellslist/con/guard/roambox/stop/start] - Modify AI on NPC target 100 command_ai
#appearance [type] [value] - Send an appearance packet for you or your target 150 command_appearance
#apply_shared_memory [shared_memory_name] - Tells every zone and world to apply a specific shared memory segment by name. 250 command_apply_shared_memory
#attack [targetname] - Make your NPC target attack targetname 150 command_attack
#augmentitem Force augments an item. Must have the augment item window open. 250 command_augmentitem
#ban [name] [reason]- Ban by character name 150 command_ban
#beard Change the beard of your target 80 command_beard
#beardcolor Change the beard color of your target 80 command_beardcolor
#bestz Ask map for a good Z coord for your x,y coords. 0 command_bestz
#bind Sets your targets bind spot to their current location 200 command_bind
#bot Type \#bot help\" or \"^help\" to the see the list of available commands for bots." 0 command_bot
#camerashake Shakes the camera on everyone's screen globally. 80 command_camerashake
#castspell [spellid] - Cast a spell 50 command_castspell
#chat [channel num] [message] - Send a channel message to all zones 200 command_chat
#checklos Check for line of sight to your target 50 command_checklos
#clearinvsnapshots [use rule] - Clear inventory snapshot history (true - elapsed entries, false - all entries) 200 command_clearinvsnapshots
#connectworldserver Make zone attempt to connect to worldserver 200 command_connectworldserver
#corpse Manipulate corpses, use with no arguments for help 50 command_corpse
#crashtest Crash the zoneserver 255 command_crashtest
#cvs Summary of client versions currently online. 200 command_cvs
#damage [amount] - Damage your target 100 command_damage
#date [yyyy] [mm] [dd] [HH] [MM] - Set EQ time 90 command_date
#dbspawn2 [spawngroup] [respawn] [variance] - Spawn an NPC from a predefined row in the spawn2 table 100 command_dbspawn2
#delacct [accountname] - Delete an account 150 command_delacct
#deletegraveyard [zone name] - Deletes the graveyard for the specified zone. 200 command_deletegraveyard
#delpetition [petition number] - Delete a petition 20 command_delpetition
#depop Depop your NPC target 50 command_depop
#depopzone Depop the zone 100 command_depopzone
#details Change the details of your target (Drakkin Only) 80 command_details
#disablerecipe [recipe_id] - Disables a recipe using the recipe id. 80 command_disablerecipe
#disarmtrap Analog for ldon disarm trap for the newer clients since we still don't have it working. 80 command_disarmtrap
#distance Reports the distance between you and your target. 80 command_distance
#doanim [animnum] [type] - Send an EmoteAnim for you or your target 50 command_doanim
#emote ['name'/'world'/'zone'] [type] [message] - Send an emote message 80 command_emote
#emotesearch Searches NPC Emotes 80 command_emotesearch
#emoteview Lists all NPC Emotes 80 command_emoteview
#enablerecipe [recipe_id] - Enables a recipe using the recipe id. 80 command_enablerecipe
#equipitem [slotid(0-21)] - Equip the item on your cursor into the specified slot 50 command_equipitem
#face Change the face of your target 80 command_face
#findaliases [search term]- Searches for available command aliases, by alias or command 0 command_findaliases
#findnpctype [search criteria] - Search database NPC types 100 command_findnpctype
#findspell [searchstring] - Search for a spell 50 command_findspell
#findzone [search criteria] - Search database zones 100 command_findzone
#fixmob [race|gender|texture|helm|face|hair|haircolor|beard|beardcolor|heritage|tattoo|detail] [next|prev] - Manipulate appearance of your target 80 command_fixmob
#flag [status] [acctname] - Refresh your admin status, or set an account's admin status if arguments provided 0 command_flag
#flagedit Edit zone flags on your target 100 command_flagedit
#flags Displays the flags of you or your target 0 command_flags
#flymode [0/1/2] - Set your or your player target's flymode to off/on/levitate 50 command_flymode
#fov Check wether you're behind or in your target's field of view 80 command_fov
#freeze Freeze your target 80 command_freeze
#gassign [id] - Assign targetted NPC to predefined wandering grid id 100 command_gassign
#gender [0/1/2] - Change your or your target's gender to male/female/neuter 50 command_gender
#getplayerburiedcorpsecount Get the target's total number of buried player corpses. 100 command_getplayerburiedcorpsecount
#getvariable [varname] - Get the value of a variable from the database 200 command_getvariable
#ginfo Get group info on target. 20 command_ginfo
#giveitem [itemid] [charges] - Summon an item onto your target's cursor. Charges are optional. 200 command_giveitem
#givemoney [pp] [gp] [sp] [cp] - Gives specified amount of money to the target player. 200 command_givemoney
#globalview Lists all qglobals in cache if you were to do a quest with this target. 80 command_globalview
#gm Turn player target's or your GM flag on or off 80 command_gm
#gmspeed [on/off] - Turn GM speed hack on/off for you or your player target 100 command_gmspeed
#goto [x] [y] [z] - Teleport to the provided coordinates or to your target 10 command_goto
#grid [add/delete] [grid_num] [wandertype] [pausetype] - Create/delete a wandering grid 170 command_grid
#guild Guild manipulation commands. Use argument help for more info. 10 command_guild
#guildapprove [guildapproveid] - Approve a guild with specified ID (guild creator receives the id) 0 command_guildapprove
#guildcreate [guildname] - Creates an approval setup for guild name specified 0 command_guildcreate
#guildlist [guildapproveid] - Lists character names who have approved the guild specified by the approve id 0 command_guildlist
#hair Change the hair style of your target 80 command_hair
#haircolor Change the hair color of your target 80 command_haircolor
#haste [percentage] - Set your haste percentage 100 command_haste
#hatelist Display hate list for target. 80 command_hatelist
#heal Completely heal your target 10 command_heal
#helm Change the helm of your target 80 command_helm
#help [search term] - List available commands and their description, specify partial command as argument to search 0 command_help
#heritage Change the heritage of your target (Drakkin Only) 80 command_heritage
#heromodel [hero model] [slot] - Full set of Hero's Forge Armor appearance. If slot is set, sends exact model just to slot. 200 command_heromodel
#hideme [on/off] - Hide yourself from spawn lists. 80 command_hideme
#hotfix [hotfix_name] - Reloads shared memory into a hotfix, equiv to load_shared_memory followed by apply_shared_memory 250 command_hotfix
#hp Refresh your HP bar from the server. 0 command_hp
#incstat Increases or Decreases a client's stats permanently. 200 command_incstat
#instance Modify Instances 200 command_instance
#interrogateinv Use [help] argument for available options 0 command_interrogateinv
#interrupt [message id] [color] - Interrupt your casting. Arguments are optional. 50 command_interrupt
#invsnapshot Takes an inventory snapshot of your current target 80 command_invsnapshot
#invul [on/off] - Turn player target's or your invulnerable flag on or off 80 command_invul
#ipban [IP address] - Ban IP by character name 200 command_ipban
#iplookup [charname] - Look up IP address of charname 200 command_iplookup
#iteminfo Get information about the item on your cursor 10 command_iteminfo
#itemsearch [search criteria] - Search for an item 10 command_itemsearch
#kick [charname] - Disconnect charname 150 command_kick
#kill Kill your target 100 command_kill
#lastname [new lastname] - Set your or your player target's lastname 50 command_lastname
#level [level] - Set your or your target's level 10 command_level
#listnpcs [name/range] - Search NPCs 20 command_listnpcs
#listpetition List petitions 50 command_listpetition
#load_shared_memory [shared_memory_name] - Reloads shared memory and uses the input as output 250 command_load_shared_memory
#loc Print out your or your target's current location and heading 0 command_loc
#lock Lock the worldserver 150 command_lock
#logs Manage anything to do with logs 250 command_logs
#logtest Performs log performance testing. 250 command_logtest
#makepet [level] [class] [race] [texture] - Make a pet 50 command_makepet
#mana Fill your or your target's mana 50 command_mana
#maxskills Maxes skills for you. 200 command_max_all_skills
#memspell [slotid] [spellid] - Memorize spellid in the specified slot 50 command_memspell
#merchant_close_shop Closes a merchant shop 100 command_merchantcloseshop
#merchant_open_shop Opens a merchants shop 100 command_merchantopenshop
#modifynpcstat Modifys a NPC's stats 150 command_modifynpcstat
#motd [new motd] - Set message of the day 150 command_motd
#movechar [charname] [zonename] - Move charname to zonename 50 command_movechar
#myskills Show details about your current skill levels 0 command_myskills
#mysqltest Akkadius MySQL Bench Test 250 command_mysqltest
#mysql Mysql CLI, see 'help' for options. 250 command_mysql
#mystats Show details about you or your pet 50 command_mystats
#name [newname] - Rename your player target 150 command_name
#netstats Gets the network stats for a stream. 200 command_netstats
#npccast [targetname/entityid] [spellid] - Causes NPC target to cast spellid on targetname/entityid 80 command_npccast
#npcedit [column] [value] - Mega NPC editing command 100 command_npcedit
#npcemote [message] - Make your NPC target emote a message. 150 command_npcemote
#npcloot [show/money/add/remove] [itemid/all/money: pp gp sp cp] - Manipulate the loot an NPC is carrying 80 command_npcloot
#npcsay [message] - Make your NPC target say a message. 150 command_npcsay
#npcshout [message] - Make your NPC target shout a message. 150 command_npcshout
#npcspawn [create/add/update/remove/delete] - Manipulate spawn DB 170 command_npcspawn
#npcspecialattk [flagchar] [perm] - Set NPC special attack flags. Flags are E(nrage) F(lurry) R(ampage) S(ummon). 80 command_npcspecialattk
#npcstats Show stats about target NPC 80 command_npcstats
#npctype_cache [id] or all - Clears the npc type cache for either the id or all npcs. 250 command_npctype_cache
#npctypespawn [npctypeid] [factionid] - Spawn an NPC from the db 10 command_npctypespawn
#nukebuffs Strip all buffs on you or your target 50 command_nukebuffs
#nukeitem [itemid] - Remove itemid from your player target's inventory 150 command_nukeitem
#object List|Add|Edit|Move|Rotate|Copy|Save|Undo|Delete - Manipulate static and tradeskill objects within the zone 100 command_object
#oocmute [1/0] - Mutes OOC chat 200 command_oocmute
#opcode Opcode management 250 command_opcode
#packetprofile Dump packet profile for target or self. 250 command_packetprofile
#path View and edit pathing 200 command_path
#peekinv [worn/inv/cursor/trib/bank/trade/world/all] - Print out contents of your player target's inventory 100 command_peekinv
#peqzone [zonename] - Go to specified zone, if you have > 75% health 0 command_peqzone
#permaclass [classnum] - Change your or your player target's class (target is disconnected) 80 command_permaclass
#permagender [gendernum] - Change your or your player target's gender (zone to take effect) 80 command_permagender
#permarace [racenum] - Change your or your player target's race (zone to take effect) 80 command_permarace
#petitioninfo [petition number] - Get info about a petition 20 command_petitioninfo
#pf Display additional mob coordinate and wandering data 0 command_pf
#picklock Analog for ldon pick lock for the newer clients since we still don't have it working. 0 command_picklock
#profiledump Dump profiling info to logs 250 command_profiledump
#profilereset Reset profiling info 250 command_profilereset
#pvp [on/off] - Set your or your player target's PVP status 100 command_pvp
#qglobal [on/off/view] - Toggles qglobal functionality on an NPC 100 command_qglobal
#questerrors Shows quest errors. 100 command_questerrors
#race [racenum] - Change your or your target's race. Use racenum 0 to return to normal 50 command_race
#raidloot LEADER|GROUPLEADER|SELECTED|ALL - Sets your raid loot settings if you have permission to do so. 0 command_raidloot
#randomfeatures Temporarily randomizes the Facial Features of your target 80 command_randomfeatures
#refreshgroup Refreshes Group. 0 command_refreshgroup
#reloadaa Reloads AA data 200 command_reloadaa
#reloadallrules Executes a reload of all rules. 80 command_reloadallrules
#reloademote Reloads NPC Emotes 80 command_reloademote
#reloadlevelmods nullptr 255 command_reloadlevelmods
#reloadperlexportsettings nullptr 255 command_reloadperlexportsettings
#reloadqst Clear quest cache (any argument causes it to also stop all timers) 150 command_reloadqst
#reloadrulesworld Executes a reload of all rules in world specifically. 80 command_reloadworldrules
#reloadstatic Reload Static Zone Data 150 command_reloadstatic
#reloadtitles Reload player titles from the database 150 command_reloadtitles
#reloadworld [0|1] - Clear quest cache (0 - no repop, 1 - repop) 255 command_reloadworld
#reloadzps Reload zone points from database 150 command_reloadzps
#repop [delay] - Repop the zone with optional delay 100 command_repop
#repopclose [distance in units] Repops only NPC's nearby for fast development purposes 100 command_repopclose
#resetaa Resets a Player's AA in their profile and refunds spent AA's to unspent, may disconnect player. 200 command_resetaa
#resetaa_timer Command to reset AA cooldown timers. 200 command_resetaa_timer
#revoke [charname] [1/0] - Makes charname unable to talk on OOC 200 command_revoke
#rules (subcommand) - Manage server rules 250 command_rules
#save Force your player or player corpse target to be saved to the database 50 command_save
#scribespell [spellid] - Scribe specified spell in your target's spell book. 180 command_scribespell
#scribespells [max level] [min level] - Scribe all spells for you or your player target that are usable by them, up to level specified. (may freeze client for a few seconds) 150 command_scribespells
#sendzonespawns Refresh spawn list for all clients in zone 150 command_sendzonespawns
#sensetrap Analog for ldon sense trap for the newer clients since we still don't have it working. 0 command_sensetrap
#serverinfo Get OS info about server host 200 command_serverinfo
#serverrules Read this server's rules 0 command_serverrules
#setaapts [value] - Set your or your player target's available AA points 100 command_setaapts
#setaaxp [value] - Set your or your player target's AA experience 100 command_setaaxp
#setadventurepoints Set your or your player target's available adventure points 150 command_set_adventure_points
#setanim [animnum] - Set target's appearance to animnum 200 command_setanim
#setcrystals [value] - Set your or your player target's available radiant or ebon crystals 100 command_setcrystals
#setfaction [faction number] - Sets targeted NPC's faction in the database 170 command_setfaction
#setgraveyard [zone name] - Creates a graveyard for the specified zone based on your target's LOC. 200 command_setgraveyard
#setlanguage [language ID] [value] - Set your target's language skillnum to value 50 command_setlanguage
#setlsinfo [email] [password] - Set login server email address and password (if supported by login server) 10 command_setlsinfo
#setpass [accountname] [password] - Set local password for accountname 150 command_setpass
#setpvppoints [value] - Set your or your player target's PVP points 100 command_setpvppoints
#setskill [skillnum] [value] - Set your target's skill skillnum to value 50 command_setskill
#setskillall [value] - Set all of your target's skills to value 50 command_setskillall
#setstartzone [zoneid] - Set target's starting zone. Set to zero to allow the player to use /setstartcity 80 command_setstartzone
#setstat Sets the stats to a specific value. 255 command_setstat
#setxp [value] - Set your or your player target's experience 100 command_setxp
#showbonusstats [item|spell|all] Shows bonus stats for target from items or spells. Shows both by default. 50 command_showbonusstats
#showbuffs List buffs active on your target or you if no target 50 command_showbuffs
#shownumhits Shows buffs numhits for yourself. 0 command_shownumhits
#showskills Show the values of your or your player target's skills 50 command_showskills
#showspellslist Shows spell list of targeted NPC 100 command_showspellslist
#showstats Show details about you or your target 50 command_showstats
#shutdown Shut this zone process down 150 command_shutdown
#size [size] - Change size of you or your target 50 command_size
#spawn [name] [race] [level] [material] [hp] [gender] [class] [priweapon] [secweapon] [merchantid] - Spawn an NPC 10 command_spawn
#spawnfix Find targeted NPC in database based on its X/Y/heading and update the database to make it spawn at your current location/heading. 170 command_spawnfix
#spawnstatus Show respawn timer status 100 command_spawnstatus
#spellinfo [spellid] - Get detailed info about a spell 10 command_spellinfo
#spoff Sends OP_ManaChange 80 command_spoff
#spon Sends OP_MemorizeSpell 80 command_spon
#stun [duration] - Stuns you or your target for duration 100 command_stun
#summon [charname] - Summons your player/npc/corpse target, or charname if specified 80 command_summon
#summonburiedplayercorpse Summons the target's oldest buried corpse, if any exist. 100 command_summonburiedplayercorpse
#summonitem [itemid] [charges] - Summon an item onto your cursor. Charges are optional. 200 command_summonitem
#suspend [name] [days] [reason] - Suspend by character name and for specificed number of days 150 command_suspend
#task (subcommand) - Task system commands 150 command_task
#tattoo Change the tattoo of your target (Drakkin Only) 80 command_tattoo
#tempname [newname] - Temporarily renames your target. Leave name blank to restore the original name. 100 command_tempname
#texture [texture] [helmtexture] - Change your or your target's appearance, use 255 to show equipment 10 command_texture
#time [HH] [MM] - Set EQ time 90 command_time
#timers Display persistent timers for target 200 command_timers
#timezone [HH] [MM] - Set timezone. Minutes are optional 90 command_timezone
#title [text] [1 = create title table row] - Set your or your player target's title 50 command_title
#titlesuffix [text] [1 = create title table row] - Set your or your player target's title suffix 50 command_titlesuffix
#traindisc [level] - Trains all the disciplines usable by the target, up to level specified. (may freeze client for a few seconds) 150 command_traindisc
#tune Calculate ideal statical values related to combat. 100 command_tune
#undyeme Remove dye from all of your armor slots 0 command_undyeme
#unfreeze Unfreeze your target 80 command_unfreeze
#unlock Unlock the worldserver 150 command_unlock
#unscribespell [spellid] - Unscribe specified spell from your target's spell book. 180 command_unscribespell
#unscribespells Clear out your or your player target's spell book. 180 command_unscribespells
#untraindisc [spellid] - Untrain specified discipline from your target. 180 command_untraindisc
#untraindiscs Untrains all disciplines from your target. 180 command_untraindiscs
#uptime [zone server id] - Get uptime of worldserver, or zone server if argument provided 10 command_uptime
#version Display current version of EQEmu server 0 command_version
#viewnpctype [npctype id] - Show info about an npctype 100 command_viewnpctype
#viewpetition [petition number] - View a petition 20 command_viewpetition
#wc [wear slot] [material] - Sends an OP_WearChange for your target 200 command_wc
#weather [0/1/2/3] (Off/Rain/Snow/Manual) - Change the weather 80 command_weather
#worldshutdown Shut down world and all zones 200 command_worldshutdown
#wp [add/delete] [grid_num] [pause] [wp_num] [-h] - Add/delete a waypoint to/from a wandering grid 170 command_wp
#wpadd [pause] [-h] - Add your current location as a waypoint to your NPC target's AI path 170 command_wpadd
#wpinfo Show waypoint info about your NPC target 170 command_wpinfo
#xtargets Show your targets Extended Targets and optionally set how many xtargets they can have. 250 command_xtargets
#zclip [min] [max] - modifies and resends zhdr packet 80 command_zclip
#zcolor [red] [green] [blue] - Change sky color 80 command_zcolor
#zheader [zonename] - Load zheader for zonename from the database 80 command_zheader
#zone [zonename] [x] [y] [z] - Go to specified zone (coords optional) 50 command_zone
#zonebootup [ZoneServerID] [shortname] - Make a zone server boot a specific zone 150 command_zonebootup
#zoneinstance [instanceid] [x] [y] [z] - Go to specified instance zone (coords optional) 50 command_zone_instance
#zonelock [list/lock/unlock] - Set/query lock flag for zoneservers 100 command_zonelock
#zoneshutdown [shortname] - Shut down a zone server 150 command_zoneshutdown
#zonespawn Not implemented 250 command_zonespawn
#zonestatus Show connected zoneservers, synonymous with /servers 150 command_zonestatus
#zopp Troubleshooting command - Sends a fake item packet to you. No server reference is created. 250 command_zopp
#zsafecoords [x] [y] [z] - Set safe coords 80 command_zsafecoords
#zsave Saves zheader to the database 80 command_zsave
#zsky [skytype] - Change zone sky type 80 command_zsky
#zstats Show info about zone header 80 command_zstats
#zunderworld [zcoord] - Sets the underworld using zcoord 80 command_zunderworld
#zuwcoords [z coord] - Set underworld coord 80 command_zuwcoord